Should You Kill Cicero Or Not in Rivers of Time?

Should You Kill Cicero Or Not in Rivers of Time?

Should You Kill Cicero Or Not in Rivers of Time?

Given the atrocities Cicero has committed, it might seem logical to murder him in Skyrim, yet under Dark Brotherhood rules, sparing Cicero might actually be the right thing to do.

Whether or not you should kill Cicero in ‘Rivers of Time’ is a question that many players ask. He is one of the most dangerous enemies players face in the game, and if you do not know how to deal with him, you may lose the battle. This article will give you some tips on how to get rid of this monster.

‘Delayed Burial’ Quest

During Delayed Burial, you have the chance to meet Cicero, an eccentric member of the Dark Brotherhood. The man is carrying an important item and needs your help to deliver it to the Dark Brotherhood. Unfortunately, he is also carrying the remains of his mother. He has a reputation for being a tough opponent, and you can decide whether to kill him or not.

The Delayed Burial quest is one of the unique side quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You have the choice between killing Cicero or helping him get his mother to the tomb. The quest does not affect the storyline; you can complete it with any character. If you choose to kill Cicero, the rewards are minimal. You will receive gold according to your level.

The Delayed Burial quest starts at Loreius Farm, which is in the northeastern region of Whiterun. It is near Blizzard Rest and near Loreius Farm. You can find the quest marker at the bottom of a staircase. The quest begins when you meet Gabriella, who tells you about Cicero.

You will need to convince Vantus Loreius to help you with the quest. Vantus is a companion. He is reluctant to help, but you must persuade him to help. If you do persuade him, he will reward you with 400 Gold Coins. He may tell you to report Cicero to the guards if you do not persuade him. This will not prevent the completion of the quest but will get you a gold coin.

Once you have completed the Delayed Burial quest, you will receive a message from Astrid. She will tell you about a potential client in Markarth. She will also request that you spy on Cicero because he may be conspiring against the Dark Brotherhood. You will receive two minor contracts from Nazir. You will also receive a token from Olava, which you can cash in at the Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quest – The Feeble Fortune. The token will not be used if you sell it, so do not do that until you complete all the other quests in this questline.

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‘Keeper of the Dark Brotherhood’ Quest

During the Dark Brotherhood quest line, you will be introduced to a mad jester known as Cicero. He is also the Keeper of the Night Mother’s coffin. He has a sick sense of humor, and you can find his journals scattered around his room. These journals describe the dismal state of the Dark Brotherhood in Tamriel. You can find a passphrase to enter the Sanctuary in one of these journals.

Cicero has left a blood trail throughout the Sanctuary. He may be located in the Falkreath Sanctuary or the Dawnstar Sanctuary. In either case, you have a choice as to whether to kill him or not. Fortunately, killing him has minimal consequences, and he will become your follower at the end of the quest line. However, if you are interested in killing Nilsine Shatter-Shield, you can also complete the optional bonus quest, Dark Brotherhood.

Cicero’s journals also give you information about the Sanctuary outside Dawnstar. You will also have to help Cicero fix a broken wagon during the quest. You will also find out the location of the real Emperor, Amaund Motierre. The first option has you killing Cicero, while the second one has you letting him live. You will also receive 50 gold in the two options.

Cicero’s room in the Sanctuary contains a few barrels and a few journals. You can read the journals to find out more about Cicero’s state of mind. You can also find a One-Handed Skill Book ‘Fire and Darkness’ at the foot of the stairs.

You can also find the Torture Chamber in the Sanctuary. This chamber contains a bed and weapon racks. You will also find four live prisoners inside the chamber. You can also find a mannequin. You can also find Delvin Mallory in the Sanctuary, who will sell the Torture Chamber to you.

After completing the Dark Brotherhood quest line, you can also complete the optional quest, Delayed Burial. This quest will involve you helping Cicero deliver a wagon to the Dark Brotherhood. You will also receive a letter from Aventus. If you complete this quest, you will also receive a token for Olava.

‘Summon Spectral Assassin’ Spell to Kill HimShould You Kill Cicero Or Not in Rivers of Time?

During the Dark Brotherhood questline, the Summon Spectral Assassin spell is available once a day. It can be used to summon a ghost of legendary assassin Lucien LaChance as a temporary follower. It also enables you to locate Cicero, the Keeper of the Dark Brotherhood. It can also help you find the Dark Brotherhood’s hidden treasures. Finally, it also enables you to eavesdrop on Cicero in order to find out what he’s hiding in his secret chambers.

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Upon completion of this quest, you will be rewarded with Shrouded Armor, a unique clothing item, and a unique Nilsine Shatter-Shield. This shield is very powerful and is well protected. You can use it to protect yourself from a wide range of hazards, including fire. You can also use it to enrage or sabotage enemies and even disarm them.

Cicero is a member of the Dark Brotherhood and a quirky follower. In his room, he has a journal containing a password that will allow you to access the Sanctuary, where he can teach you all about the secrets of the night. His journal is located on a barrel in one of the chambers. You can also obtain a passphrase from his journal.

Cicero is not the only member of the Dark Brotherhood you can find in the Sanctuary. Other members include Shadowscale, an assassin who can annihilate your enemies with a barrage of poisoned bolts. He also has the ability to use Histskin, a magical substance that will boost his health regeneration.

Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, is suspicious of Cicero and wants you to help her find him. She will also tell you about a potential client in Markarth. She also wants you to spy on Cicero and find out if he is conspiring with other members of the Brotherhood.

Whether you decide to kill Cicero or not, the Summon Spectral Assassin is a worthwhile feat of magic. However, there are no guarantees that you will be able to find him. You might also be killed by him or another player or be attacked by Sanctuary Guardians.

‘Keeper of the Night Mother’ Quest Line

Keeping the Night Mother is an intriguing quest line in the Dark Brotherhood. Cicero, the Keeper of Skyrim’s Night Mother, is an odd jester with a dark side. He is also the leader of the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Falkreath. He wants the player to help him take care of his mother’s coffin.

Cicero’s quest is actually a great example of the different kinds of quest-givers. He is one of the few with a personality, and his story is much more interesting than most other NPCs.

Cicero has an obnoxious voice and is very jealous of the player’s ability to hear the Night Mother. Astrid is suspicious of Cicero, but she also suspects him of planning to take over the Brotherhood. When Cicero breaks the rules, you can murder him.

Aventus Aretino is the first connection between you and the Dark Brotherhood. Aventus believes you are an assassin. He will also chant the Black Sacrament. This is the ritual to summon an assassin. The Black Sacrament is also used to contact the Dark Brotherhood. Therefore, it is important to follow the rumors of the Black Sacrament in order to earn contracts.

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The Dark Brotherhood is an infamous group of assassins. In Oblivion, players don’t interact with most of the Dark Brotherhood members. However, in Skyrim, there are more characters to interact with. This is because the Brotherhood has become a family. All members are sworn to loyalty, and all males are brothers.

The Dark Brotherhood has a lot of interesting characters. Cicero, the Keeper of the Night Mother, is one of the most interesting. He is a shady, obnoxious guy with a dark side. He also has a funny voice. You can get a good amount of gold from his quests. You will have to hunt him down in the Brotherhood’s abandoned base near Dawnstar.

After Cicero’s quest, the player has a new quest called Delayed Burial. It involves following a rumor about the Black Sacrament and killing ghosts of the Brotherhood’s earlier incarnations.


Is it worth letting Cicero live?

Cicero will re-join you after the main Dark Brotherhood quest is finished if you let him survive. He will be available in the brand-new Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Dawnstar, where you can use him as a follower. He is a fairly strong follower, to be fair, thus it is best to let him survive.

What happens if you don’t help Cicero?

If you report him, the guard will detain him and the farmer will offer you a small reward. However, later on, the farmer and his wife will be brutally murdered by a “unknown” attacker. Reporting him only makes him a little irate when he initially shows up to the sanctuary; it has no effect on the Dark Brotherhood questline.

What happens if you kill Astrid instead of Cicero?

You will start a new quest line to destroy the Dark Brotherhood if you choose to kill off Astrid. You will be able to get her special equipment back as well. Even though it might seem obvious, you cannot move forward with the quest line for joining them.

Should I kill Cicero or Astrid?

She murders everyone and nearly kills Cicero and you. According to Sithis in Oblivion, breaching the Tenets carries a death sentence or expulsion from the Dark Brotherhood. Therefore, you must murder her. She is not the Dark Brotherhood’s leader; Cicero is.

Is Cicero Insane Skyrim?

Because of his distinctive and colourful attitude, Cicero is a fascinating character in Skyrim and a favourite among fans. He portrays himself as a jester while working as an assassin. He is regarded as insane by the whole Dark Brotherhood, and some of his deeds undoubtedly raise questions about his sanity.