Can Magic Bows 5e shoot Magic arrows in dnd?

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Magic Bows 5e d&d

Dungeon and Dragons has a shortage of magic bow 5e and virtually no crossbows. Let’s take a look at some Homebrew Magic Boes available in 5e. Bows are weapons that require ammunition. Arrows are ammunition and not weapons. Resistance is against “bludgeoning piercing and slashing with nonmagical weapons.” If a +1 bow is a magical weapon, the damage is bypassed from magic weapons.

Can a magic bow shoot magic arrows?

A bow doesn’t hit the target. You can use it as an improvised weapon, but it does hit the target. So it makes sense to consider nonmagical arrows magical when shot with a magic bow in 5e dnd. Once the arrow is shot, it doesn’t matter if it hits the target. The metaphysical properties of the arrow are lost, just like Ammunition+1.

Legendary Weapon (longbow), Weapon (requires attunement)

Zehir blessed this black longbow, which the Drow forged. It was made to be the ultimate Weapon for assassination, and its string does not make a sound when released.

You can see up to 320 feet when you are attuned to this bow.

Magical arrows are all that can be shot from this bow. The bow will produce its arrow if it is not provided with an arrow.

Kageyumi has a +3 magic weapon. This Weapon grants you a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls. You can inflict an additional 2d8 force injury when you hit this Weapon.

Split Shot: You can split your shot into four arrows by making the first attack in each turn. Each arrow must have its attack and damage roll.

Ashen Shot:  You may use the Disintegrate spell twice per long rest. It cannot be combined with the Split Shot effect.

Aethershred Magic Bow 5e

Weapon (longbow), artifact

This fearsome bow erases its history and hides the evil hands that made it. However, it is known for its control over its wielder and willingness to kill any bearer it deems unsuitable. One of the Paladin Queen’s companions recovered it during the campaigns against Nimori. However, Vyrakotha was not able to preserve Nuoli dai Oroya. Aethershred subsumed her will ultimately, and she continued to inflict terrible suffering on her until her body was reduced to ashes the third time.

The soul of Aethershred has never revealed its name to anyone except its wielders. And none of them have ever survived using it to share its name with scholars. However, the purpose of the bow is highly revered and feared by those who know the nature of the Spirit Court. Aethershred was the only one who could kill Falar, a genius loci that existed before the Houses of the Nether. The Auvet could identify and replace Falar because Nether did not eat him. That ensured that the land didn’t fall into Forgetting. It was only later that it was seen as a prefiguring for Nether and sought out by Nether’s agents.

Aethershred’s soul does not care in the slightest about the long-term preservation of its wielder. It is determined to cause the most destruction possible. It will only use its power to compel the wielder or preserve its fighting abilities. Its nature could be explained by the fact that it was not made upon the Sacrificial Forge. It is possible that a spirit had been living in the Forge for a long time. It entered the Forge, and instead of the one it was made to, turned the bow’s purpose against its creators.

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Magic Weapon. Aethershred, a magic weapon, grants you a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls. Random Properties These properties are randomly determined by the bow.

  • Two minor beneficial properties
  • One significant benefit (suggested alternate options: When a creature attempts disarming you of Aethershred, they roll a DC 20 Constitution saving Throw. They take 10d10 poison damage if they fail and a half if they succeed.
  • Two minor detrimental properties
  • One significant damaging property (suggested): When you meet someone for the first time, make a DC 20 Charisma check (Persuasion). If you fail, immediately attack the creature with Aethershred and continue until you both are dead or more than one mile apart.

Sentient. Although all eleven Lenga’Hiduis have sentient abilities, not all of them are as interested in controlling their wielders as Aethershred.

  • It has an Intelligence score of 12, Wisdom score of 12, and Charisma score of 18.
  • It communicates telepathically to its bearer or wielder.
  • It can hear and see up to 120 feet and can share its true sight with its handler.
  • Its alignment is chaos evil.
  • It seeks destruction and urges its user to fight arbitrarily.
  • It will demand that its wielder assault any repugnant creature it finds, including almost all living things. If necessary, it will try to seize control of its wielder to accomplish this.
  • Aethershred can charm and control wielders again in 1 minute, regardless of whether they succeed or fail a Charisma saving throw. Its control does not grant immunity to the charmed condition.

Arcane Projectiles. You can also use an arrow to attack Aethershred. It deals 1d8 additional force damage per hit. Aethershred can be used to make a ranged attack without using ammunition. It deals 1d8 + your Charisma modifier for force damage per hit.

To the Slaughter. Aethershred comes with 11 charges. Aethershred can be used to hit ranged weapons. You can do 1d10 poison damage per charge. Alternately you can also spend five charges on Aethershred to deal average weapon damage as well as cast disintegrate. This spell ignores the target’s range. Aethershred’s full charge is refunded at midnight. One charge is refunded for every target you have hit with a ranged weapon attack using Aethershred.

Preserve The Archer. Aethershred can control its wielder and restore the 5d8 hit point to it at the beginning of its wielder’s turn. That is resolved before the wielder makes a death-saving throw. It fails to save its wielder from death, so it suffers a fatality saving throw. It persists until the wielder finishes a long rest, and then it regains half of its maximum hit points. If the wielder fails three death saves, they are declared dead and can’t be resurrected with any spell other than true resurrection.

Destroying the Aethershred: Aethershred can only be destroyed by sundering it at the Sacrificial Forge. It will need the means to transport it to Sacrificial Forge without the consent of its bearer. Aethershred is a soul that can manifest and use Aethershred in the presence of the Sacrificial Forge. It attempts to destroy those who would oppose it.

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Bone Bow 5e

Weapon (any bow), uncommon (requires tuning)

The magical bow grants you a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls when used. It gives you a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls when you cast a necromancy magic spell. Your spell save DC also increases by 1. You can also deal 1d6 additional necrotic damage when you use this bow to fire a necromantic Arcane Shot.

While you are tuned to this Weapon, you can cast the chill touching cantrip using Dexterity spellcasting ability. You can throw a chill touch with your bone bow if you have the Extra Attack ability.

Hit points are equal to the amount of damage you have done by using this Weapon, whether an attack or a spell. This feature can be used once and then regained at midnight.

Lore: Bone bows are the trademark weapons of the Bone Archers. They are a fearsome group of archers who use the forces of necromancy. Their conflict often spills over into the Wildlands to affect other archers. They have a fierce rivalry with Storm Archers. Baron Ystorin’s bow is at least one of the more powerful versions. 

Baron Ystorin’s Spine bow

Weapon (any bow), very uncommon (requires tuning)

The magical bow gives you a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls. It grants you a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls when you cast a necromancy magic spell. Your spell save DC also increases by 2. You can also deal with an additional 2d6 necrotic injury when you use this bow to fire a necromantic Arcane Shot.

While you are tuned to this Weapon, you can cast the chill touching cantrip using Dexterity spellcasting ability. You can throw a chill touch to make one ranged weapon attack when you have an Extra Attack.

You can gain temporary hit points for dealing damage to this Weapon using an attack or spell. They are equal to half of the damage you do. These temporary hit points can last for up to one minute. This feature can be helpful three times, and you can regain access at midnight. You still have temporary hit points from this feature. However, you can use Baron Ystorin’s spine bow to deal additional 1d8 necrotic damages in your ranged attacks.

Lore: Baron Ystorin’sspineThis bone bow has been enhanced by the incomparable power of The Web Queen. It was given to him as a tribute to his many years of dedication. He commands the archers in Callamagne with it. He gives the Bone Archers a formidable position to defeat their Storm Archer foes.

Storm bow

Weapon (any bow), uncommon (requires tuning)

The magical bow grants you a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls when used. It presents a +1 bonus on spell attack rolls when you cast a ranger magic spell. Your spell save DC also increases by 1. You can deal lightning damage by firing an evocation Arcane Shot with this bow. If you do, you deal an additional 1d6 lightning damage.

Four charges are associated with a storm bow. It can regain one charge for every hour it is in a thunderstorm and all charges that have been spent at dawn. You can use it to hit with a ranged attack and deal 1d8 lightning damage. To double the damage that your ranger spell causes, you can spend two charges per slot level.

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Lore: Stormbows are the Storm Archers’ signature weapon, an elite group of archers who use lightning to their bows for devastating effects. They play deadly cat-and-also -cat with necromantic Bone Archers all over the Wildlands.


Weapon (any bow), very uncommon (requires tuning)

This magical bow gives you a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls that you make using it.

You can use Whisper to gain darkvision up to 60 feet. You can increase the range of darkvision by 30 feet if you have darkvision greater than 60 feet. Telepathic communication can be established with any creature that can see within 30ft of you.

You can hide or become invisible while using this Weapon to deal psychic damage. You can also roll a DC 15 Concentration test as a bonus action. If you succeed, the attacks you make in this round will not affect your invisibility or reveal your position unless they do. You can choose not to make attacks if you fail.


Arrow (arrow), rare (requires tuning)

When it hits, this magical arrow deals additional 2d6 radiant damages. If the target fails to make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw, they will be blinded until your next turn. If you do not have a quiver, this arrow will disappear after being used. It will then reappears in your quiver or another place in your possession the following day at dawn.

Lore: These arrows are rare and valuable.sunmotesThe Keepers of Sun make these arrows available only to archers who have pledged their support for Amraoth’s planar city. These arrows would be destroyed by the Keepers of Sun sooner than they were used by anyone they consider unworthy.


Weapon (longbow), Very Rare (requires attunement)

A bow that has been infused with energy from the Elemental Planes.

Heimdallr has a +2 magic weapon. This Weapon grants you a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls. With this Weapon, you can also deal additional fire, lightning, and ice damage to each hit you make.

Spells. The bow is charged with five charges, and you regain 1d4+1 of the expended charges each dawn. Using your longbow attack modifier, you can spend one charge to cast the following cantrips at full strength as an arrow.

Acid Splash, Eldritch Blast. Fire Bolt. Ray of Frost. Shocking Grasp

Bifrost Burst. You may use all five charges as an action to cast Prismatic spray from the bow without any components.

Spider bow

The black bow is with web-like patterns in the wood. The bowstring is thin and strong. It is nearly invisible to the user.

When it is not tuned, it functions as a +1/+1 Bow.

It retains the +1/+1 mods but grants charges or spells when attuned. There are no charges or spells.

Two charges: You can take the bowstring out of use and make a white arrow from the hardened web. A ranged attack is made towards a target. The target is restrained upon a hit. It can hit the target if it misses, but not on the creature.

One charge: You cast spider climb on your own.

5e Magic Bows of Doubling

Rare magical Weapon The magical bow does not offer any bonuses or damage. However, it has the unique ability to fire two arrows simultaneously. The bow automatically fires another arrow when a nonmagical one is fired from it.

The first arrow that hits its target is Advantage. If it misses, the second shot has regular chances to hit. All arrows shot with this bow are destroyed on impact or as soon as it becomes clear. It is challenging to recover them.