Is the NBA rigged? NBA Finals Rigged to go Seven Games

Is the NBA rigged? NBA finals rigged to go seven games:

Is the NBA rigged? NBA Finals Rigged to go Seven Games

Conspiracy theories have long been a part of the world, and the NBA is no exception. There have been countless accusations that the NBA is rigged and that the league predetermines everything.

Is the NBA rigged?

The NBA is not rigged, and everything happens by chance. The championships of various teams and matches are not predetermined, and the teams are held accountable for their performance.

However, during the NBA’s history, several explanations have been made by both viewers and experts who question the league’s legitimacy. We’ll take a closer look at each of them and why they’re so popular in the United States.

The NBA is loaded with theories

They are an essential element of any subject, whether you embrace conspiracy theories. People love to find hidden significance in seemingly meaningless situations, whether Chris Paul, who was moved twice to Los Angeles or Michael Jordan, who joined the Chicago White Sox when he had gambling issues.

Chris Paul Saga

Even the tight scheduling of the 2011-2012 NBA season and the enthusiasm that captivated everyone when the season finally began could not erase Chris Paul’s failure.

Following several speculations of a point guard trade, CP3 was finally traded to the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a three-team transaction. However, the deal was later terminated. David Stern and the league’s leadership intervened and blocked the agreement, determining that it would be detrimental to New Orleans’ interests.

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Paul was promptly sent to the Clippers in Los Angeles. Such acts have sparked numerous suspicions and conspiracy theories about the Commissioner’s true motivations.

After several years, Paul is now a member of the Phoenix Suns, who failed to win the NBA championship against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Draft lottery

The NBA draught lotteries have produced several conspiracy theories, the most well-known being the Patrick Ewing draw in 1985.

The NBA’s administration presumably sought to discreetly deliver the No. 1 draft pick to the club they needed, circumventing the lottery. They claim that the player selection process was corrupted, and Patrick Ewing ended up with the Knicks.

Other draught conspiracy claims include rigging in favor of weak clubs. This consists of the incredible luck that allowed the Washington Wizards to win the first overall selection in 2010 when Abe Pollin’s widow represented the franchise.

The Cleveland Cavaliers experienced the same thing in 2011 when they were represented by Dan Gilbert’s son, who had Recklinghausen’s condition, and the club unexpectedly won the first round.

Retirement of Michael Jordan

Can it be possible that Michael Jordan was expelled from basketball due to gambling issues, and he did not choose to quit playing baseball by himself?

Conspiracy theorists believe so, but all of their reasoning are hypothetical. Jordan departed the Chicago Bulls after three championships. He wanted to play baseball since he had used too much energy at Dream Team and was struggling to cope with his father’s loss on an internal level. His dismissal occurred just four months after the NBA launched an inquiry into his gambling ties.

Is it a coincidence that the man who purchased the Seattle Supersonics grew up in Oklahoma City?

Clay Bennett purchased the franchise from Howard Schultz in 2006 to understand that it would remain in Seattle. Presumably, he broke this deal by immediately collecting funds for a new stadium without attempting to restore the team.

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Not in Bennett’s favor is that he did not sue Schultz and instead agreed to pay $75 million freely in 2008, just before the club relocated to his hometown and was renamed the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Intentional Tanking

This theory is validated at some point every year, and it happens with remarkable consistency. Every season, clubs anxious to make the playoffs begin to consider the future and what they should do. As a result, they begin to lose and throw away games on purpose.

Of course, determining the steps that coaches are trying to lose the game or uncover any concealed tricks. However, it is safe to claim that it exists. After all, the first draft pick is quite valuable.


The NBA judges made a lot of mistakes at times. The sixth game of the 2002 playoffs between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers and the 2006 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks come to mind. Some of the whistles used in these games were utterly unfathomable.

A referee’s job is dependent on subjective perception. Hence they will always be criticized, especially if it is shown that the referee is betting on matches.

NBA finals rigged to go seven games

The night before the match, Ayesha Curry, the wife of Golden State Warriors star and reigning league MVP Stephen Curry, tweeted. The remark was written after Curry was dismissed from Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which the Cleveland Cavaliers won, extending the series for a final, deciding Game 7 on Sunday.

“I’ve lost all respect, sorry, this is rigged for money… Or ratings in not sure which,”

Ayesha Curry posted in a tweet, which she later deleted.

“I won’t be silent. Just saw it live, sry.”

To be sure, the footballer’s wife is not an unbiased spectator. But Ayesha Curry isn’t the only one who believes the NBA Finals are “completely rigged.”

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Tim Donaghy, the disgraced former NBA referee, fired following a scandal involving gambling on games, told Sports Illustrated this week that he believed the NBA opted to punish Warriors star Draymond Green for Game 5 of the Finals to ensure more games were played.

Donaghy also stated that, in his experience, officials always seemed to favor losing teams in a playoff series to give them the best opportunity of extending it.

There is no evidence that anything was rigged. However, many Warriors supporters and conspiracy theorists in general point out that the Warriors were dominant before Green’s suspension. They were ahead 3-1 in the series, and neither Curry nor his sharpshooting “Splash Brothers” teammate Klay Thompson had been performing to their full ability. All the Warriors needed was one more win to clinch the title. The Warriors lost Game 5 at home after Green was banned. Warriors starting center Andrew Bogut was injured in that game and is now out for the series, allowing the Cavaliers to win Game 6 and force a Game 7 easily.