Kim and Josh “Homestead Rescue” Lawsuit

Kim and Josh

Kim and Josh “Homestead Rescue” Lawsuit

Thanks to the skills of Marty Raney and his two children, Misty Raney and Matt Raney, the Discovery+ series Homestead Rescue demonstrates to Americans how to effectively live off the grid. The Homestead Rescue cast aims to assist folks trying to do homesteading work by teaching them new survival skills. However, following a Homestead Rescue lawsuit, some feel the show is entirely fictitious. This is what occurred.

Marty Raney and his children assist Americans in effectively living off the grid

Marty Raney, an Alaskan outdoorsman who understands precisely how to live in the bush, is a member of the Homestead Rescue cast. He told KXD 13 News that he began his career as a logger in the Alaskan tundra in the 1970s. He also stayed on a homestead in the bitter cold.

“I think Discovery was drawn to me because I had a lengthy history of living all around Alaska, a lot of it isolated and distinctive,” Marty remarked. “… “I believe Discovery enjoyed the notion that my family had an exciting, continuous Alaskan history.”

The show debuted in 2016 and will continue till 2021. Marty went on to say that many interested in starting a homestead seek a “simpler existence” away from the fast-paced society most of us live in today. “These homesteaders, these off-grinders… “I mean, nothing has changed from the first homesteaders…,” he remarked if you go into the bush. “It’s a dramatic shift from routine to adventure.”

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 Is Homestead Rescue fake?

According to sources, the program may include some manufactured components based on the testimony of a handful of the couples that participated in the show. Kim and Josh Zabec, from Season 1, we’ve already accomplished homesteaders who owned Revolutionary Roots Farm. The Raneys went to their farm to assist them in repairing it after pigs appeared to have ruined part of their land. However, Kim and Josh complained that the show made them appear inexperienced when, in reality, they understood precisely how to live off the grid properly.

According to the article, the couple filed their Homestead Rescue case after believing that producers had entirely misled them. Kim and Josh claim that producers informed them they’d have a slot on the show as seasoned homesteaders. Instead, according to reports, the show depicted them as folks who had no idea how to handle their farm.

How can fans watch the Raneys, and is Homestead Rescue available on Discovery+?

Yes, the program is currently available on the service. Discovery+ provides a seven-day free trial period.

Variety also mentions that Amazon Prime Video supports streaming discovery+. “As of April 2021, the ad-free version of discovery+ is now accessible on Prime Video Channels for $6.99 per month, while the ad-supported version ($4.99 per month) will be available ‘in the following months,'” the magazine said.

According to the TV Guide, a new episode of Homestead Rescue will debut on September 9, 2021, at 8 p.m. EST. According to the narrative summary, the upcoming episode will have the Raneys traveling to Tennessee to assist a couple who are now “stuck” in an RV.

What became of Kim and Josh’s ‘Homestead Rescue’ lawsuit? 

The show’s idea is that patriarch Marty and two of his children (his wife Mollee and his other two children have decided not to appear on the show) travel over the United States to aid those who have always wanted to live more simply away from society. Marty educates these folks on maintaining themselves and using nature to their advantage along the road.

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In Season 1, Episode 2 (“Under Siege”), the Raneys traveled to Virginia to assist Kim and Josh Zabec, owners of Revolutionary Roots Farm, after pigs destroyed a portion of their property.

However, the pair eventually spoke out on social media about how the Raney family assisted them.

They eventually sued the show, claiming they were asked to be a part of a program about successful homesteaders, not those needing assistance.

Instead, they said, they were depicted on the show as if they had no idea what they were doing with their farm. The case’s outcome is uncertain, but the couple was visibly upset when their episode aired.

Is ‘Homestead Rescue’ Fake? Let’s Hear What Former Crew Has to Say

Several former program participants have testified and even filed lawsuits against Homestead Rescue and its allegedly fictitious basis, citing worries about inflating key aspects for dramatic effect.

Wren and Ini Tell Their Side of the Story

Wren and Ini, a couple featured on the show in 2018, had the opportunity to work closely with the Raney family and the Homestead Rescue crew.

In an interview with the Ozark County Times in January 2018, the couple stated that they were initially pleased to be a part of the program despite having no intention of appearing on television. The Raneys assisted Wren and Ini in cleaning up the moldy leather surfaces in their yurt in the December 13, 2017, episode of the TV program.

While the Raneys were extremely helpful, Wren and Ini’s cabin was built by a Missouri log firm called Sticks and Stones Real Log Homes, which did not cut.

Wren and I explained a few topics that may have been misrepresented in the presentation. The pair prefaced their experience by stating that it was a reality TV show, so certain elements were bound to be eliminated.

However, referring to one of the episodes, the pair argued that they had not used canola oil to fuel the chainsaw, as depicted. Canola oil is a type of fuel, similar to diesel fuel, used to power equipment such as chainsaws.

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“As is customary with reality television, an enormous quantity of film days are chopped down to a 40-minute broadcast, leaving many things spoken and edited out…”

Similarly, the log and cabin scenario, which was a significant issue in the episode, was inaccurate.

Last Words

While the legitimacy of Homestead Rescue has been called into doubt, there’s no disputing that it’s a wonderfully entertaining movie for those of us who enjoy living in society and off the grid.

Whether you want to watch the show to check whether it’s real or just to see how farmers live, you might want to tune in to Homestead Rescue.