Smuggler background 5e ghosts of saltmarsh dnd homebrew spells

Does a fighter's action surge 5e trigger an extra attack in D&D?
Does a fighter's action surge 5e trigger an extra attack in D&D?

Smuggler background 5e ghosts of saltmarsh

Smuggler background 5e ghosts of Saltmarsh


  • Skill proficiencies: Survival, History
  • Languages: The one you select
  • Equipment: A net, Fishing tackle, a popular fishing lure or oiled leather wading waders, a set of traveller’s clothes and a belt bag containing 10GP
  • Feature: Harvest the water: You gain an influence on ability checks using fishing tackle. Suppose you have access to a body of water that holds marine life. In that case, you can keep a moderate lifestyle while serving as an angler, and you can get enough food to feed yourself and up to ten people per day.


  • Skill proficiencies: Survival, Athletics
  • Tool proficiencies: Water and land vehicles
  • Equipment: A dagger that applied to a fallen companion, a folded flag embellished with the emblem of your ship or business, a set of traveler’s costumes and a belt pouch holding 10GP
  • Feature: Steady. You can run twice the average amount of time (up to 16 hours) each day ere being subject to the consequences of a forced march.


  • Skill proficiencies: Perception, History
  • Tool proficiencies: Vehicles (water), Carpenter’s tools
  • Equipment: a collection of well-loved Carpenter’s tools, a fresh book, an ink pen, 1 ounce of ink, the assortment of traveler’s clothes and a belt sack containing 10GP
  • Feature: I’ll repair it! Provided you might have Carpenter’s wood and tools. You may perform repairs on water transport when you use the ability. You return several hit points to the frame of a water vehicle equal to 5 times your proficiency modifier. A vehicle may not be patched by you in that way again until after it has been drawn ashore and fully refurbished.


  • Skill proficiencies: Deception, Athletic
  • Tool proficiencies: Water Vehicles
  • Equipment: fancy leather clothes or a pair of leather boots, a set of ordinary clothes and a bag containing 15GP
  • Feature: Down low. Whilst in Saltmarsh or any other nearby coastal hamlet, you and your associates can stay for free in safe houses. Safe homes give a poor lifestyle. Whilst sojourning in a safe house, you may wish to keep your presence (and that of your associates) secret.
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Smuggler background 5e spell details

You have spent your entire life hiding in the darkness. It makes shady deals behind closed doors. What directed you to participate in a life of crime? Do you crave the thrill of lawbreaking, or did you enter the profession to repay a debt? Is it risking your hide on behalf of a less than honourable noble? A smuggler is an individual trained in the craft of acquisition. This professional thug can deliver whatever, for a cost. Smugglers tend to be more bold offenders than many, preferring bribery or diversion over deception and stealth. But the real question is, why did you quit? Are you currently apprehended? Was your system no longer viable? For whatever reason, you have left your old life in favour of a life of adventure.

  • Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit and Vehicles(either soil or water, select one)
  • Languages: Certainly one of your Pick
  • Equipment: One set of everyday hooded clothes, backpack with concealed compartment, forgery kit, and a belt pouch comprising 15 gp

Cultures in Smuggler background 5e

Knife blades and harness buckles smeared with black soot; muffled oar-locks along with a moonless, midnight-rendezvous, torchlights on the moors and indicate lights beyond the breakers. Through the ages and throughout cultures, there has and will always appear the inevitable desire, demand, even dire need, for those things regulated or prohibited. These desires and demands, in turn, often spell a chance to an entrepreneurial few. Folks like you, who despite oppressive laws, excessive taxation, or religious or political creeds–have ventured to create available to many what some would see earmarked for the few.

Maybe you bootlegged monastic drink down secret mountain paths, spiriting them away to wealthier markets abroad. Or can you hone your craft duping town security guards and tariff inspectors, moving shipments of stolen art, antiquities, or even individuals under their very noses and in their beloved city? Maybe your motivations increased higher, and you rowed ashore through storm and darkness to bring firearms and supplies to desperate revolutionaries? Or evaded murderous bounty hunters while escorting escaped slaves along forgotten caravan tracks in a last-ditch bid for liberty? In any case, you’ve left in your wake up a vibrant trail of bribed customs officials, befuddled border patrols, and “missing” tax collectors. Overall, not lousy viewing. You’ve only just begun to (re-) create your title on the planet.

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Smuggler background 5e
Smuggler background 5e

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion

Equipment: A set of tools (fitting your instrument proficiency choice), a hooded signal lantern, dark traveller’s clothes, and a leather belt-pouch containing five gp If the figures searching can hear you, then you can oppose their tests with a Charisma (Deception) check.

Additionally, you have an edge on Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Perception) tests designed to find the concealment of goods or items onto an individual, automobile, or pack animal.

Suggested Attributes for Smuggler background 5e: Frequently well-travelled and worldly, people who take the smuggler’s life are usually acute observers and psychological note-takers, with a knack for numbers and a present for the smooth (fast) talk.

d6 Ideal
1 Morals I  smuggle things to improve the lives of the common people. (Good)
2 Ruthless I will raise myself to the top of the heap by any means necessary. (Evil)
3 Friendship My friends are dear to me, and I wish them to rise with me when I hit it big. (Any)
4 Dauntless Border crossing or bribe is not too difficult- that’s just the coward’s way of saying exciting! (Chaotic)
5 Greater Good I live for a greater cause, and ply my trade  in service to it. (Lawful)
6 Unperturbed I  want to make a living for myself, and smuggling is j an edge I can use to do so. (Neutral)


d6 Bond
1 A corrupt guard has put me out of business back when I was working as an honest business, I aim to show him a thing or two regarding recovery.
2 I did not want to be a bad criminal, but it puts bread on my family’s table.
3 A bloodthirsty pirate group stole my shipment and killed a dear associate of mine. I will surely end them with extreme prejudice.
4 Someone I really cared about discovered my profession and has publicly denounced me, and I caught myself between protecting my reputation or restoring our relationship.
5 My love is someone who once stole from right under my nose. However they have no idea about me or how much I admire them for their accomplishment.
6 My business associates are closer to me than my family.
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d6 Flaw
1 “You can Trust nobody, not even yourself.” Paranoia plagued me.
2 I am so charismatic that sometimes I woo myself. Who am I, Narcissus?
3 Wealth is my only motivator. I will do  anything given enough of it, even if I will regret it later.
4 I will betray anyone to save my own skin.
5 I detach myself from the consequences of my actions in order to sleep better at night.
6 People who knows me well might call me “two-faced” but those who do not have no notion what hit them.