Minecraft Stonecutter | Why gamers are calling it useless?

Minecraft Stonecutter
Minecraft Stonecutte

Minecraft Stonecutter | Why gamers are calling it useless?

Minecraft Stonecutter & Things it Does

These are special work station blocks that we need for stone related item production. They are very specific, nevertheless neat to utilize within the game to create exceptional designs.

These are easy to craft things requiring stone and an iron ingot to make them. It is possible to locate Stonecutters naturally producing within mason houses of the villages. For an interesting fact, the thing carries a burst resistance evaluation of 17.5. Generally, it is not possible to make brick fences out of the Stonecutter. We are waiting for an update.

More details and a crafting guide is below.

The crafting guide

Uses and Other Details:

To outline, the latest thing is mostly decorative. It offers functionality to customize your stone creation experience inside the game. To use, you’ll open up the table like normal, and it’s going contain slots. You may select from a variety of alternatives for crafting. When selected, you’ll get a preview of the item after the implementation of the material completes.

Once you’re happy, spend the trailer, and you’ll have what you wanted to make. It supports all of the stone types and allows for many classes to complete. The production options vary based on which kind of material you are using. Stone offers the most choices. Granite and andesite also offer several resources.

Blank Remember that the rock items can be of any combination for this particular creation. That is different in Java, however, as it has to be fundamental stone blocks. You create that type by heating the cobblestone. Hopefully, you’ve found this helpful. You can read about lecterns below or check out our hub for further coverage.

Stonecutter Minecraft
Minecraft Stonecutter


A stonecutter can spawn within specific buildings in villages whenever generated after the release of 1.14.


The Stonecutter allows the player to put stone-related cubes into its interface. That will give them items to craft relating to this inputted stone. But it differs from the table, 1 example being able to make one stair from 1 cube, which makes it more straightforward than the crafting table. It is also possible to create two slabs out of 1 block. Suppose a village has a stonecutter. However, no mason, any neighboring villager without a profession, has a chance to become a stonemason.

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The Stonecutter has initially been exclusive to Pocket Edition. It was helpful to make stone-related cubes, like bricks and stone bricks. The Stonecutter was similar to the crafting table but utilized for stone-related crafting.

It lets you avoid over-coding this crafting table. It had a similar texture to a furnace.

But it was using hammer and gear on a few of its sides. It was in addition to a great gear on the top.

As of upgrade 0.13.0, the crafting table helps you craft many things. Thus, the Stonecutter was created obsolete and could no longer be obtained in Survival mode (unless the existing one mined utilizing the Silk Touch enchantment). The block itself was available in a Creative way but might only for decoration.

The new version of Stonecutter Minecraft

The newer version of this Stonecutter comes as a Snapshot 18w44a, a precursor to update 1.14. This type of Stonecutter had no operation and spawned at newly-generated villages, but as of snapshot 19w04b, it can now craft stone-related products. Craft it with three stone blocks along with an iron ingot.

Editor’s note:

This block was initially exclusive in Pocket Edition but revamped and added to the Java Edition in upgrade 1.14.

Stonecutters are also within the Nintendo 3DS version of Minecraft, but just as a decorative block and may only be acquired from the Creative stock.

This Stonecutter’s saw appears to be moving despite its not having any power supply in its crafting recipe.

How to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial describes how to craft a stonecutter using videos and step-by-step instructions.

In Minecraft, the Stonecutter is a product in a Village in Mason’s house. It crafts different rock items instead of using a crafting table. The Stonecutter is now fully functional in Java Edition in addition to Bedrock Edition (Pocket Edition, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch).

Minecraft Stonecutter recipe:

Required Materials to make a Stonecutter

1 Iron Ingot

3 Stones

How to craft a Stonecutter at Survival Mode

1. Open the Crafting Menu

First, open your crafting table so that you have the 3×3 crafting grid that resembles that:

3×3 crafting region

2. Add Items to produce a Stonecutter

You should see a crafting area from the crafting menu of a 3×3 crafting grid. To earn a stonecutter, place one iron ingot and three gems in the 3×3 crafting grid.

When creating a stonecutter, set the iron ingot and rock in the specific pattern as the image below. In the first row, there should be an iron ingot from the second box. In the next row, there should be three gems. That is the Minecraft crafting recipe for a stonecutter.

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Crafting recipe for Stonecutter

Minecraft stonecutter recipe
Minecraft stonecutter recipe

3.Now that you have filled the crafting region with the proper layout, the Stonecutter will show up in the box under the grid. Transfer the Stonecutter into Inventory

Once you have crafted a stonecutter, you need to transfer the new item to your inventory.

Completed Stonecutter

Is it useless?

Stonecutter is a bit useless.

The Stonecutter does not provide enough of a motive to be used. Yes, it makes crafting rock blocks simpler, but it should also make crafting these blocks less costly. As of now, the ratios are all nearly the same, no matter in which you frame it. Walls, smooth cubes, rock brick, chiseled quartz, column walnut, and more all have a 1 to 1 crafting ratio on the crafting table and Stonecutter.

The only rock blocks where it’s worth to utilize the Stonecutter is stairs and chiseled stone brick. My only request is to make the stone cutter more useful by making it a time saver and a source saver.

Mine your Stonecutter with a pickaxe. It is also possible to mine a stonecutter without a pickaxe, but it will take time, plus it might destroy the stone filler without obtaining the item. The average time to mine Stonecutter in Minecraft is about 17.5 seconds.

 You will make your Stonecutter in no time by following the steps explained to you. There are three distinct methods that you can test out.

How to Make a Stonecutter at Minecraft app

Step 1. Open the Crafting Menu in the Minecraft App.

Step 2. Prepare the ingredients to earn a stonecutter in Minecraft. In cases like this, you need one iron ingot, one rock, one polished granite, and one glistening andesite.

Step 3. Add the ingredients to the 3×3 crafting plank after the pattern of 1 iron ingot on the next box of the second row and one stone on the very first box, one polished granite on the next box, and then one glistening andesite on the third box of the third row of the 3×3 edging board.

Step 4. In this stage, you must see a stonecutter formed on the right-side of the 3×3 crafting plank.

Measure 5. All you need to do now is shifting the Stonecutter into the Inventory box.

How to make Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft PE

To earn a stonecutter at Minecraft PE, the situations you need to do are as follows.

Step 1. Open Minecraft Program from your apparatus.

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Step 2. Now, open the Crafting Menu and begin the procedure about the best way to make a stonecutter.

Step 3. Gather the ingredients that consist of 1 iron ingot and three stones. In the very first row, you will need to place an iron ingot on the second box. Subsequently, followed by the three stones, put each on the box onto the next row. If you place the ingredients correctly, you will have the ability to see a stonecutter on the box located on the right side of the 3×3 crafting board. It means your stonecutter crafting is a triumph.

Step 4. Now, all you want to do is transferring the Stonecutter, which you’ve just made into the Inventory box.

Input /give @p Stonecutter 1 via your keyboard to give control to the Stonecutter. Now, it’s ready to be used to manage any tools from rock materials.

How to make a stonecutter on PC?

If you access the Minecraft match from your personal computer, you can discover the Decoration Blocks menu items. Here are the steps on how best to make a stonecutter you have to know.

Step 1. You will see that a 3×3 crafting grid to begin.

Step 2. It’s possible to begin the crafting process by incorporating the substances to generate a stonecutter to the 3×3 crafting grid. You need to follow the precise pattern to craft a stonecutter. Then, insert the three stones every on the next row of the 3×3 crafting plank.

Step 3. If you follow the recipe on the best way to properly earn Stonecutter, Stonecutter must have appeared on the 3×3 crafting board’s right-side box.

Step 4. If you already see the Stonecutter formed on the right-side box. You can now move the Stonecutter for an Inventory, and the rock cutter is ready to use.

Measure 5. Congratulations! You have just crafted a stonecutter all on your own!

That’s all of the methods about how to create stonecutters in Minecraft that you can follow. To provide a command to the Stonecutter, you can press /give @p Stonecutter, which applies to the Java edition either from PC or Mac. Joyful Stone Crafting!

Woodcutter Minecraft

With this block, rather than with the Stonecutter, where you get stone stained stuff together with the woodcutter, you can get wood trim stuff. It is crafted much like a rock cutter only with woodblocks, and with anything sort of wood that you use, you get another color stonecutter back and together with all the woodcutter if you place a log on top of it drops planks.