The Best 10 Super Mario Games Ever Made

The Best 10 Super Mario Games Ever Made

The Best 10 Super Mario Games Ever Made

Mario is that character who has always been around. There are countless games starring the fun plumber, who has even made his way to the cinema industry.

When it comes to games, whether you want to bring back good old memories or you want to try something new, here are some of the best Super Mario games ever made.

Super Mario Maker 2, Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 has something for everyone. It makes no difference if you want something for your kid or you want to try out one of the best Super Mario games ever made. There are plenty of ridiculous levels, unexpected situations and challenges.

The app is also excellent for new developers, as it allows people to take their creativity further with hundreds of course parts and tools. Compared to the first version, this sequel is much better and even allows the creation of courses with other players. Simply put, design your own Super Mario game and enjoy it.

New Super Mario Bros, Wii

This is one of the most popular Mario multiplayer games on the market. If you look at it, it did not bring in too much innovation but brought back the classic scenarios and effects in a modern 3D environment.

This modern version of the classic Mario games is suitable for families and single players alike.

Difficulty levels are decent, not to mention challenges and tricky courses. Even to this day, New Super Mario Bros is still widely played worldwide with the same high enthusiasm.

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Super Mario Odyssey, Switch

Super Mario Odyssey combines almost every Super Mario game out there, but it brings in quality graphics, unexpected situations, and challenges. Completing puzzles requires skill, not to mention sophisticated enemies and obstacles.

Each world in this game stands out with its vibrant graphics and size. There are lots of things to discover, and you can even enjoy built-in games, such as hide and seek. You can compete against others over the Internet or take over a single-player adventure that never ends.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Switch

Mario is so famous that many games based on him come and go, without really adding anything new. This one brings in extra value and offers a brilliant experience. If you like a bit of racing, this is the ultimate karting game for Mario fans.

Courses make the difference, by far some of the best in Mario’s history. Looking for a bit of chaos? Consider it done; try out the battle mode. Plus, there are all sorts of connections with other top releases, such as The Legend of Zelda.

Get this game in, and it will become one of the best additions to your collection.

Super Mario World, SNES

Today’s kids may not necessarily appreciate old-school games, but avid gamers can agree that Super Mario World is the ultimate piece of a 16-bit experience. Sure, it is available in 2D, but it has a classic soundtrack and takes you back to the unique experience of classic gaming.

Furthermore, Super Mario World also brings in the famous green dinosaur Yoshi, who has become one of the most emblematic characters in further releases. Despite looking outdated, Super Mario World stays on top of the modern competition and shows everyone what Mario is about.

The Best 10 Super Mario Games Ever Made

Super Mario Sunshine, GCN

Not every new Mario release has exceeded the fans’ expectations, but Super Mario Sunshine has managed to stand out in the crowd. The game may not be immaculate from a graphical point of view, but it has a unique charm. Plus, mechanics make it feel supernatural and responsive to your commands.

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Being developed in a rush, the game did have a few shortfalls. However, its pluses make it worth a shot. Its reputation among regular gamers was not that high, but avid Super Mario fans knew they had a masterpiece on their hands.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii

This is one of the most exclusive treats for Super Mario fans and one of the best games ever. Everyone loved the original game, but the sequel cleared all the flaws and made it perfect. There is plenty of innovation, as well as outstanding graphics, to satisfy even the pickiest gamers.

Moreover, there is plenty of room for surprises. Take Yoshi, for example, who benefits from new powers and specs. Environments and levels are just as diversified, not to mention all the obstacles and enemies.

Super Mario Bros 3, NES

Super Mario Bros 3 sticks to the game’s origins and brings in the same classic experience, but in a much better version. This is the improved version of the traditional game. Basics have been thoroughly rethought. Visuals are incredibly better, while mechanical variety stands out.

Believe it or not, there are still a bunch of secrets in Super Mario Bros 3 that fans have failed to discover. This game never ceases to impress. And if you are a real fan, you will appreciate its old-school appearance.

Perhaps this is also why Super Mario Bros 3 is among the most popular Super Mario ROMs.

Super Mario 3D Land, 3DS

Super Mario 3D Land came due to Nintendo’s ability to expand the graphical capabilities of its handheld console. Pushing to make everything look better, Nintendo nailed it with this game, which redefined the console’s strength and its unique specifications.

From many points of view, Super Mario 3D Land is a mix of previous 2D and 3D versions. It has a bit of everything. There is plenty of free-roaming, as well as fixed camera parts. There is no way you will ever get bored with it. As for the 3D effect, it is not everything, as Nintendo also improved the gameplay.

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Super Mario 64, 64

Sometimes, original 2D games are all about nostalgic feelings and experiences, but a more modern 3D approach will make the difference. More than two decades since it was released, Super Mario 64 is still one of the most popular and revolutionary Super Mario games ever made.

It brought Mario’s adventure into 3D and represented the base for further releases. And while it may seem old-fashioned, it is still addictive after less than a level. The legendary game is stocked with various levels, enemies, and challenges.

The bottom line, there are dozens of other releases based on Mario, but not all of them have made such a huge difference. Any above titles will give you a different experience and help you discover Mario’s world from different directions.