Spending More on Prescription Medications – Learn How to Save Money

Spending More on Prescription Medications - Learn How to Save Money

Spending More on Prescription Medications – Learn How to Save Money

Are you shocked to see the inflated prescription drug bill? If so, discuss it with your physician as they may not know the cost of the medicines prescribed. Speak out if you can’t afford to buy expensive medications. You can ask whether there are similar medicines that cost less or generic. Did you know that the FDA did approve more than 10,000 generic medications? These medicines cost a maximum of 85 percent compared to branded pharmaceutical companies.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, Canadians pay for expensive prescription medicines in the developed world. Here are ways to help you save your hard-earned money on medications:

Get acquainted with the drug formulary

When you’re buying medicines regularly, you need to be aware of the insurance plan’s medication formulary. It will educate you as well as your physician about what tier or price category a specific medicine is in and how much you will need to pay from your wallet. Remember that tier one is the most affordable.

You’ll get all information on the insurer’s website or can even talk to them to inquire about a particular medication. It’s the best way to compare the prices and benefits if you want to switch medical insurance plans.

Look for preferred pharmacies

You can look at your insurance plan for specific discounts related to particular pharmacies. Many online stores help you get medicines at affordable prices without creating a hole in your pocket. For example, look up Canadian Pharmacy if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on prescription drugs.

The prices of medicines are lower at preferred pharmacies as the insurers negotiate drug costs with these online stores. So, if you’re looking for health insurance, opt for a favorite pharmacy providing discounts.

Purchase medicines in bulk

If you have a chronic ailment and need to take medicines daily, buying them in bulk is a good idea. Did you know that a few Medicare plans provide 3-month mail order generics and that too without paying anything? Several pharmacies also sell 3-month supplies at a discounted price, both at the brick-and-mortar store or through mail orders.

You may even save extra money by purchasing medications to stock up for a year. Only remember that you will not be able to return any unused medicines. You will not need to if you need medicines daily. You can request your physician if he can prescribe medications in that manner.

Request for reductions at a self-governing pharmacy

The cost of medicines varies considerably in a similar community. A couple of times, you may get a discounted price for your community drugstore as it’s not limited to a set price. You need to ask if they provide a discount or not so that you can benefit from their savings plans.

Look for generic alternatives

Generic medications are similar to branded medicines in terms of active ingredients, strength, dosage form and administration. However, their price is considerably lower than the original medications. Before buying a medicine, make sure that you know what its generic version looks like and how much it costs. Talk to your physician if there’s a generic alternative to the prescribed medication. These tips will definitely help you save money when buying expensive prescription medicines. It’s time that you start looking into different insurance plans, locate preferred pharmacies and buy generic medications so that you can have access to top-notch quality medicines without emptying your bank account.

Join a patient assistance program

You can apply for free or discounted medications through patient assistance programs. Such programs are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and offer to provide medicines either free of cost or at a reduced rate. These programs are available both online and offline, so you need to ask your physician about one if you’re not able to afford your medication.

In conclusion, it’s evident that buying prescription medicines can be an expensive affair. You need to take various steps to make the process easier on your wallet. Take time out and research different insurance plans, preferred pharmacies and generic alternatives before purchasing any medication. Also, do look into patient assistance programs if you don’t want to empty your bank account for medications.

Compare prices online

Comparison sites and apps are a great way to save money when it comes to buying medicines. You can put in the price of your prescription drugs and compare it with different websites or local pharmacies. It’ll help you know where you can get the best deal on medications without compromising on quality. Plus, some comparison sites also provide coupons and discounts that help you save a few extra bucks. So, next time you need to purchase expensive prescription medicines, make sure to check out these comparison sites for better prices.

Ask your physician for samples or coupons

Just in case you can’t find any discounts on medications, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor if they have any sample packs of the medication or manufacturer coupons. These samples and coupons help you get medicines at a reduced rate. Moreover, many times, pharmacists also offer their own discounts to patients. You need to check with them as well so that you can save some money on your medications. That’s all! These tips will definitely help you get the most out of your prescription medications without putting a strain on your pocket.

Always remember that it pays to be prepared when it comes to purchasing medicines, and you can save a lot of money in the process. So, start looking into different insurance plans and coupons right away! Be sure to compare prices online before you buy medication so that you get the best deal. And don’t forget to ask your physician if they have any samples or coupons available.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you save money on expensive medicine. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to get access to quality healthcare without breaking the bank. So, start researching now and reap the benefits in the future!


Consider these ideas if you want to buy medications at a reasonable price or get generics. There is no need to buy from branded companies and spend more.