Remington 1100 Value by Serial Number

Remington 1100 Value by Serial Number

Remington 1100 Value by Serial Number

The month and year of manufacture are indicated by a two- or three-letter code on the left side of the barrel. The year is denoted by the other letter(s), while the month is denoted by the first letter.

In this article I will talk about the Model 878 Automaster and Model 878 Field Grade rifles and how to determine their value. These rifles are commonly used by collectors and dealers alike. They are highly sought after for their accuracy. The serial numbers of these rifles have a lot to do with their value, so it is important to know the specifics of your model before deciding on a price.

Model 878 Automaster

The Model 878 Automaster was a semi-automatic, gas-operated shotgun released by Remington in 1959. Its unique design featured a self-compensating gas piston, enabling it to shoot a wide range of loads without mechanical adjustment. The 878 Automaster was phased out in 1963 after only five years of production. In its place, the 1100 shotgun was introduced.

The 878 Automaster was made in 12 gauge, and its barrel features a 2 or 3-digit letter code, which can be used to determine its manufacture date. In the case of the Model 878, this number is also the same as that of the Model 58, but was only produced in 12 gauge. Production lasted from 1959 until 1962. It was patented in 1962. The Model 878 was the second-most-produced shotgun.

In order to find the serial number for a Remington shotgun, you must first determine whether it is a single-shot or double-barreled. The first letter on the barrel is the year of manufacture, while the second letter indicates the month. The number of rounds fired depends on the number of shells used, so you need to check if the shells are compatible with the model.

The Remington 11-87 was developed from the 1100, but with different features, including a Leek screw-in choke tube and a 3-inch chamber. It sold in droves and didn’t have the high-gloss walnut. The 11-87 is basically a modified 1100, but with a lighter-weight, more durable receiver. In a recent article, Don Zutz wrote that the Model 1100’s receiver is shallower than some over-under shotguns.

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A serial number is essential when looking to sell a Remington 1100. The serial number will tell the owner of the rifle whether it is a genuine Remington or not. Typically, this serial number can be verified by a third-party, and a Remington 1100 value model 878 Automaster serial number can be retrieved. However, it is important to make sure the serial number matches with the serial number in order to avoid buying a counterfeit.

After the introduction of the autoloader, the Model 870 Wingmaster became the best selling model in the world. With a sleeker design, the 870 Wingmaster also featured a side-eject mechanism and dual action bars. The 870 also borrowed from the 11-48 stamped-metal mass manufacturing process, and was sold in over two million units. As the model 870 continued to grow in popularity, Remington went on to create three semi-automatics to replace the Model 1100.

As the market for autoloading shotguns has grown over the past five decades, there are several competing brands that can compete with the Model 1100. Although the competition has improved and many companies have copied the model’s characteristics, only Remington has successfully duplicated it. Its popularity continues to grow today and upwards of four million have been sold. The Model 1100 is a legendary shotgun. Its unique design, smooth action, and excellent accuracy make it a popular choice for hunters and shooters of all kinds.

A rare and valuable Remington 1100 is worth a lot if you can get a working gun from a second-hand store. This vintage Remington model is worth anywhere between $175 and $450. Its high-quality features and design are the perfect companion for hunting, camping, or just about any outdoor activity. If you’re looking for a new gun, don’t let the age get in the way of finding the perfect one.

Model 878 Field Grade

The model 1100 is a 12-gauge, semi-auto shotgun manufactured by Remington. This semi-automatic is virtually flawless, with light frecking on the barrel and receiver. You can determine its value by serial number or by inspecting the gun and reading its history. Read on to learn how to determine the Remington 1100 value. If you have a model 1100, you can expect to receive a top dollar price for it.

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The Remington 1100 can be disassembled to clean it. You will find a diagram under the forearm that will show you where the o-rings are. You can buy replacement o-rings at your local hardware store for a few dollars. Make sure to use the brand-new #21 Viton o-ring, which resists chemicals. Then, reassemble the rifle.

The Model 1100’s production reached 3 million guns in 1983. By this time, Remington began introducing new models, including a left-hand version of the “Deer Gun” and the “Special Field” in 20 gauge. The Special Field also came in a twenty-eight-inch barrel and featured a straight-grip stock. In 1985, Remington introduced a waterfowl gun called the “Special Purpose Magnum”. The Special Purpose Magnum was a cheap, economy grade waterfowl gun. The serial number for this gun ranged from LE-80-0001 to LE-83-0000.

As a result, it is possible to determine the Remington 1100’s value by serial number. It will be difficult to estimate the worth of a model if you don’t know its serial number, but a basic grade model 878 in good original condition will cost you between three and five hundred dollars. You can also determine the manufacturer’s date of manufacture by looking at the serial number of your shotgun.

The Remington Arms Company made over three million Model 1100 shotguns, and the Model 878, or “Special Field”, was introduced in 1983. The Model 1100 came in a twelve and twenty-gauge version, with a checkered straightgrip stock, vent rib barrels, and long barrel extension. In 1967, the Remington Arms Company marked its 150th anniversary by releasing commemorative models of the Model 1100.

The Sportsman 58 and the Model 878 shotgun were designed by L.R. Crittendon. However, Remington management realized that these shotguns were not perfect and sought to improve them. The company sent a team of engineers to improve the Model 878, led by Wayne Leek. Other Remington engineers involved in the project were James Martin, Clark Workman, and Charles Morse. The result was a shotgun that would rival the Model 870.

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Getting the Remington value by serial number is possible, but it requires some work. Fortunately, there are resources on the internet to help you find out the Remington 1100 value. The serial number is a valuable tool in determining the quality and value of a gun. The serial number also indicates the type of shell that will work best with the rifle. If you’re looking for a particular cartridge, you can check the compatibility of your model with its shells and ejection size.

One method is to compare the serial numbers of several guns. First, you need to determine the model of the gun you’re interested in. The serial number should be close to one that you’d want to buy. The serial number should be a few digits lower than the other model’s serial number. The serial number is a good indicator of how much money a shotgun is worth.