Is Otto the otter Car insurance legit or scam? Referral companies review

Is Otto the otter Car insurance legit or scam? Referral companies review

Otto car insurance review | Is it legit or a scam

Otto recognizes that choosing insurance from the sea of options can be daunting. Otto’s technology claims to match users with the best quotes. However, Otto is a lead generation website that sends information to over 1,000 affiliates and partners. So Is Otto Insurance legit or a scam? You may have seen Otto Insurance ads recently on Youtube or other websites. One commercial shows a child putting an otto sticker on their car. However, I wouldn’t recommend believing the ad as it is misleading.

First, otto is not a car insurance company. However, you might not be aware of the hidden terms and conditions that they have. We call them an insurance referral program. Let us see how Insurance referral companies like Otto works?

How does Insurance referral companies like Otto work?

It is not easy to gain new clients. However, many companies have laid the foundation for marketing for business and providing excellent customer service. It is a possible way to gain momentum and refer to other insurance companies and earn handsome commissions. You can create an insurance referral program where your existing contacts will get introduced to a branded Insurance company. That is one of the easiest ways to grow an insurance company.

What is an insurance referral program? 

A referral program for insurance involves someone referring you to others (e.g. through a form on your site) and sometimes offering clear rewards (e.g. a gift certificate for each referral). It involves someone referring you to others (e.g. through a form on your site) and sometimes offering clear rewards (e.g. a gift certificate for each referral).

Consider how other businesses offer referral programs. Morning Brew, an e-newsletter for media, offers a referral program that allows readers to earn bonus content and promotional merchandise for sharing the newsletter with others.

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The bitter truth about Otto insurance is also true. Otto insurance isn’t even an insurance company. Take a look at the website’s “Terms of Service”. They do not offer insurance. They are a referral agency that refers you to an insurance company.

Otto the otter insurance

They are a consulting that gathers information from users and matches it to help them find insurance. It’s not an insurance agent but a broker. You won’t be able to sign an insurance contract if you share your information. Still, you will receive a lot of emails, calls and messages from different insurance agents. They’re selling customers’ information. While I cannot predict what they will do with your data, the Otto insurance ads on different platforms are misleading and inaccurate.

How does Otto Auto insurance Work?

It is simple to use the Otto tool. But don’t expect a quote right away. Otto will collect your data and connect you to one of its insurance agents to continue the quote process. Click To get Otto Start at A series of questions will be asked about you, your vehicle and your home.

Their homepage looks like this.

Otto Insurance review


Is the Otto insurance (car coverage) a scam or legit?

Otto Insurance does not represent an insurance agency. Their Terms of service page clearly states they share your personal information. But I can’t call it a scam.

Is Otto the otter Car insurance legit or scam? Referral companies review


You only need to enter your information oncebut it is not true. It’s a bait and switch. They are just another third-party referral company. They don’t provide any insurance. Do not believe the advertisements. Better take them as a referral company.

Otto Insurance

It’s unbelievable that they allow people to advertise services that they don’t offer. But they are not the only ones. Selling personal data is a trending business these days. It would be futile to ask them to pull your data from their database, as they will likely sell your information immediately. Your information is already being sold to third, fourth, fifth, and so on.

Otto Car Insurance review

What do insurance referral companies like otto do for their clients?

ReferralCandy reports that Morning Brew has grown to 2 million subscribers in just five years. You have the option to create an insurance referral program or customer referral program that is tailored to your needs. You will be referred to other business owners within their network as you hunted for insurance products. The insurance referral program can be used by anyone, even non-customers, like professional acquaintances or friends. This information is sold to other companies, and thus Otto Insurance makes money.

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Referrals are so powerful these days. They claim to help you save time and money. Many insurance companies don’t get their target audience. Referrals are great because they don’t need to start over every time they need new clients. Referring clients from Otto is a better option than placing an advertisement or attending a networking event. According to researchers at Goethe University or the University of Pennsylvania, referred customers are more profitable and loyal.

Waiting around for referrals is not the best strategy. These leads may come, and that has a money value. Think about a famous Instagrammer or a social media influencer. These people take it further by being proactive and creating a formal referral program for some other company. That is what Otto Auto Insurance company is doing.

Why open a Referal Insurance company and make money?


Before you start setting up your insurance referral system, consider the various ways to get referrals. A customer referral program that isn’t yet closed deals won’t work. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a referral program. Everyone can refer to your business, from your colleagues to your neighbours. Consider the different types of groups that could refer customers, such as:


Even if you don’t have a client, that doesn’t mean you can’t refer others to business insurance. You might be able to convince these prospects to refer you to others if you have a large prospect pool. Although the prospect may not be ready to purchase insurance, their referral could.


Customers are the core of any customer referral program, as the name suggests. Because they have experienced what it is like to work alongside you. They might be willing to refer others to you if they need insurance. That is why providing a great customer experience can prove to be so valuable.

Additional Insurance Agents:

Some clients might not be available to other insurance agents at your agency or within your company. They may be able to refer potential clients to your agency, making it worthwhile to create a referral program.

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Business Associates:

Your insurance referral program can also be used by other business associates not in the insurance industry. You might have a large network of LinkedIn friends who are former colleagues from other industries. You might have connections with web developers, lawyers, and marketers who can refer you to other companies in need of insurance.


Your connections are invaluable. Your family and friends may be able to refer you to potential customers if they have strong connections.

It will help you to design the insurance referral program that you want. Your family and friends might not require much motivation beyond you asking them for it. Prospects may require a financial incentive.

How to make an Insurance referral company like Otto?

Once you have identified how referrals can be obtained, you can implement processes that make it easy and consistent. You can use technology such as Extole, ReferralCandy and Revetize to get referrals and track rewards in an organized and efficient manner.

A referral program for agents in insurance should not be used to allow unlicensed agents to sell your insurance policies. Keep in mind, however, that referrals are subject to certain regulations. You can consult an attorney or search online for relevant laws to your particular situation. You can still establish a successful referral program for insurance by:

Sending Referral Requests

Are you unsure if someone is available to refer you? Ask! Ask! You can specify, for example, whether you would like someone to share your contact details or if you prefer to be connected via an introductory email meeting.

Participate in Review Sites

Even though customer reviews are not as direct as someone referring to you, they can still be powerful forms of referrals. If possible, claim your business page on Yelp. To make a positive impression on other prospects, you can respond respectfully to all reviews. To increase your visibility on these sites, you can ask customers for feedback.

Include Referral Information on Your Site

You can add a section to your website that describes your customer referral program. You can put in information about who you would like to refer, how you can connect with them, and what rewards they might receive.

Add a Referral link to your email signature.

You can automate the process by adding a referral link to your email signature instead of manually sending out requests for referrals all the time. The link can be useful to direct them to a landing page or a section of your website that will provide details about your insurance referral program.


Otto Insurance is not an Insurance Company. It refers you to other Insurance companies. There is no harm in doing that. But whether it is a scam or legit, it can be understood by one statement. Do they ask you before sharing your personal details with others? This is what makes it a scam. It is my review on otto Car Insurance.