Simple Tips to make sure your Ducted System Survives Summer

Simple Tips to make sure your Ducted System Survives Summer

Simple Tips to make sure your Ducted System Survives Summer

It’s easy to forget how hard our air conditioners are working when the temperature is at its highest during the summer. Along with maintaining your comfort level, you should also pay attention to the health of your ducted air conditioning system.

To avoid a surprise breakage or an unexpectedly high electricity bill, follow the advice in this piece.

We’ve compiled a list of tips for keeping your ducted system in good working order over the summer months and keeping it running for years to come.

The following section will include both general information and specific information about ducted evaporative coolers and ducted refrigerated air conditioning.

1. Maintain the cleanliness of your unit’s filters regularly

A ducted air conditioning system works by regulating the amount of cool air that enters your home through a filtering system. Once its filters have accumulated an excessive amount of dust and airborne pollutants, it will eventually slow down the entire unit and may cause harmful allergens to spread throughout your home. Cleaning and replacing dirty or damaged air filters will help to ensure that your ducted system continues to operate at peak performance throughout the summer and into the future.

2. Clean and replace the cooling pads in evaporative systems

If you decide to use ducted evaporative cooling to beat the heat, you’ll also need to consider your cooling pads. When it comes to evaporative systems, clean cooling pads are critical for achieving optimal airflow and temperature control.

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By regularly cleaning these pads and replacing them when they become worn or damaged, you can reduce the accumulation of pollutants and minerals in your system while also maintaining its efficiency. This will prevent you from overworking your body during those hot summer days.

3. Air Conditioning Maintenance on a Routine Basis

It is critical to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, whether you have ducted refrigerated air conditioning or evaporative cooling installed.

Regular servicing, in addition to the use of cooling pads and filters, can help to ensure that your system is clean and free of any faults that could lead to system failure. A ducted system’s maintenance can include cleaning and maintaining the unit itself as well as its ductwork, vents, and grilles, among other things. Your air conditioning system should be serviced every two to three years before the peak summer season, and you should schedule air conditioning repairs if you have any specific system concerns.

4. Keep the Temperature at the Proper Level

Maintaining your cool during the summer does not imply that you must freeze. If your air conditioner is equipped with a programmable thermostat, making wise use of it will be extremely beneficial in the long term.

It’s tempting to crank up the air conditioning to the lowest setting possible. It is recommended that you set your air conditioner between 24°C and 25°C to achieve the best results. It is possible to stay comfortable while saving money on your energy bills and preventing your system from overworking if you maintain this temperature.

5. Starting at the bottom is NOT the best strategy

In addition to the point made above, many people believe that setting the temperature lower, to begin with, and then adjusting it is the best course of action to take.

Unfortunately, this will not result in faster cooling of your home. This “hack” will only cause additional stress on your system as well as additional dollars on your electricity bill, so you should avoid attempting it.

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6. Only turn on your air conditioner when you need to

Melbourne, in contrast to other states in Australia, is renowned for its unpredictable weather patterns. During the day, the temperature could reach a scorching 37°C before dropping to a chilly 15°C at night. It is beneficial to turn off your ducted air conditioner during cooler weather to avoid the system from overworking and wasting energy, while also saving you money.

It’s a good idea to turn your system off while you sleep to get things started. Except for extremely hot nights, you shouldn’t require anything more than a gentle breeze from an open window to fall asleep at night.

7. Make preparations for anticipated hot spells

Daily, let alone throughout the week, it is common for the outside temperature to fluctuate dramatically. In contrast, if the weather forecast predicts an extended hot spell lasting a couple of days or longer, it will be beneficial to pre-cool your home to prepare for the heat. If your home has already been prepared for the upcoming heat wave, your ducted air conditioning unit will not be overcompensating to keep up with the sudden increase in temperature and demand.