mSpy Review | How to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing

mSpy Review | How to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing using mSpy? Software review

This mSpy review focuses on the features offered. With its wide array of functions, mSpy is capable of monitoring almost any type of cell phone. The software can send instant alerts if a certain keyword is entered into the target device. It can also track messages.

The feature is very convenient and allows you to monitor your children in real-time. The app works by marking your target device’s routes on a virtual map. It can even notify you if the targeted phone leaves the marked areas.

The app is also capable of tracking company employees’ mobile devices. It logs all keystrokes and can retrieve important information, including model, operating system, and memory. It can also tell you if the target cell phone is jailbroken and what cellular service provider it uses.

The software can even track the battery level of the target phone. For those who are not comfortable using spy apps on their children’s devices, mSpy software can be an excellent solution.

Once you have selected a plan, you must create an account with mSpy. You will need a valid email address for activation. Once you have an account, you must accept the terms and conditions.

You can also choose a device to monitor. Among the available platforms, you can choose from Android or iOS. After logging in, you will be asked to select the target device. You can only spy on one device at a time. You cannot use mSpy to spy on more than one person’s device at a time.

mSpy Features & Installation

You must also install the app on the device. There are some limitations and restrictions, but these limitations can’t completely eliminate your concerns. However, according to phone tracking experts at, mSpy’s support system is excellent, and it provides real-time assistance for users.

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If you’re concerned about your children’s safety, mSpy’s real-time GPS tracking feature is the most significant advantage. This feature is essential for a parent who wants to monitor their children, while an employer who wants to keep an eye on employees.

Moreover, it also records all keystrokes on a target device. mSpy is capable of recording calendar appointments and other details.

Once you’ve installed mSpy, you’ll need to set a password and subscribe to the service. You’ll need a valid email address to activate the account. You’ll need to accept the Terms of Use before you can use the mSpy app. Once you’ve created an account and subscribed, mSpy will let you monitor the phone’s SMS, emails, and GPS location. You’ll also be able to view the GPS coordinates of the target device.


While mSpy is an excellent tracking application for personal use thanks to many great advanced features, it can also be amazing for businesses to keep track of their employees. While it’s easy to download and install, you’ll need to install it on the target device before you can view any information.