Ruru Vs. Goku | Who Would Win A Fight?

Ruru Vs. Goku | Who Would Win A Fight?

Ruru Vs. Goku | Who Would Win A Fight?

Rimuru Tempest’s hunger can rival Goku’s because it’s slime, and he can access Hammer space. In terms of his abilities, according to various sources, this hybrid of a slime and a human can use the Black Sword, which cannot be damaged, bent, or weighed down, and numerous magic spells.

Rimuru’s Abilities

Rimuru Tempest plays the principal character in the light-novel story “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and its animated adaptation. The slime develops special abilities and powers as he develops and eats other creatures. We will look at some of Rimuru’s most famous abilities.


One of Rimuru’s greatest capabilities is his “predator” skill. This ability allows him to absorb the capabilities and experiences of the creatures he consumes. This also lets him evaluate the abilities of the creatures he meets, even if he doesn’t consume them. Because of this, Rimuru can quickly adjust to new circumstances, learn from his foes, and become an extremely formidable opponent.

Great Sage

Another impressive skill of Rimuru is his “Great Sage” skill. This ability allows him to access an extensive library of information and knowledge to study his opponents and devise strategies to win. Additionally, it allows him to develop new skills and abilities faster than other animals. Furthermore, Rimuru’s Great Sage skill can analyze Rimuru’s abilities and provide suggestions for improving them.


As a slime, Rimuru can change his body shape into various shapes. He can alter his appearance, size, and color so that he blends with the surroundings. This allows him to conceal himself from enemies, penetrate them, and then surprise their enemies when fighting.


Rimuru has a strong regeneration ability that allows him to rapidly heal from injuries and even regenerate body parts that have been lost. This makes him almost unaffected in combat since it allows him to recover quickly from the most serious injury. In addition, his ability to regenerate lets him absorb and consume other creatures faster since he can swiftly heal any injuries incurred through the consumption process.

Elemental Magic

Rimuru can employ various forms of elemental magic, like water, fire, and earth. He can alter these elements to produce powerful attacks like earthquakes, tornadoes, and fireballs. Furthermore, Rimuru can combine his magical abilities with other skills, including his predator and shapeshifting skills, to create new and deadly attacks.

Tempest Form

In addition, Rimuru has a unique ability referred to as “Tempest Form,” which permits him to transform into a formidable dragon-like creature. In this form, Rimuru’s capabilities are significantly improved, and he can access new attacks and capabilities. In addition, the strength of his body and durability have dramatically improved, which makes him an impossible opponent.

Certainly! Goku is a cult manga and anime character renowned for his fighting capabilities and ability to fight. As the principal character in the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku has a wide range of powers and abilities that enable him to take on even the most formidable opponents. We’ll explore a few of Goku’s most notable skills in greater detail.

Superhuman Strength

One of Goku’s most famous talents is his extraordinary, superhuman strength. Goku has been seen taking on massive objects and foes of his size and weight many times. Goku’s strength is due to the intensity of his training and his ability to draw Ki, a kind of spiritual power that boosts his physical capabilities.

Ki Control

Goku can manage his ki, a vital energy in all living things within the Dragon Ball universe. Through his mastery of controlling ki, Goku can enhance his physical strength, speed, and endurance to a new level. Goku also uses his energy to fly, generate massive energy explosions, and be able to sense the energy of other people.

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Super Saiyan Transformations

A key aspect of his recognizable talents is his capability to change into the role of a Super Saiyan. If he is angry or feels extreme emotions, he is able to draw on his Saiyan tradition as he transforms into a formidable golden-haired warrior. The transformation significantly increases his power and speed and allows him to defeat those previously beyond his capabilities.

Instant Transmission

Goku can use instant transmission, the technique that lets him travel to any place that he can sense. This is extremely useful in combat, letting him move swiftly and evade enemies’ attacks. Goku discovered this method from the alien race known as the Yardrat and has refined it to a point where the ability is used effortlessly.


Goku’s signature move is Kamehameha, a powerful energy blast he learned from his teacher, Master Roshi. The Kamehameha involves colliding and focusing Ki into a concentrated, energetic blast that Goku can shoot at his foes. Throughout the show, Goku has developed many variants of the Kamehameha, each with its own distinct features and effects.

Ultra Instinct

One of Goku’s latest and most effective abilities is called Ultra Instinct. This ability lets Goku move and respond to attacks from his foes without considering his actions. Using Ultra Instinct, Goku can dodge or combat attacks with staggering agility and speed and is nearly unstoppable when fighting.

Combat Style Comparison

Combat Style Comparison


Certainly! Rimuru Tempest and Goku are two feared anime characters of recent times, and both possess unique combat styles and capabilities. We will analyze their combat styles and examine their strengths and weaknesses when fighting.

Rimuru’s Combat Style

Rimuru’s fighting style is highly flexible and adaptable to any circumstance. As a slime, Rimuru adjusts its size, color, and shape to match the surroundings and surprise adversaries. Rimuru can also utilize the “Predator” skill to absorb the capabilities of other species, giving him a variety of options for attack. In addition, Rimuru is highly intelligent; his” skill allows him to analyze his foes and formulate powerful strategies for combat.

Rimuru’s combat style is focused on destroying his adversaries with a rage of attacks that they cannot defend. Rimuru can employ his elemental magic to produce massive tornadoes, earthquakes, and fireballs. He can also do this by using his ability to shapeshift to attack from unpredictably different angles. Furthermore, his regenerating ability makes him almost invulnerable, permitting him to take risks and strike without fear of reprisal.

One of the flaws of Rimuru’s fighting style is that it is extremely dependent on his capabilities and abilities. If his opponent can discover a way to defeat his skills, Rimuru can become vulnerable. In addition, Rimuru’s vulnerability to emotional stress could be exploited by his adversaries, who could draw on his emotional connection to his family and friends to distract him in combat.

Goku’s Combat Style

Goku’s combat style is based on pure power, speed, and his skill in controlling ki. He is extremely powerful and quick, and he can enhance his physical strength even more with his Ki. Furthermore, Goku’s proficiency in various transformations, like Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct, lets him access even greater speed and power.

Goku’s style of combat is extremely violent, and he is able to count on his opponents to be overwhelmed by the force of his attacks. He can use the Kamehameha power blasts to produce explosive explosions while using his physical power to unleash devastating blows. Furthermore, Goku’s skill at instant transmission allows him to easily move and dodge attacks, which makes him an extremely difficult opponent to stop.

One of the flaws of Goku’s combat style is that he could be overconfident about his skills. He might underestimate his opponents or become dependent on his strength and speed, making him vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, Goku’s morality is a flaw in certain circumstances; for instance, Goku might be reluctant to resort to deadly force even when faced with the threat of a fatal adversary.

Comparison Of Combat Styles

In terms of fighting techniques, Rimuru and Goku have some commonalities and differences. Both are extremely flexible and adaptable to any circumstance. However, Rimuru is more dependent on his capabilities and ability to think independently, whereas Goku is more dependent on pure power and speed.

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In addition, Rimuru is more versatile in his options for attack since he can utilize elements of magic, shapeshifting, and predatory abilities to outsmart his foes. In contrast, Goku prefers to rely on his physical attacks and techniques based on ki.

One of the main differences between their fighting styles is how they defend. Rimuru’s ability to regenerate makes him virtually invulnerable, which allows him to make mistakes and engage without fear of reprisal. On his part, Goku relies more on speed and agility to avoid attacks, making him hard to strike and vulnerable to attacks that surprise him.

Power Level Analysis

Power Level Analysis

We will evaluate their levels of power and then evaluate their strengths and capabilities.

Rimuru’s Power Level Analysis

Rimuru’s strength level is hard to determine since it’s constantly changing and growing. As a slime, his physical strength is comparatively small. However, his ability to absorb and adapt to the capabilities of other creatures enables Rimuru to grow rapidly. In addition, the ability to regenerate renders him virtually invulnerable, making it possible for Rimuru to take risks and strike without fear of reprisal.

One of Rimuru’s strongest abilities is his magical element. He can manipulate fire, wind, water, and earth to unleash devastating attacks, including earthquakes, tornadoes, and fireballs. In addition, his shapeshifting capabilities enable him to strike from unexpected angles and frighten his adversaries.

Another aspect that contributes to Rimuru’s strength is his strategic and intelligent thinking. Rimuru’s “Great Sage” skill allows Rimuru to study his adversaries and formulate efficient strategies to win in combat. Furthermore, Rimuru’s emotional sensitivity and empathy enable him to communicate with his comrades and understand his foes, giving him a competitive edge.

Goku’s Power Level Analysis

Goku’s level of power is astonishingly impressive due to his disciplined training and mastery of the control of ki. Goku is extremely strong and swift, and he can boost his physical capabilities even more using his ki. Furthermore, Goku’s proficiency in different transformations, including Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct, lets him unlock even higher levels of speed and power.

Goku’s signature move is the Kamehameha Energy Blast, which is capable of causing massive explosions and devastating destruction. In addition, his mastery of transmission allows him to easily move and dodge attacks, which makes Goku a tough opponent to stop.

One of Goku’s strongest capabilities can be found in his ultra instinct” technique, which allows Goku to react to his adversaries’ attacks without considering his actions. Through Ultra Instinct, Goku can dodge or fight back attacks with amazing speed and accuracy, and he is nearly unstoppable during battle.

Comparison Of Power Levels

It is difficult to compare Rimuru and Goku’s strength levels since they are both based on different scales. Rimuru’s level of power is extremely flexible and adaptable, which allows him to swiftly adjust to any circumstance and surprise his adversaries with his various attacks. Goku’s strength is based on speed, raw power, his ability to control ki, and the capability to change into stronger forms.

For pure physical power, Goku has the edge in that he can lift large objects and fight enemies that are several times larger and heavier. But his ability to regenerate and elemental power make him an extremely difficult opponent to defeat, even an opponent as strong as Goku.

Rimuru’s intelligence and strategic thinking give him an advantage in battle and allow him to study his adversaries and formulate successful strategies. On his own, Goku may occasionally become too confident in his capabilities, causing the character to underestimate his adversaries or rely too much on his brute strength and speed.

Analysis Of Specific Abilities

We will look at the specific capabilities of each character and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Rimuru’s Specific Abilities Analysis

Rimuru is a versatile player with various talents, making him an extremely difficult opponent. One of his most potent capabilities is his magic of the elements, which lets him manipulate water, fire, and wind to produce powerful attacks. Rimuru can unleash powerful earthquakes, tornadoes, and fireballs that can overwhelm adversaries and use his shapeshifting skills to strike from unpredictable angles.

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One of the most important abilities that Rimuru has is the “Predator” skill, which allows him to absorb capabilities from other species. In the process of eating other creatures, Rimuru can gain their capabilities and more power. The ability is extremely flexible and adaptable, which allows Rimuru to rapidly adapt to any circumstance and surprise his enemies with his various attacks.

The ability to regenerate Rimuru is an amazing ability that makes him virtually invulnerable. He can heal from nearly every injury, making it difficult for opponents to beat him. In addition, Rimuru’s intelligence and strategic thinking give him a distinct advantage in battle due to the “Great Sage” skill, which allows him to analyze his opponent and devise powerful strategies.

But Rimuru does have weaknesses. He is incredibly dependent on his skills and capabilities, and if his adversaries can limit his abilities, Rimuru can become vulnerable. Furthermore, Rimuru’s vulnerability in his emotional state is a weapon for his adversaries, who could draw on his emotional connection to his family and friends to distract him in the battle.

Goku’s Specific Abilities Analysis

The most famous ability of Goku is the ability to control ki. He can enhance the physical strength of his ki, which makes him extremely powerful and speedy. Furthermore, Goku can use his power ki to make energy blasts and attacks like Kamehameha. Goku’s skills in transforming, including Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct, will allow him to access more power and speed.

One of Goku’s most impressive capabilities is the Ultra Instinct strategy, which enables him to move and respond to attacks from his foes without considering his actions. Using Ultra Instinct, Goku can dodge or combat attacks with astonishing speed and precision and is virtually unbeatable during battle. Furthermore, Goku’s ability to master instant transmission allows him to be swift and agile in evading attacks, makings him a tough opponent to defeat.

But Goku does have weaknesses. Goku can be overconfident about his abilities, underestimate the strength of his opponents, or become too dependent on his raw speed and power. In addition, Goku’s moral code is a flaw in certain situations. For example, Goku may be hesitant to employ lethal force, even when facing the threat of a fatal adversary.

Comparison Of Specific Abilities

The comparison of Rimuru and Goku’s abilities is a difficult task because they are both based on different scales. Rimuru’s skills are extremely flexible and adaptable, allowing him to swiftly adjust to any circumstance and surprise his adversaries by using various techniques. Goku’s skills are centered around the power and speed of his attacks, his ability to control ki, and his capacity to alter into stronger forms.

Regarding attack and defense, Rimuru and Goku have a wide range of strong attacks. Rimuru’s magical element and shapeshifting capabilities permit him to take on his foes with various attacks. Goku’s ki-based attack, like the Kamehameha attack, can deliver devastating blows and energy slams. In addition, Goku’s Super Instinct technique gives him an advantage in combat and allows him to dodge and counterattack with extraordinary speed and accuracy.


Can Goku beat Rimuru in an actual fight?

Then, returning to the question, Rimuru can defeat any version of Canon Goku. Rimuru can even take on the entire DBS series, including Angel and Zeno.

Which is quicker, Rimuru or Goku?

Manga versions of Rimuru exist since he’s by nature omnipotent, having the ability to surpass everything Goku can think of. Rimuru can move across time and space at the speed of light and will be able to get faster, stronger, and generally stronger than Goku.

Do You Think Rimuru Beat One Punch, Man?

Do not be fooled by his innocent appearance. Rimuru Tempest is one of the most formidable anime characters, and he can easily take on Saitama.

Who is the winner? Goku or Anos?

If we go by their anime counterparts If we go by their anime forms, then Goku is the winner, for as long as Goku blasts Anos before he unleashes Venuzdonoa. However, regarding web novels, Anos stomps and surpasses Goku regarding power, speed, and durability.

Who is Ruru?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no widely known character named Ruru associated with any particular franchise or series. It’s possible that Ruru refers to a character introduced after that date, or it may be a misspelling or a character from a less popular or localized series. Without more specific information, it’s difficult to provide an accurate comparison.

Who is Goku?

Goku is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama. He is the main protagonist of the series and one of the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. Goku is a Saiyan, a warrior race known for their incredible strength, speed, and ability to increase their power through combat. He possesses various forms and transformations, such as Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, and even Ultra Instinct.