Is There Horse Riding At The Commonwealth Games?

Is There Horse Riding At The Commonwealth Games?

Is There Horse Riding At The Commonwealth Games?

At the Commonwealth Games, horseback riding is not permitted. Show jumping, which debuted in 1958, is the only equestrian discipline to have ever been a demonstration sport at the Commonwealth Games. However, there are currently no plans to add any equestrian events to the official schedule.

Every four years, athletes from Commonwealth countries compete in the multisport Commonwealth Games. The host country chooses which sports will be featured in the competitions, and there are only a few spots available. Equestrian sports have not been prioritized by the organizers as a result, and they have had to be picky about which sports to include.

What Sports Were Included In The Commonwealth Games?What Sports Were Included In The Commonwealth Games?

The following mandatory sports (disciplines) must be included as a minimum in the Commonwealth Games’ sports schedule: athletics, para-athletics, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, hockey (men’s and women’s), Judo, lawn bowls, swimming, swimming para, and water polo.

The Athletics category

 It is among the most prestigious sports at the Commonwealth Games. It includes a range of field and track events, including sprints, middle distance, and long-distance relays; running; hurdles throwing competitions (such as discus, shot put, and javelin); and jump races (such as long-jump, high-jump, as well as pole vault). Athletics showcases the pure speed, athleticism, and endurance of athletes and is a major highlight of the Games.

The swimming and diving disciplines

Diving has featured prominently at the Commonwealth Games, attracting top athletes from across the Commonwealth. The swimming events encompass a variety of disciplines, such as breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and individual Medley races. Diving events highlight the skill and grace of athletes as they make graceful dives from springboards or platforms that are at different levels.

The cycling sport

 It is a well-known sport at the Commonwealth Games, featuring both road and track events. Track cycling is comprised of various disciplines, including team and individual pursuit sprints, keirin, and scratch races. Cyclists race at high speed in specially designed Velodromes. Cycling events, on the other hand, are held on roads that are public, where athletes participate in races on the road and time trials that test their endurance as well as tactical skills.

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 Gymnastics shows the extraordinary strength and flexibility as well as the artistic talents of athletes. The Commonwealth Games’ gymnastics competitions include artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline competitions. Gymnastics that is artistic encompasses routines using different apparatuses, such as the vault, unbalanced bars, and floor exercises. Rhythmic gymnastics blends elements of gymnastics, dance, and apparatus handling, while trampoline acrobatics fly high on the trampoline bed.


Boxing is a sport that has long been an integral component of the Commonwealth Games, featuring male and female athletes competing in various weight classes. Boxing matches demonstrate the ability of the athletes’ technique, strategy, and thinking in their quest to outsmart and beat their opponents. Boxing offers a wide range of styles and offers an opportunity for young talent to show their skills.


Netball is a sport played by teams that began in England and has grown in popularity across numerous Commonwealth nations. It is played by seven players in two groups seeking to score goals by throwing a ball into the air and throwing it into the opponent’s net. Netball is played mostly by women at the Commonwealth Games and has huge popularity in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Rugby Sevens 

The sport of rugby sevens is an exciting and thrilling variation of the sport of rugby union. It has teams comprised of seven players rather than the usual fifteen. The Commonwealth Games introduced rugby sevens in 1998 and have since grown into an event that is highly anticipated. The simplified style of the game focuses on agility, speed, and the ability to perform, making it an exciting part of the Games roster.

Which Sport Is Not In The Commonwealth?Which Sport Is Not In The Commonwealth?

Shooting and archery, wrestling, canoeing, judo, sailing, softball, and taekwondo aren’t included as part of the Commonwealth Games. The shooting and wrestling events were eliminated in 2018 due to the cost and lack of participation. The future of archery is unclear, while Judo was eliminated due to a low level of participation. Softball, sailing, canoeing, and taekwondo had never been included in the Games programs.

American Football

American football is a popular sport throughout the United States, and some other nations aren’t a part of the Commonwealth Games. The sport is known for its strength and strategic play and has two teams battling to get to their opponent’s goal line. While American soccer has a huge fan base and has its own international tournaments, it has yet to be included in the Commonwealth Games due to its small participation among Commonwealth nations.

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 Baseball is often described as “America’s pastime” and is not a part of the Commonwealth Games. The game involves two teams that alternate playing field and batting, with the aim of scoring by hitting the ball and then moving over bases. Baseball is played in countries such as those of the United States, Japan, and Cuba; however, it hasn’t enjoyed widespread recognition within Commonwealth nations, which led to its being excluded from the Games.


 Although it is a game closely linked to Commonwealth nations, cricket is not part of the Commonwealth Games program. Cricket is played by two teams of 11 players and involves bowling, batting, and fielding. Although cricket has a long history and a passionate fanbase in countries such as India, Australia, England, and South Africa, its exclusion from the Commonwealth Games may be attributed to scheduling issues, logistical difficulties, conflict with major cricket events, a and the game’s lack of participation in Commonwealth nations.


This ancient sport, which has Indigenous roots, isn’t usually played in the Commonwealth Games. It is a sport played by two teams that use sticks and an elongated head that allows players to shoot small rubber balls at their opponents. While lacrosse is a sport with great cultural and historical significance in Canada and is also popular in the United States and Indigenous communities, it hasn’t been widely played by Commonwealth nations, resulting in its being excluded from the Games.

Rugby League

Rugby League is a variant of rugby football but isn’t part of the Commonwealth Games program. It is a form of rugby league that has two teams that aim to gain points by passing an oval-shaped ball with the aim of putting it on the opposing team’s goal line. While rugby union, which is a different variant of rugby football, is a part of the Commonwealth Games, rugby league has not been included in the tournament, probably because of different international participation levels and the focus being on other sports.

What Is The Smallest Country Competing In The Commonwealth Games?What Is The Smallest Country Competing In The Commonwealth Games?

Since 1990, Nauru has participated in seven different Commonwealth Games. This incredibly small nation, which had a population of only 9,872 in 2002, was successful in taking home at least one medal each time they competed, including at least one gold in each of their first four appearances.


Niue holds the distinction of being the most compact country taking part in the Commonwealth Games. It is located within Niue, which is in the South Pacific Ocean. Niue is a sovereign territory that is a free association territory with New Zealand. With an area of just 260 squad kill landers and a population of approximately 1 Niue, the participation of Niue at this year’s Games is a tribute to sportsmanship as well as the determination to display their athletic abilities on a world stage.

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Niue began its participation at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and made its debut in weightlifting and athletics events. While the country hasn’t been able to win any medals, their participation in the Games is a source of inspiration for other countries, which demonstrates the inclusive nature of the competition. The athletes of Niue, despite their insufficient facilities and resources, show the determination and perseverance to take on bigger nations.

Achievements and Challenges 

Niue has unique challenges to overcome as the country with the lowest population for the Commonwealth Games. The small population and limited resources could create significant challenges regarding facilities for training, coaching expertise, and the funding needed for the development of athletes. But Niue’s participation in the Games is a clear demonstration of how important sports are as a method of building national pride, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and encouraging the participation of youth.

The Commonwealth Games provide an opportunity for Niue’s athletes to get invaluable international experience and compete with athletes from a variety of backgrounds. The Games can also be an opportunity to build connections and establish connections that are shared with the different Commonwealth nations, which could lead to collaborations and assistance to develop sports in Niue. The nation’s participation in the Games is a testimony to its dedication to excellence in athletics despite the obstacles the country faces as a tiny nation.


Is horse riding included as a sport in the Commonwealth Games?

Yes, horse riding is included as a sport in the Commonwealth Games. Equestrian events, which involve various disciplines, are an integral part of the Games.

What equestrian disciplines are featured in the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games usually feature three main equestrian disciplines: Dressage, Eventing, and Jumping. Each discipline showcases the skills and partnership between horse and rider.

Are there specific eligibility criteria for athletes participating in equestrian events?

Yes, athletes must meet the eligibility criteria set by their respective national equestrian federations and the Commonwealth Games governing body. This includes age requirements, qualifying standards, and adherence to anti-doping regulations.

Do athletes bring their own horses to the Commonwealth Games?

In most cases, athletes do not bring their own horses to the Commonwealth Games. Instead, they are provided with horses that are carefully selected and assigned through a random draw to ensure fairness.

How are the equestrian events judged at the Commonwealth Games?

Equestrian events at the Commonwealth Games are judged based on a combination of factors, depending on the discipline. Dressage is scored on the precision of movements and harmony between horse and rider. Eventing involves scoring in dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Jumping is scored on the horse and rider’s ability to clear obstacles within a set time.

Are there any safety measures in place for horse and rider during the Games?

Safety of both horse and rider is of utmost importance. The Commonwealth Games organizers ensure strict safety protocols for equestrian events, including regular veterinary checks for the horses, appropriate riding gear for the athletes, and well-designed courses to minimize risks during jumping events.