Poor countries in the world. How people live there ?


Poor countries in the world.

One of the most commonly found complaints in the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world is that the people living in poor countries are not well off. It is not that they do not deserve to be well off, but rather that the world as a whole has done nothing for them to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. However, it is not necessarily that they have no right to complain.

It is true that many of the people living in these countries may live in very poor condition, or in conditions where they can barely support themselves, but that does not mean that their condition is undeserving of a better lifestyle. Those people have done nothing to earn that poverty, and they are not responsible for their circumstances. People can not meet their basic necessities like food, shelter, health. The word “Luxury ” is luxury to them.

Personal Poverty vs Economic poverty

A person’s situation is determined by the choices that they make. Most people choose to work for less than what they are worth. That is one choice, and it is not a bad one. Yet, it may not make up for all the things that they have taken advantage of throughout their lives. Some people have been lucky enough to find their way into better-paying jobs, or into a position in which they have the chance to help other people in their community through charity. They may have been able to build a school or an orphanage, or they may have helped someone who was going through a difficult time financially.

But there are some poor countries in the world,  where history cursed them. They have been a colony for some European countries or lack natural resources. Sometimes these countries get involved in civil war and slowly the economy collapses.

The fact that there are poor people in the world does not mean that they are not good people. The fact that there are poor people in the world doesn’t mean that they are all lazy or uncaring. Rather, it means that the world has failed them. No one deserves to go through the pain and suffering that poor people go through, but no one is in a position to make the world a better place.

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Statistic: The 20 countries with the lowest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in 2019 (in U.S. dollars) | Statista
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People living in poor countries in the world

They are not the only ones who are not well off. There are some very wealthy countries in the world, as well. Many people live in extremely wealthy countries, and they do not live in conditions that anyone would consider miserable. This is a sign of the world being more than just a place of money, but of it being a place of opportunity.

Those rich countries offer a lot to those who work hard and do not take advantage of the opportunities that they have to better themselves. While a wealthy person may not have an issue with being poor, the majority of the population in wealthy countries feels that they have a responsibility to help those who need help, to help them improve their conditions and improve their lives.

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The wealthy in poor countries may not see things the same way, because the people who live in those wealthy countries feel that they are better off in spite of their wealth. It is not unfair for them to think that way. It is actually quite true that they have worked hard and earned their fortune, so it is not unfair to think that they deserve to have a comfortable life.

Poor countries in the world

Helping them is a great way to prove humanity

If you are in a position to help people in poor countries, then this is a great time to volunteer. There are plenty of good causes out there that need your help, including poverty relief in India, which is a country that has the largest population of underprivileged people and still one of the poor countries in the world. There are charities and non-profit groups that are working around the world that need your help.

Charity work is something that is always appreciated by those who have the opportunity to help those less fortunate. In the United States, the American Red Cross is a great example of someone who has the ability to help out people in need. if they are willing to put some of their money where their mouth is.

If you feel that you can help a charity in this way, you should not hesitate. You might just be surprised at the good you will get from doing so.

Tears of the Poor Countries

The world has recently witnessed an alarming trend of migration, where thousands of young men, women, and children are leaving the poor countries in the world and try to migrate in search of work and opportunity. However, this sudden influx of individuals into poor countries is taking place at a time when the economy is in dire need of development aid. The sudden surge in population is also likely to affect the already poor infrastructure of these countries, causing them to fail to cope with the influx of people. This article provides a brief overview of the recent demographic trends and their implications for these poor countries.

One noticeable thing which requires our attention and I don’t have an explanation is there is a deep relation between poverty and religious belief. Poor countries have more faith in religion than rich ones. Is it because they left their fate in the hands of God?

poor countries of the world

Population growth is higher than economic growth.

The current growth rate of population growth, which the poorer countries of the world have seen in the past five years, means that their population, presently around 7.8 billion people, is expected to increase to almost 10 billion within the next 20 years. This increase in population is also likely to affect the food and water resources available to them, as well as the security of their borders and the quality of life of their inhabitants. Although the current rate is considered to be the result of long-term planning, the current situation is also a direct result of the recent economic collapse and economic crisis.

Population issues

The countries that have experienced high population growth have been forced to bear the brunt of this turmoil on their own, with limited or no aid from the outside world. It is therefore important that the leaders of these poor countries consider these recent demographic trends seriously and develop plans to address these issues as they occur.

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The most common method used to combat the migration that takes place in a poor country is through a well-conceived plan of action.  Many developing countries adopted a relocation program, in which individuals are moved from one poverty-stricken country to another in order to provide work opportunities. This can include the sending of doctors and nurses to rural areas, or even sending children to attend school or college in urban centers.

Most migration programs do not seem to have any significant effect on the overall health, education, and livelihood of the immigrants. On the contrary, the primary focus of such programs is primarily to provide jobs for foreign citizens. In addition, most migration programs also involve the transfer of social and political power from one region of the country to another.

Child Marriage

Another common practice practiced in poor countries is the use of child marriage. Child marriage has been a widespread practice in several developing countries, despite its illegal nature. However, it is not illegal in developing countries like those of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, due to the lack of access to legal and institutionalized institutions. The child bride trafficking industry is a very lucrative industry in these regions, as the women who are forced into child marriage often sell themselves in order to earn enough money to survive, as well as to meet their family’s basic needs. In some cases, families are even forced to sell their daughters to men in order to send them to school.

While child marriages are not a serious problem in developed countries, in some of these countries it still leads to a lot of misery. As a result, the bride is subjected to physical abuse, forced prostitution, and even being treated as a commodity. This causes a lot of mental and physical trauma of the bride’s family.


Many of these poor countries also suffer from other forms of violence, such as rape, murder, and slavery, all of which are crimes against humanity. A notable example of such a crime is the abduction of children for the purpose of forced labor, which has led to the case of kidnapping and slavery in many poor countries. Families leave their children in brothels so that they will be able to support themselves once they are released.

It is important for all poor countries to address this form of slavery-like crimes. The main focus of such an approach should be to improve and support local institutions and strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies, as well as to encourage women to take up more roles in their communities so that they can contribute positively towards reducing poverty and promoting gender equality.

Why Is Africa So Poor?

So why is Africa has most of the poor countries in the world? Many are quick to answer ‘because Africa is a poor continent’. This is correct, but not for the reasons most people think.

Why is Africa such a poor continent in this day and age? Since independence, just five countries (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Sudan) have enjoyed consistent economic growth. Zambia in the 1950s, Zimbabwe and South Sudan in the early 1960s, South Africa during the mid-1990s, and South Africa in 2020. The world’s largest economy, China, did not experience any economic growth at all from 1970 until today. Yet it is considered by most people to be one of the most successful economies on Earth.

Economic growth in Africa has been largely due to the export of its goods and services. The major export items are agricultural products, minerals, livestock, and fishing products. These products are not considered as ‘rich’ commodities as the other commodities mentioned above. They are nevertheless crucial to the success of any country. Most of the African countries have been involved in civil wars. Those were generally tribal wars or war against their own government.

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The problem is

  1. They are already poor
  2. Even in poverty, they have to buy weapons to fight
  3. Foreign aid which was more than $500 billion has been mishandled by a corrupt government.

The key to economic development is having an infrastructure, which will enable the goods and services to be transported quickly and efficiently to where they are needed. However, many African countries lack the infrastructure that would allow these goods to be moved quickly or efficiently.

One of the main reasons that Africa is so poor is the failure to invest in infrastructure, especially in transport, to provide sufficient and reliable transport links. Because the land routes are difficult to access by road, many goods cannot be transported, even if they can be imported from other countries. They have resources like gold and diamond but don’t have the finances to invest in the best mining techniques.

Africa in particular

Why is Africa so poor in terms of its agricultural products? Well, despite all of its wealth in minerals, agricultural products are very hard to grow, process, harvest, store, and transport.

One of the biggest problems is that most of Africa’s rural areas are in poverty. or very poor, despite being in an arable and fertile land area. This is due to the lack of access to the infrastructure needed to support these rural areas. This is difficult because many of these areas are located in the center of a large urban area. This means that if you live in one of these poor rural areas, there is little chance of living in a well developed, urban area.


The reason for the poverty in urban areas is very different from that of rural areas. This is primarily because those living in urban areas do not have as many opportunities and options available to them for economic development, although the majority have access to schools, health care, and public transport.

Those living in rural areas do not suffer from the same level of crime and corruption that those in the urban areas suffer from. This could be due to the fact that rural Africans are relatively poorer than the majority of the population in the country. It means that there is less income that goes into crime and corruption. They are less likely to be victims of it.


The poor countries in the world have things in common.

  1. Poor government and high level of corruption
  2. Poor Healthcare system
  3.  Some Western countries colonized these countries once they had plenty and their resources. It was during that time, the West transferred all valuables to their own country.
  4. Natural resources are not equally divided. Some countries don’t have a reserve of any natural resource which can be traded. Others do have but don’t have the infrastructure to exploit it.
  5. Some of the poor countries in the world have been fighting with their neighboring country or involved in a civil war within their own territory. They invested in weapons rather than development.
  6. The turmoil situation scares investors to put industries and they try to save what they have.