Luxury Watch Hunting? Tissot Maybe the One for You

Luxury Watch Hunting? Tissot Maybe the One for You

Luxury Watch Hunting? Tissot Maybe the One for You

Tissot takes pride in its century’s worth of heritage and rich history in the watch industry. It’s one of the first iconic Swiss timepiece brands in the market. This watch brand is recognized as a true classic from across the globe, with its perfect blend of beauty, innovation, and quality, 

As a brand heavily tied to sports since the 1930s, Tissot has been famous amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts. More so, it’s known for being the official timekeeper of the NBA since 2015. These only prove that they are worthy of a long-term investment. The Tissot watches men and women collections have years of client trust associated with beautiful reviews. Thus, keep on reading to know the reasons why you should buy a timepiece from this luxury brand:

1.A Long History of Watchmaking Expertise

Established in 1853, Tissot has proven its rich history as a watchmaker. Founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot in Le Locle, Switzerland, it already gained international attention within a few years of being launched. Making it globally renowned up to this day and age. Its years of watchmaking experience have led to the brand’s legacy. Tissot is now one of the most well-respected timepiece brands worldwide, and its long history of watchmaking expertise has been one of the crucial reasons behind it. 

2. Functional

All Tissot watches are synonymous with the word functional. Though not surprising anymore, these timepieces are crafted with the highest quality materials. The brand prioritizes the functionality of every watch, which is why Tissot has been the official timekeeper of different sports around the world. In addition, one of the great innovations of this brand is its Swissmatic movement. 

This enables the watches to have 72 hours of power reserve, meaning they can still tell time accurately, although they have been left out for 72 hours. Another is the Nivachron balance spring, which is more resistant to magnetic fields—usually from electronics than standard springs.

3. Available in a Wide Variety of Designs

When you are looking for a watch brand that offers different designs, Tissot is the best one to count on. There are available watches for both men and women and a large selection of collections that ensure numerous designs. Every collector will find a Tissot model that suits their style and preference. The watches range from stunning, sparkling diamond set ladies’ dress watches to robust, technical timepieces. There is a watch for each purpose and occasion, so you can totally get one that fits your taste.

4. Affordable

Most people think that luxury watches have lavish prices that start from a couple of thousands to tens or even hundreds of thousands. However, this is not the case for Tissot. The entry-level watches can only cost you half a grand to thousands of dollars, making them truly affordable. As a luxury watchmaker, the brand has developed strategies that allow them to offer timepieces at a more reasonable price. 

Moreover, Tissot provides gold value at silver prices on every watch. Each watch is made with the most precise movements, top-notch quality, and superb designs. Marketed as an affordable luxury and mid-priced watch brand, Tissot has been one of the brands that not just offer lesser value of its product but maintains expertly engineered timepieces. 

5. Long-lasting

Once you purchase a Tissot watch, you’re sure that it’s made to last. You can expect that every watch is long-lasting and resilient. With Tissot’s technology, its watchmakers have incorporated functional features to components and movements made with resilient materials, like sapphire crystals and ceramics. In some models, green energy sources are used to power them. Also, they use tactile technology to improve watch ergonomics and at the same make it unique and easy to use.

6. Innovative

Innovative by tradition is Tissot’s official motto. The brand pushed itself to become one of the pioneers in the history of watchmaking, which led to its notable contributions, such as the first automatic wristwatch designed with 24 time zones without manipulation, the first pocket watch with two time zones, and the first mass-produced pocket watch. 

Tissot is also the first one to invent the first non-magnetic wristwatch to counter the electromagnetism that affected the precision of wristwatches. Additionally, this brand is responsible for creating the first plastic, pearl, wood, and stone watches. Indeed, it is a brand that keeps on innovating and always brings something new to consumers.

7. Water-resistant

Yet another reason to buy Tissot watches is that they’re water-resistant. Every timepiece undergoes a battery of tests to evaluate the watch’s capacity to withstand pressure and collisions. The brand also analyzes how dust, gas, or liquids will impact the watches by testing them under high-velocity impacts with water resistance in mind. 

8. Effortless style

Tissot’s approach to both technology and style is always ahead of the game. While the sporty models get more attention, the vintage dress watches, smart casual timepieces, as well as pocket watches are equally high in demand. Whichever you choose to buy, you’ll never go out of style. There is something that makes every Tissot watch effortless yet full of elegance. You can have a sporty chronograph, touchscreen timepiece, sophisticated dress watch, or bold diver’s model.

Where to Buy Tissot Watches

The brand continues to be relevant up to these days because it embraces modern concepts and consistently stays on top of trends. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a watch from this brand, then this is the perfect time to do it. Be sure to head to the nearest, legit Tissot store order your preferred model through an authorized online shop. Do your research first to ensure that you transact with a trusted store.


Keeping a low-profile brand never meant that Tissot hasn’t graced the watch industry with notable and innovative timepieces. Even though it’s a high-end brand, most of its collections are positioned on the more practical end of the luxury watch spectrum. Nevertheless, it’s still highly popular and incredibly respected for its durable and versatile watches. These reasons mentioned above are just a few of the many ones that will make you buy your own. Visit to find out more!