List of Best Guest Posting Blogs in USA 2022 | “Write for us Guest post”

Best Guest Posting Blogs in USA

“Write for us Guest post” |  List of Best Guest Posting Blogs in USA in 2022

If you are searching for guest blogging sites in USA, this is the right place for you. These websites will allow guest posting for free. Who doesn’t want their websites to gain a huge global crowd? Guest posting sites in the USA will allow wide traffic and help your site reach more audiences. As Google changes its ranking factors and algorithms frequently, the link-building techniques will also keep on changing.

Guest posting is very important in link building, especially for off-page SEO. However, high DA guest posting sites are SEO and digital marketing techniques that will provide good traffic to your sites. Various sites are accepting “write for us.” But you have to check their site TF, DR, DA, and traffic. The most important factor in finding US guest post sites is traffic.

However, various blogs accept guest posts in several categories with different niches. Most of them are free that accept content in technology, health, kitchen, travel, social media, and many more. So, if you are looking for guest post sites in the USA, or maybe you are searching for the sites that accept “write for us” only for the USA. In this article, you will get all the information with all details.

List of Best Guest Posting Blogs in USA | “Write for us Guest post”

Here are the Blog sites that offer you to submit your guest posting article for free. is a completely free website for guest posting with no follow link only. You can attract a wide range of audiences to your blog because this site ranked globally. Webnew21 has more than 350,000 viewers monthly. So, if you choose this website for publishing your content, it will get you higher revenue. The aim of the website is to promote actionable tips and innovative ideas. Webnew21 aims to publish quality content on education, finance, entertainment, food, and many more. If you want to publish your content in webnew21 then your article should unique, original, and research based. The word limit should not be less than 1000 words.

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If you want to write for them then contact us here.

HubSpot Blogs

Hubspot blog has more than 7 million visitors monthly. It is always looking for brilliant contributors and writers to join its websites. If you have exceptional design or writing skills and would like to share your expertise with the world, this could be a good platform. So, your content should be original, unique, and of high quality. There should not be more than one link on your website. Ahrefs ranking of this website is 197. The DR of this website is 93. You can contact this website at

Marketingprofs Blogs

This website requires 3-4 months for publication. However, they publish only useful articles for an audience as they are very selective in their publications. According to Ahrefs, it ranked 5,194. The DR of this website is 84. MarketingProfs focuses on marketing-related content and business-to-business content. Always write practicable, useful, and actionable tips and content in your article. Articles must contain 800-1000 words, but they could not exceed the limit of 1,200 or so. You can also add images, graphs, charts, etc. You can also add a brief bio of 25 words. This website will inform you if your article is accepted within a week or two. You can contact them for your guest posting at

Techwyse Blog

This site is always looking for highly actionable and insightful content. This website accepts guest posts about SEO, social media, content marketing, website analysis, and many more. Must write articles within 1,000 words. Avoid any self-promotion in the articles. According to Ahrefs, this site ranked at 71,033. The DR of the site is 72. You can submit your guest post at

Coschedule Blog

CoSchedule has more than one million visitors per month. It has more than 1.8 million email subscribers. CoSchedule is the leading website on marketing content. This website will not accept any pre-written posts. The topic should be relevant to your reader. Ahrefs ranked this website at 3,834. The DR of this website is 86. You can contact the website for guest posting at

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Smashing Magazine

The main aim of this website is to deliver quality content. This website allows articles based on web designing and web development. If you have expertise in this niche, you can feel free to contact this website for guest posting articles. It would be best if you committed to the publishing policy of the website. According to Ahrefs, it ranked at 1,271. The DR of this website is 90. You can contact them at

Benefits Of Guest Blogging in High DA sites with USA traffic

The benefits of choosing guest blogging are very wide if you select a USA-based website. So, here we briefly explain the importance of guest blogging:

Building links is the major advantage of guest blogging. You can interact with more traffic by writing for the other websites. The number and quality of websites linked to your sites are an important part of SEO.

While submitting your content to the guest posting site, mention your brand or company name or some important keywords related to your company’s site. It will help you to raise awareness of your brand.

When you post your article and people like your content, there is more chance people will check your profile. Then a large number of people will start following you on social media.

In addition, Increased Traffic means more readers to your content. If you post high-quality content and people find it useful, there are high chances of turning them into customers.


Guest posting not only builds backlinks to your websites but has lots of other benefits too. If you choose guest posting blog sites in the USA for your content, it will benefit you. It will give you broader exposure to the audience and, in return, create your brand awareness.