Rodrigo Santoro | Secrets of the Brad Pitt of Brazil

Rodrigo Santoro
Rodrigo Santoro

About Rodrigo Santoro | The Brad Pitt of Brazil

Rodrigo Santoro | The Brad Pitt of Brazil

  • Who is Rodrigo Santoro?: Rodrigo Santoro is a Brazilian actor and also a sex symbol.
  • His Highlights/Legacy: TV: “Lost”.
  •  Awards: He won the Cannes Film Festival Chopard Trophy of Male Revelation in 2004.
  • His Personal Life: He was born in 1975 in Rio de Janeiro. He’s of Brazilian and Italian descent. He began his career as a telenovela star.

Fun Facts

  • Rodrigo Santoro is a famed Brazilian performer who had been born on August 22, 1975. 
  • Individuals born on August 22 fall under the Zodiac sign of Leo, the Lion. Rodrigo Santoro is your 640th most popular Leo.
  • Aside from information specific to Rodrigo Santoro’s birthday, Rodrigo Santoro is the 27th most famous Brazilian.
  • Generally, Rodrigo Santoro ranks because of the 6403 rd most popular famous person and the 936th most popular performer of all time. “The Famous Birthdays” catalogs over 25,000 famous people, everybody, from celebrities to actresses to singers to TikTok stars, from serial killers to chefs to scientists to YouTubers and much more. 

Rodrigo Santoro & Football

“In Brazil, football is pretty much anywhere. You play at school, on the streets, even at home.

Like many kids in Petropolis–the hilly, subtropical city north of Rio de Janeiro–Rodrigo Santoro grew up with a ball at his feet.

“I’ve always liked playing [soccer ] with my friends,” he says, although, he admits, he”never really played in a high degree.”

Santoro, who stars as King Xerxes in 300: Rise of an Empire, starting Friday, has never drifted far out of his footballing roots.

In reality, the 38-year-old actor has often sought an intersect between movie and football. He was going to create and star in the 2011 biographical drama Heleno, which tells the iconic and self-destructive Botafogo legend, Heleno de Freitas.

“To be able to get ready for the part,” Santoro says, “I had a professional footballer coaching me for two months.”


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He adds: “Because of the training, I became a much better player.”

Soccer is back to the Vasco da Gama fan’s head, and he fancies his home nation to succeed in the upcoming World Cup, 

Brazil will win the World Cup

“I believe Brazil has a great team,” he says, citing the “incredibly talented” Neymar and “experienced” Julio Cesar.

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“A lot of the players are currently playing in Europe, however.” He adds, “so the major thing in my view is to get them to train together and get strong as a team.”

Rodrigo Santoro & his preparation for Xerxes’s role in “300.”

Santoro’s preparation for the Xerxes role was somewhat different, involving prosthetics and a complete body shave before becoming director Zack Snyder’s “God-King” at the initial “300” movie.

“At first, I did not think I had the natural physique to perform [Xerxes]. But it became a remarkably enjoyable experience undergoing the physical transformation,” he states.

Initially fascinated with the picture of Xerxes made by graphic novelist Frank Miller, Santoro immediately wanted to play with a character that he saw as” complex” and “powerful.”

“The fascinating thing is that in 300: Rise of an Empire, the audience will have a chance to see a bit of Xerxes’ back story,” he states. “This offers an opportunity to show so many more dimensions to his character.”

Pele biopic producer loves coffee and expensive clothes.

Santoro is also working on an upcoming Pele biopic, in which he serves as associate producer.

Rodrigo Santoro walks into a cafe on New York’s West Side at 9 a.m. on a Sunday, wearing dark denim jeans, a NASA bomber jacket, sunglasses, and a bedhead. The town that never sleeps is unquestionably still slumbering along with the ordinarily bustling Meatpacking District roads might as well have tumbleweeds blowing them down. And Santoro appears to be a bit groggy, also: “I’d love a coffee, a powerful one,” he says, taking off his colors.

The suit, $1,095 in Joseph Abboud, 424 Madison Ave.; The Men’s Shop at Bloomingdale’s top, $79 at Bloomingdales; Tie, $400 in Title Of Function; “Duke” boots, $995 at Dunhill Victoria.

What else is Rodrigo Santoro doing?

It is not that he was out at night before. It’s the 44-year-old Brazilian actor, perhaps best known as Laura Linney’s heartbreakingly sweet love interest. Karl, in the beloved holiday favorite”Love, Actually,” was working nonstop. 

He was simultaneously filming roles on both HBO’s “Westworld,” which shot its forthcoming season in Los Angeles and Spain. Hulu’s brand new, highly anticipated revival tale”Reprisal,” which movies in Wilmington, NC.

The morning before our assembly, Santoro flew from Wilmington to NYC and then spent a marathon afternoon boosting “Reprisal” and posing for selfies with supporters in New York Comic-Con.

Not that he is complaining. “I’m having the time of my entire life,” he says. “It’s been hard since the roles are so different. I’ll have to go to LA for a week, then fly back down and jump straight back into reprisal.’ But both productions are cool about working with one another.”

Banished Brothers

In the hyper-noir “Reprisal” — that triggered a week and is described by Rodrigo Santoro as “Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch become a car wreck.” He plays with Joel, the tough-guy leader of a gang known as the Banished Brothers.

“It’s tricky because Hector isn’t human, and Joel is as individual as it gets. He’s about his past, his 7-year-old daughter, and his defects. He is 180 degrees out of that I am, so that intrigued me. I am always looking to do things that are completely different than anything else I have done before.”

“Reprisal” also marks the first time Santoro has played a personality with substantial facial hair. Specifically, the hipster-bartender beard he’s always yanking and yanking over with his hands as he talks.


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Rodrigo Santoro loves his beards.

“The beard in the warmth is… sweaty,” he says, yanking the look, which took him three weeks to grow. “It is very humid in North Carolina, and we shot summer — my God. Joel is sweaty — it became a part of the personality. When you watch, know that that is real sweat. Another thing about the long beard is you’ll come across a slice of something inside and be like,’ What is that? ”’ Since his”Westworld” alter ego, Hector, includes a tight beard and mustache, it begs the question: How can they handle switching between the two looks?

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“I can’t talk about’ Westworld,’ or I will get” — he pantomimes slitting his throat. “But, I will say they make it function flawlessly.”

Why is Rodrigo Santoro the “Brad Pitt of Brazil”

Rodrigo, who lives in São Paolo, Brazil, is a massive star in his home nation when he isn’t ping-ponging from city to city. (His nickname is “The Brad Pitt of Brazil.”) Nobody in his household is an actor. His dad’s an engineer, his mother’s a painter, and his sister’ ss an architect. But Santoro involves in street theatre. He performed until he began acting professionally at age 18.

When one of the earliest movies, “Behind the Sun,” won an award at the Venice Film Festival then premiered in Los Angeles in 2001, Hollywood representatives came calling. My profession was fantastic. I hardly spoke English. I could not even put a few words together. Then I got approached by representatives, and I thought, ‘enjoy, in the films? Like, Hollywood? ”’

To learn English, Santoro, who has surfed his entire life, moved to San Diego for a month, hit the waves daily, and required classes. As “Young Man,” his first Hollywood role was alongside Helen Mirren in 2003’s”The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone.”

“Here I am, this dude from Brazil, having tea with Helen Mirren.”

“On the very first day on set in Rome, I went into the makeup trailer at 5 a.m. And Helen Mirren was having her tea,” he recalls. “I was like, ‘Oh! I am so sorry to disturb you.’ I was shy, and my English was evil, and I was like,’ No, thank you.’ Did she say, ‘Are you sure? That is a delicious tea.’ Here I am, this actor out of Brazil, having tea with Helen Mirren. She did not need to do that. She’s the actual thing. A genuine artist. She had been a partner in bringing me in.”

Rodrigo Santoro
Rodrigo Santoro


Later that same year, he appeared as Karl in “Love.” Once again, he was anointed by Hollywood royalty, who went out of the way to make the new child feel at ease. “We did a big table, and it was Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson, Liam Neeson. 

And that I was looking around, thinking,’ What am I doing here?’ I was trembling. Laura grabbed my hand and said, ‘Hello, really nice to meet you. We are going to have a lot of fun ‘ She’s the sweetest person on the planet. She calmed me down.”

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However, his days of feeling like a newbie are long gone. Santoro hit the big time in 2006 as Xerxes at”300″ and staged his celebrity status by appearing in the megahit plane-crash play”Lost” for seven episodes as doomed con-man Paulo.

Next up? A movie for Netflix, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx, is another project about which Santoro has sworn to secrecy. “I could say that set has been a blast,” he says. “The directors [Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman] are youthful, creative, and super fun.”

Family life of Rodrigo Santoro

When filming wraps “Reprisal,” he will head back to Brazil with his spouse. The Brazilian actress/singer/model/fashion blogger Melanie”Mel” Fronckowiak and their two 1/2-year-old girls, Nina. They have never officially moved to America or Europe and still have a home in the hills. His parents remain together and care for their golden retriever when Fronckowiak and Santoro are away.

Santoro will even get to shave the beard eventually. (“I am looking forward to this”) And return to his usual off-duty fashion of trunks, flip-flops, and a T-shirt. “Rio is quite laid back,” he says. “I like style, and I’ll jump right into a lawsuit to get a premiere or whatever. But when I am simply being Rodrigo, I am like,’ What is comfortable? ”’

With some time and roots down into one location for a minute, he is also looking forward to spending more quality time with his toddler girl. “She is my primary instructor. I like to observe her and let her be, overplaying her and directing her. 

She’s into character and playing hide-and-seek.

Rodrigo Santoro Net Worth

Rodrigo Santoro Net Worth: $10 Million

He studied journalism and entered the Actor’s Workshop of Rede Globo. Santoro began acting in English films in 2001 with Brainstorm and Behind the Sun. In 2003 he starred in the movies Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle as Randy Emmers and Love In fact as Karl. In 2006 Santoro starred as Xerxes from the movie 300. He also starred as Paulo in the TV series Lost from 2006 to 2007. 

Rodrigo Santoro provided Tulio’s voice from the 2011 film Rio and starred as Alex in 2012’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting. In 2013 he surfaced as Frank Martinez in The Last Stand. In 2014 Santoro starred in the film 300: Rise of an Empire as Xerxes and again provided Tulio’s voice in Rio 2. Santoro has won an ACIE Award, Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema Awards, Cannes Film Festival Chopard Trophy, Golden India Catalinas in the Cartagena Film Festival, Cinema Brazil Grand Prize, Best Actor in the Havana Film Festival along with Lima Latin American Film Festival, and much more.

Past affairs of Rodrigo Santoro

Santoro has been in a relationship with Brazilian actress Mel Fronckowiak since 2013. They had been dating for four years later, becoming together in 2012 and married in 2016. They have a daughter called Nina era. Mel Fronckowiak is a 32-year-old Brazilian Actress.

Previously he obsolete Rodrigo Santoro was in relationships with Ellen Jabour (2003 – 2008), Fernanda Lima (2001), Luana Piovani (1997 – 2000), and Cássia Linhares (1994 – 1997).