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Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell (born Andrew James Matfin Bell; 14 March 1986) is a British actor. Since then he has played with a mix of leading characters in small independent movies and supporting roles in big-budget films like Peter Jackson’s version of King Kong.

Bell was born in Billingham, at the Borough of Stockton on Tees, England, where he grew up with his mom, Eileen (née Matfin), and older sister, Kathryn. He was a pupil at Northfield School, then the Stagecoach Theatre Arts school. He was a part of the National Youth Music Theatre. Back in 1999, he was among 2000 boys, picked to the role of Billy Elliot, an 11-year-old boy who dismays his working-class widowed father and older brother by taking up ballet.

Billy Elliot

Jamie Bell served as Honorary Jury President of the 2001 Giffoni Film Festival. Since his film debut in Billy Elliot, he’s appeared since the disabled servant Smike in an adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby, a young soldier at Deathwatch, a teen on the run at Undertow, a gun-toting pacifist at Dear Wendy, a disaffected Southern California teen in The Chumscrubber, and the youthful Jimmy in the 2005 movie version of King Kong. He also appeared in Close and True, an ITV legal drama shown in 2000, which starred Robson Green, James Bolam and Susan Jameson. In 2007 he played the title character in Hallam Foe. He got the nomination for the best actor award in the British Independent Film Awards — also appeared as himself in lonelygirl15 spin-off KateModern.

How Jamie Bell showcased his versatility in 2019

In Elton John musical Rocketman, Jamie Bell received a few of the best reviews of his career. It was for bringing an abundance of good-natured charm to the role of Bernie Taupin. 


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It was the lyricist who at the film proves the one constant in the flashy singer’s excessive, roller-coaster life.

“There’s this real down-to-earth quality and honesty and warmth and truth to him that I felt would gel with Taron [Egerton].” Rocketman manager Dexter Fletcher told Screen at May, ahead of the movie’s Cannes premiere. “You know when it is right.”

However, to listen to Jamie Bell let it the casting procedure was not so simple. He had understood that the creation has initially been coming to him for the role of the singer’s hard-nosed supervisor and lover, John Reid.

Jamie Bell continues

“I was surprised,” Bell continues, “because having read the script, this Bernie role feels made for me. He is a sweet guy, and he’s a loving guy, he is loyal, he’s a bit insular. He is a hopeless romantic. I just felt a lot more in line with that personality.”

Although Bell is known for his versatility as a performer within the two decades since his Bafta-winning debut in 2000’s Billy Elliot, the Rocketman team immediately consented with his instincts. The movie instead found its Reid at Bodyguard star Richard Madden. (“He is who should play that role,” provides Bell.)


The benign job of Taupin had a specific appeal for Jamie Bell. It provided a welcome change of pace after his highly immersive functionality in Guy Nattiv’s SkinCare. The real story of former racist Bryon Widner, who turns his back on the white supremacists who had embraced him and directed him since age 14. Undergoing painful treatments to remove his thick facial tattoos, Widner faces death threats from his former cohorts outraged at his betrayal.

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“It’s a cumbersome job,” Bell recalls of the six-week shoot in Ulster County, upstate New York. “It is heavy work because of the content along with also the dramatic stuff that you are doing. But then also only looking like that daily, eating incredibly unhealthy meals and looking at yourself in the reflection and sporting those tattoos.”

“We simply ran out of cash to publish any more [vases ],” explains Jamie Bell. The inevitable question arose: would he mind keeping them on for the weekend or the week?

“So then you are occupying the disposition always, and you see how folks react to you. And you’re hoping that people do not recognize them as they truly stand for, since these are genuinely hateful symbols. Therefore it was both informative, in 1 manner. Still, it’s a massive ask of anybody to be going through this for six months directly under those sorts of conditions. But hopefully, it led to a bit more authenticity in the operation and authorship.

Tattoo on the face?

“When you have had this experience, you arrive at the set, and you’ve got a feeling of what it feels like to be intimidating. No-one would look twice at me concerning being an intimidating force, but as soon as you shave your mind and have these tattoos on your face, and you put on a bit of fat, it changed things a little bit. I’ve never needed that. I hate to use the word’power’, but it seems like that.”

Skin premiered to acclaim at Toronto International Film Festival in 2018, moving to a festival run and also awards-qualifying releases in both the US and UK. However, its principal life was around home platforms — through DirecTV in the case of the US. And while Jamie Bell is thankful for any exposure because of his work. He acknowledges the high-profile nature of Remorse. 

It was accommodated by Taylor Sheridan (Hell Or High Water) from the novel by Tom Clancy, also directed by Stefano Sollima (Sicario: Day Of The Soldado) for Paramount Pictures. It was one aspect in its favour because a substantial theatrical release is confirmed. The movie concentrates on Navy Seal John Kelly. That exists at the Jack Ryan world, cooperating Bell along with his Great Four co-star Michael B Jordan (in the lead role) — yet another positive for the actor.

Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell

Team effort

Jamie Bell acknowledges the contribution of his supervisor Vanessa Pereira and representative Brian Swardstrom. Both of whom have guided his career for more than 20 years — in helping him make these choices. “I always want their opinions, but sometimes we might disagree on preference or a piece of stuff,” he states. “I’m also the worst at making decisions, and I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator, so I will do anything to put off having to decide. 

However, having worked on Bong’s Snowpiercer — that became the topic of an editing dispute with its US distributor The Weinstein Company. It languishing unreleased for nearly a year — he’s”super-excited” about visiting Bong’s most up-to-date work.

“Creating a film with Bong was astonishing.”

“Creating a film with Bong was astonishing,” says Jamie Bell. “I have never worked with a filmmaker who is that exact. I believe we all know now that he’s a genius. It’s a shame Harvey [Weinstein] could not find that.”

Jamie Bell as a father

Jamie Bell on fatherhood expressed his anxiety and falling for his new wife, Kate Mara. 

He shot to fame playing a young ballet dancer from an impoverished mining town. 

Now he is a bona fide Hollywood star with a series of blockbusters under his belt. Jamie Bell speaks to Patricia Nicol about fatherhood, anxiety and falling for his new wife, Kate Mara.

He was only 13. Now, those numerals reversed — he’s 31. ‘Don’t remind people of this,’ he points whispers, grimacing in mock horror as he leans back in his chair. It was seemingly unrecognized, in St John Bread and Wine at Spitalfields. ‘People are saying, “Where is that kid gone? What is he doing?” Also, people look at me and think, “S***, that means I’m getting old if he’s into his 30s, and he’s even got a kid, too. ”’

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Bell’s not only got a kid. He has already got one marriage behind him, to Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood, mother of his loved toddler son. And he has only entered into a second with House of Cards actress Kate Mara, of whom he talks rapturously.

Blockbusters of Jamie Bell

He’s also awakened an impressively diverse filmography. It is surrounding major blockbusters as well as indie projects. 

But he played the title role in Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin.” And he’s also worked together with hotly tipped directors like David Mackenzie (Hallam Foe) in addition to Lars von Trier in Nymphomaniac Vol II. Lately, he seems to have adopted more separate movies, which may suit his unique English sensibility better.

Most Recent Movie of Jamie Bell

He turned up to perform on his most recent movie, 6 Days, a tense drama which recreates the 1980 London Iranian Embassy siege. He states: ‘The director [Toa Fraser] had to throw these very massive guys around me. I couldn’t help but feel dwarfed. I am a 5ft7in jug-eared Englishman. It felt a little overwhelming.’

The film starts with a BBC voiceover from the time. They reported that’the last decade has witnessed a renaissance in global terrorism’, as, on Screen. Six armed Arab men input a Kensington property and take all 26 people within it, hostage. They were considering that the recent terror strikes in London and Manchester, it seems strikingly pertinent.

Jamie Bell: ‘I’d never walk out in my son as my father did.’

Bell played as Rusty Firmin, the SAS soldier on the ground who headed the eventual storming of the embassy, penalizing all of the remaining hostages and killing five of the six terrorists. It is the moment that defined the public’s perception of the little-known SAS unit as a crack, kick-ass corps. Bell plays Firmin as taciturn, attentive, closely wound — just a goodie.

You can still see the sweet, hopeful boy who played Billy Elliot. But the house is Hollywood now. ‘It was probably the cutest thing I ever did get over there,’ he states.

Vanessa Pereira, the long-term manager who he believes family, went also. She’s here now, sitting together with the film’s publicist at a table. ‘It’s because she is worried I am not eating,’ says Bell fondly. Right, the smoked salmon on sourdough, arranged with scrupulous politeness from the waitress, sits untouched before him. ‘I will eat afterwards. I’m a messy eater,’ he explains.

Childhood memories of Jamie Bell

Besides talk of occasional longings for’stodgy British food like mince and potatoes’, you feel little nostalgia for Billingham. Bell spent his early years with his older sister and unmarried mom. He has never had a relationship with his father. Last summer, filming took him back to London. His mom came south to help with childcare.

Can he get up north much?

And does he occasionally consider what his life would have been like without Billy Elliot? Jamie Bell grimaces somewhat. ‘It’s a terrifying prospect because I don’t understand how to do anything else. I would still maintain that city, possibly.’ On Twitter, Jamie Bell is vital of Donald Trump and urged Brits to vote Labour in the new general election. What did he think about Teesside voting for Brexit last year? ‘Can it?

 I am so out of touch with British politics. It’s tricky because I have laid roots throughout the world. My son is here [in LA], he will be going to college there and that I work there a lot. And it is just not possible to create that divide feels any smaller.’

Jamie Bell’s Son

His son has just turned four. Thus far, he and Wood, who started as a kid actor, have kept his name out of the media. ‘I think that it’s because of my association with youth exposure,’ says Bell. ‘Not that anybody’s ever been especially invasive with me, I move about with relative ease. But it’s just a poppa matter to think, “No, no, no”; that is another side of my entire life that no one sees.

He admits to sometimes wondering how his absent father figure could inform his parenting. ‘You can’t be thinking, “I’m doing so because no one ever gave me this experience.” The thing is not to enjoy from a place of anger because that is potentially devastating.’

Jamie Bell’s Green Day Video

He also Wood initially got together in the mid-Noughties after shooting a Green Day video. She then went outside with Marilyn Manson. Back in 2011 — the same year she first spoke publicly about being bisexual — they reported having rekindled their relationship. They wed in October 2012 and had their son in July 2013, but declared their separation ten months afterwards. 

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Now they co-parent 50 /50. ‘It’s catchy enough when you’re celebrities who are together. The kid is only going to have to become accustomed to going here, going there,’ he says, clicking his fingers back and forth. ‘When he’s in school there’ll be sacrifices in regards to choosing work.’

‘I never watch any of the movies I’ve done. I don’t take it that seriously, but without question what I’m proud of my son. It obsessed me. Every moment I spend with him, I drop just a little bit more because of him. ‘That thing when you are falling right into something unconditionally.’

‘It is hard raising a kid,’ says Jamie Bell

If anything, the experience of becoming a parent had made him more understanding of his dad, who abandoned before he was born. ‘It is hard raising a kid,’ says Bell. ‘Situation is stressful. What is required is a lot of you. It would help if you sacrificed your life, and some people do not wish to do this. It is not particularly noble, but I could see why the easier thing would be to depart.’

‘As children from divorced parents, we understood the importance of keeping a good relationship very quickly. I believe that is also a generational thing: we learned from our elders that it is better if you need to share a space with someone to be able to look them in the eye. Should you succeed, then the kid succeeds.’

Kate Mara

Even though the film flopped, Bell has the press tour of Great Four to thank you for getting him with co-star Kate Mara. The pair had moved in the same social circles for years in LA. (they even once kissed for a display chemistry evaluation, although neither of them got throw ). However, when they did get together, it felt unavoidable. ‘There was an instant connection like we know one another forever. It was evident very quickly that we were getting married.’

Mara and her sister, fellow actress Rooney Mara, are scions of American football’s first household, an Irish-American dynasty. Her paternal family founded and co-own that the New York Giants; her mum’s family, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The ball is even nicknamed’ The Duke’ following him.

Jamie Bell is an Arsenal football team fan.

‘It’s not like they bought the teams; they are the teams,’ states Arsenal fan Bell, who got an American pal around for a briefing before he saw his first match with the Maras. ‘They are an incredible family, so loving, together and connected. They’re functional.

It is kind of a beautiful shock to know that stuff exists. I come from a broken home. But to see parents that are together, who have raised four children, with no indication of dividing up, is a joy to watch.’

He says Mara hasn’t vaunted her footballing heritage. ‘She does not walk with a feeling of privilege,’ he states. ‘She has carved out a name for herself, as her sister has. All of her siblings are powerful in their own right. I truly respect that.’

For 6 Days, Bell did a Bootcamp using a former SAS unit. ‘It was scary,’ he says. ‘People are firing blanks at you and throwing smoke grenades. His wiry physique isn’t a legacy from that shoot. However, but in preparation for a new movie, Skin Care, in which he plays a character according to Bryon’Pitbull’ Widner, one of America’s most violent and famous white supremacists. I wonder how he feels about raising a family in this world. ‘My general resting posture is just one of critical stress,’ he states. ‘The situation unnerved me.’

Jamie Bell in London Theatres

He hopes there will be another Tintin movie. Meanwhile, he’s branching out into creating. In this new age for musicals, might we see Jamie Bell dancing on display? ‘I really could do a Fred Astaire biopic, possibly,’ he proposes.

He’d like to do theatre in London. However, it isn’t a town where he feels at home. ‘It’s overwhelming to me,’ he states. ‘I don’t possess a command of it, or understand some of those trendy areas. I only ever go to Dean Street. It’s embarrassing, like, this is the first time that I’ve been in Spitalfields.’

Considering that the film’s publicist is coming, he is looking anxiously at his watch. It appears unlikely there will soon be time for getting to know Spitalfields better now. Nevertheless, you expect Bell at least gets to eat his lunch.