Step of the wind 5e spell, ki ability and jump height in dnd

Step of the wind 5e spell and jump height in dnd
Step of the wind 5e spell and jump height in dnd

Does the Jump spell stack with the Monk’s 5e Step of the Wind ki ability in d&d?

The rules on combining magical effects are unambiguous – these two effects stack since they’re not from the same source. So how Jump spell stack with the Monk’s 5e dnd Step of the Wind ki ability? In previous editions, multipliers were stacked additively and not multiplicatively. 5e does not have such a rule. 5e also has no concept of “base value”. Step of the Wind 5e doubles your jump distance. Your jump distance will be tripled if you use Jump.

High Jump 5e is similar to Long Jump in that each foot you leap costs you a foot of movement. It means that your speed will limit the distance you can jump. Although there are many ways to get a high-speed move, it still defines your ability to leap skyscrapers in one bound.

Also worth noting is that, as the highest-rated answer on your linked question says, you still take falling damage when you jump. Hence, another constraint on your ability to jump into the stratosphere is the damage you will take when you land.

To dispel any doubts about balance, I must point out that Fly requires a 1st level spell and a 2nd-level Monk feature. You can expect to fight flying enemies from level 1 right away. Although this “super jump” trick is incredible, it’s not very useful or powerful.

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How does the 5e Step of the wind work?

To prevent Attack Of Opportunities, the Monk must take the Disengage action. Reach 10 feet once the Monk has left the Lizardfolk. Bonus Action: Spend 1 Ki Point for ‘Step of Wind’ to Dash for the remaining 60 feet of movement.

Jump 5e dnd

SPELLS Druid, Sorcerer, Rnger, Wizard, Artificer
COMPONENTS V, S, M (a grasshopper’s hind leg)
SCHOOL Transmutation
DETAILS You touch any creature. The Jump distance of the creature  triples until the spell ends.


Can you step of the wind and 5e Dash?

Yes. Yes. If you have any bonus action that allows you to dash (Step of cunning or Step of the wind), you can still use your action for Dash. Side note: If you have haste cast upon you, you can still use that hasted action as well.

Does the Monk’s Step of the Wind ability allow them to double their jump distance without using Dash or Disengage as a bonus action?

To benefit from Step of the Wind, you must use your bonus action.

Step of the Wind says: You can spend one ki point to take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on your turn, and your jump distance is doubled for the turn. It says “for the turn” at the end of the ability description. It means that the wind jump distance for each Step is only one turn. Your contention could be that the part about increasing your jump distance by two times is an entirely separate feature. You can use a bonus action or ki points for dashing/disengaging. You would then lose the second half of this ability for one turn after gaining monk level 2.

As that would be an improbable interpretation, it’s reasonable to read the two halves of the ability as connected. If you spend a ki point and bonus action, you get the benefits of disengaging, or dashing, as well as double your jump distance for the turn.

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Does the Monk’s Step of the Wind feature activate the benefit of the mobile feat in D&D 5E?

First, in the rules as written, it’s pretty straightforward:

“When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn’t cost you extra movement on that turn.” -Mobile feat description

“You can spend one ki point to take the Disengage or Dash action as a Bonus Action on Your Turn, and your jump distance is doubled for the turn.” -Step of the Wind description.

Step of the Wind allows you to use a bonus action, “take the Mobile feat, and the Dash action activates. That’s it.

You are second because you play the most mobile class and have spent feats to make it even more portable. You have sacrificed a lot to be able to zoom around the battlefield. It would be very stingy for a DM trying to rule-lawyer you to be less mobile.

How high can you jump in dnd 5e?

The high jump 5e rules are on PHB p182. It says, ‘Suppose you make a high jump. In that case, you leap into the air a number of feet which equals to 3 + your Strength modifier. It applies when you move minimum 10 feet on foot just before the jump. Suppose you make a standing high jump. Then you can jump only half that distance.

Does Step of the wind 5e increase jump height?

Step of the wind almost doubles the jump height. Under normal circumstances, your high Jump would reach 7 ft (3 + your Strength mod of +4). Specific abilities or spells can increase that, so providing more information about your Monk is essential. High Jump is a rule that says: Your height when you jump is 3 + your Strength mod if your run-up is 10 feet. It is how high you can jump into the air. You can only leap half as far if you don’t have a run-up. I.e. Add 3 to your Strength mod and divide it by 2. That would give you 3.5 feet.

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To calculate how much movement you still have, subtract the distance you jump from the total number of feet you can move in one round. If you run 10ft and then jump forward 7ft, you still have 33ft of movement (50ft movement minus 10ft plus the 7ft jump span>

You can High Jump a max 14′ with resource expenditure

The jumping rules are detailed in the PHB(p. 182):

If you are at least 10 feet from the ground immediately before you jump, you can make a high leap. Standing high jumps are only possible for half the distance. In either case, every foot that you move on the Jump is worth afoot. (Basic Rules, page 67).

That gives you a maximum of 7′ because you take the 10′ movement before jumping, so you can add your Strength modifier to the base 3′ from jumping.

You have the option of spending a Ki Point resource to Step of the Wind. That will allow you to spend one ki point to take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on your turn, and your jump distance is doubled for the turn. Jump Distance encompasses both High Jump and Long Jump. It’s the distance between two actions. So Step of the wind 5e doubles your total jump height to 14′.