Package Awaiting: Can You Pick Up USPS Deliveries Directly?

Package Awaiting: Can You Pick Up USPS Deliveries Directly?

Do you have a package waiting for you at the USPS? Ever wondered if you can pick up your deliveries directly? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the exciting possibility of picking up your USPS packages firsthand. So, let’s dive right in and find out if you can skip the wait and get your hands on that eagerly anticipated package.

Picture this: you receive a notification that your package has arrived at the local post office, and the anticipation builds up. But instead of waiting for the delivery driver to bring it to your doorstep, wouldn’t it be awesome to go and pick it up yourself? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss.

In this guide, we’ll uncover the ins and outs of directly picking up your USPS deliveries. Whether it’s a last-minute gift you need for a special occasion or you simply can’t contain your excitement, we’ll explore the possibilities and shed light on how you can make it happen. Let’s uncover the secrets of grabbing your packages directly from the USPS!

Can You Pick Up USPS Deliveries Directly?

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become the norm for many consumers. With just a few clicks, you can order items from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered right to your doorstep. But what happens if you’re not home to receive your package? Can you pick up USPS deliveries directly? In this article, we’ll explore the options available to you when it comes to picking up your USPS deliveries.

How Does the USPS Delivery Process Work?

Before diving into the details of picking up USPS deliveries, it’s important to understand the overall delivery process. When you make a purchase online and choose USPS as your delivery method, the package is typically sent to your designated shipping address. The USPS carrier will attempt to deliver the package to your doorstep. If you’re not home, they may leave it in a secure location, such as your porch or mailbox. In some cases, the carrier may even choose to leave a delivery notice, indicating that the package is available for pickup at your local post office.

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Option 1: Schedule a Redelivery

If you missed the initial delivery attempt and received a delivery notice from USPS, one option available to you is to schedule a redelivery. This can be done easily online through the USPS website. Simply enter the tracking number provided on the delivery notice, along with your zip code, and select a preferred date for the redelivery. USPS will then make another attempt to deliver the package to your designated address on the selected date. This option is convenient if you’re unable to pick up the package in person and want it delivered directly to your doorstep.

Benefits of scheduling a redelivery:

  • Convenient – Have the package delivered directly to your doorstep
  • No need to visit the post office

Option 2: Pick Up at the Local Post Office

If you prefer to pick up your USPS deliveries directly, you can always visit your local post office. In most cases, if you receive a delivery notice, it will indicate the nearest post office where you can pick up the package. Make sure to bring a valid ID and the delivery notice with you when visiting the post office. The staff will be able to assist you in retrieving your package and ensure that it gets into your hands safely.

Tips for picking up at the local post office:

  • Bring a valid ID
  • Carry the delivery notice with you
  • Check the post office’s operating hours

Option 3: Authorized Package Pickup Locations

In addition to the local post office, USPS has partnered with various businesses to provide more options for package pickup. These authorized locations, such as grocery stores or drugstores, act as alternative pickup points for USPS deliveries. The specific authorized locations available to you will depend on your area. You can search for the nearest authorized pickup location using the USPS website or by contacting their customer service. This option is particularly useful if there is an authorized location nearby that is more convenient for you to visit than the local post office.

Benefits of authorized package pickup locations:

  • More convenient than visiting the post office
  • Extended operating hours in some cases

Option 4: USPS Informed Delivery

Another option to consider is signing up for USPS Informed Delivery. This free service allows you to preview your incoming mail and packages digitally. You will receive email notifications with grayscale images of the mail pieces that are scheduled to arrive in your mailbox or packages that are on their way. This can help you stay informed about your deliveries and plan accordingly. While Informed Delivery does not directly enable you to pick up your USPS deliveries, it provides valuable information and peace of mind.

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Benefits of USPS Informed Delivery:

  • Stay informed about incoming mail and packages
  • Plan ahead for package pickups and deliveries

Additional Tips for Picking Up USPS Deliveries

Now that we’ve covered the various options available for picking up USPS deliveries directly, here are some additional tips to make the process smoother:

1. Keep track of your tracking number:

Make sure to note down your USPS tracking number when you receive it. This number is essential for scheduling redeliveries, tracking your package’s progress, and ensuring a successful pickup.

2. Check the size limitations:

Before heading to the post office or authorized pickup location, familiarize yourself with the size limitations for package pickups. Some locations may have restrictions on the maximum package size they can accommodate.

3. Be prepared for verification:

When picking up a package from the post office or authorized pickup location, be prepared to show a valid ID and possibly provide a signature. This ensures that the package is being released to the correct individual.

4. Consider package insurance:

If you regularly receive valuable or fragile items, it may be worth considering adding insurance to your USPS packages. This additional protection can provide peace of mind in case of loss or damage during transit.

5. Arrange for a proxy pickup:

If you’re unable to pick up your package in person, many post offices allow you to designate someone else to pick it up on your behalf. Make sure to provide them with your ID and a signed authorization letter to ensure a smooth pickup process.

6. Keep an eye on delivery deadlines:

Whether you’re scheduling a redelivery or arranging for a pickup, be mindful of the delivery deadlines provided by USPS. Failure to pick up your package within the specified timeframe may result in it being returned to the sender.

By following these tips and considering the available options, you can easily pick up your USPS deliveries directly and ensure a smooth and convenient experience. Whether you choose to schedule a redelivery, visit the local post office, utilize authorized pickup locations, or stay informed with USPS Informed Delivery, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on your packages again.

Key Takeaways: Package Awaiting: Can You Pick Up USPS Deliveries Directly?

  • USPS allows package recipients to pick up their deliveries directly from the post office.
  • You can choose to pick up your package if you missed the delivery attempt or prefer to collect it yourself.
  • Check the USPS tracking status for any updates on the availability of your package for pickup.
  • Make sure to bring a valid government-issued ID and the package’s tracking number when picking it up.
  • Visit the local post office during their business hours to collect your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section where we answer common questions related to picking up USPS deliveries directly. Read on to find out more!

Q: Can I pick up a package from USPS if it’s awaiting delivery?

A: Yes, you can pick up a package from USPS even if it’s still marked as “awaiting delivery.” However, it’s important to note that the package may not be immediately available at the local post office. It’s recommended to wait until you receive a notification or tracking update indicating that the package is ready for pickup.

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When you go to pick up the package, make sure to bring a valid form of identification along with any relevant tracking numbers or delivery notices. This will help ensure a smooth and easy retrieval process.

Q: Can someone else pick up my USPS package on my behalf?

A: Yes, someone else can pick up your USPS package on your behalf. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met for authorization. The person picking up the package will need to provide a written authorization letter from the package recipient and bring their own valid identification.

The written authorization letter should include the recipient’s name, the name of the person authorized to pick up the package, and both parties’ signatures. Additionally, the person picking up the package will need to present their own identification to confirm their identity. This process helps ensure the security and privacy of USPS package pickups.

Q: How long will USPS hold a package for pickup?

A: USPS typically holds packages for pickup at the local post office for up to 15 days. This gives recipients enough time to retrieve their packages at a convenient time. If the package is not picked up within the designated timeframe, it may be returned to the sender or sent to a USPS facility for further processing.

It’s important to check the USPS tracking information regularly to stay updated on the status of your package and any specific instructions regarding pickup. If you anticipate any delays or are unable to pick up the package within the given timeframe, it’s advisable to contact your local post office for assistance or to make alternative arrangements.

Q: Can I request USPS to redeliver a package instead of picking it up?

A: Yes, you can request USPS to redeliver a package if you prefer to have it delivered to your address rather than picking it up from the post office. To request redelivery, you can use the “Redelivery Service” on the USPS website or call the designated phone number provided on the USPS notice left at your address.

When requesting redelivery, make sure to provide the necessary information such as your tracking number or delivery notice number. You can also specify a preferred delivery date or provide any additional delivery instructions. USPS will make every effort to accommodate your request and ensure successful delivery of your package.

Q: Can I track my USPS package while it’s awaiting pickup?

A: Yes, you can track your USPS package while it’s awaiting pickup. The USPS tracking system allows you to monitor the progress of your package from the time it’s shipped until it reaches its destination or is ready for pickup. You can access the tracking information online through the USPS website or by using the USPS mobile app.

By entering your unique tracking number, you’ll be able to see real-time updates on the package’s location, estimated delivery date, and any delivery status changes. This tracking feature helps you stay informed and plan accordingly for the pickup of your USPS package.


If you ever miss a delivery from USPS, don’t worry! You can pick it up yourself. Just visit your local post office and show them your ID and the “Notice Left” card they left you. Remember to do it within 15 days, or they might send it back! And if it’s a package too big for your mailbox, make sure to pick it up in person at the post office too. It’s convenient and easy to do!

But wait! There’s another option. You can also sign up for USPS Package Intercept. With this service, you can redirect your package to a different address or even hold it at the post office for pickup. But keep in mind, there’s a fee for this service. So, next time you miss a USPS delivery, remember you have options!