Summer Fun with a Jeep Gladiator

Summer Fun with a Jeep Gladiator

Summer Fun with a Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator is primed for any fun and adventure you have on tap for these precious warm months. Whether you need to tow a small boat or pack a bunch of gear for paddleboarding and road cycling, the Gladiator has you covered. Here’s to a blast with a Jeep Gladiator, the nation’s truck of the summer.

The Jeep Gladiator

As a five-seater pickup based on the always-popular Jeep Wrangler, the Gladiator is the only open-air truck on the market. It’s neither a true truck, crossover, nor SUV, but some combination of all that.

And it’s just right for summer fun.

Consider the Gladiator’s formidable utility, bolstered by a powerful steel frame and industrial strength axles, rear suspension, and coil front, plus the largest brakes in its segment. What you’ve got is a ride that is literally built for adventure.

Then there’s the class-leading 4×4 1,700-pound payload and 7,650-pound towing capability. What’s more, the ride’s five-foot bed is outfitted with LED lighting and the tailgate can be positioned three ways, facilitating, and accommodating whatever you need to load.

And what about Gladiator’s top-shelf capability? For one thing, it’s the industry’s first trail-rated pickup truck, in terms of off-road performance. We’re talking superior ground clearance, maneuverability, water fording and traction. And that’s in addition to features such as Rock-Trac transfer case, Sway Bar Disconnect, and Tru-Lok Electronic Locking Differentials.

Technology-wise, you needn’t worry about being off grid on your adventure, since the 2022 Gladiator can be equipped with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. And with the Uconnect system, you can operate navigation, backup camera, and multimedia. You also can get Amazon Alexa, which can handle tasks such as check fuel levels and start the Jeep Gladiator. Further, the ride is loaded with a raft of safety and security features.

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With those attributes in mind, here are a few ideas for some fun in the Gladiator this summer:

Hit the Beach

Seriously, the Jeep Gladiator is just right for the beach because of its long-wearing interior and other things you love about your Jeep: its towing ability, fold-down windshield, and removable doors. How does a sunset drive along the ocean sound?

Before you go, however, be sure to deflate tires to between 10 to 15 psi to avoid getting stuck while driving on sand. You should also have on hand tow straps, a spare tire, and a shovel. And do your homework regarding beach rules and regulations.

Tailgate Party

Trucks are perfect for tailgating, and the Gladiator is all over it. Whether you put together a tailgate soiree for a game or an outdoor event, load up the cargo bed with beverages and your favorite foodstuffs, and you’re all set.


What’s more synonymous with summer than a cookout or outdoor barbecue? You can use the Gladiator to tote your barbecue grill to a nice spot for family or friends. A cookout is a simple and fun way to spend a summer night.

Camping and Hiking

What a better time to go hiking or camping than in summer. You’ve got newly bloomed flowers, roaming wildlife, and blood pressure-lowering warm weather, and your Gladiator is the perfect facilitator, what with its durability, versatility, and off-roading capabilities.

Off-Road Fun

Jeeps happen to be crafted specifically for driving both on and off road, with extra stability on rough terrain provided by four-wheel drive. There’s simply nothing like enjoying an off-road adventure in summer in a Jeep.


If being on and around water is your jam, then why not plan a kayaking trip? Your Gladiator will have water-sealed parts plus waterproof mats and other equipment, which renders your post-excursion cleanup simple. Plus your Gladiator can transport the kayak.

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Look, whether you want to let your hair blow in wind, take a looksee up at stars, clamber up rocks, haul a camper, or engage in some other activity, the Jeep Gladiator is your vehicle for summer fun. The ride simply makes a great partner for all manner of adventure.