The best cocktail bars in Taichung city

The best cocktail bars in Taichung city

Looking for the best bar? Taichung bar (台中酒吧) is here to help you

No matter what your taste or style, there’s a local bar out there that’s definitely worth adding to your drinking to-do list. Sure, you can do the touristy thing and drink at a landmark. Perhaps you’re more of a dive bar person. Or maybe you want to imbibe in somewhere that feels both hip and intimate. Whatever your style, all these Taichung bar (台中酒吧) are just begging for you to drop by for a drink. Here are some on Taichung bar (台中酒吧) list of places worth your time.

  1. CRU BAR

The appearance of Cru Bar is unique—blending with the unique art world, using the unique design. It blends in Taipei’s trendiest nightlife area, and it stands out in the alleys. When you walk down the alleys, you will see a mysterious black Egyptian cat staring at you. Welcome everyone to this exquisite and stylish bar. The bar combines Italian art deco and British style well. The interior design is simple but elegant.

Cru is a bar that sells wine, champagne, whiskey and cocktails. The boutique has many types of wine, whiskey and champagne collected from the United States, France, Spain. It provides guests with not only all-year-round superior wine, special wine for each season, Whisky are gathered in the store according to categories.

  1. Svart Hull

Svart Hull in Norwegian means black hole. It’s located in the old and narrow alleys of Taichung. The owner reinterpreted the aesthetics of a betel nut kiosk present in the streets, and painted it all over in pink. It looks retro but also somewhat novel.

Order a drink from the bartender, and you will be able to create your own unique drinks. The bartender will tailor the drinks specifically for you according to the guests’ preferences, and Svart Hull’s specialty garlic wine Special shot will allow you to try a new kind of beverage experience, you should not miss it after tasting it fresh!

  1. Isman

You will need to make an appointment because this store is like no other. The shop is filled with suits and neckties, while at the back lies a secret gentlemen’s lounge for serious customers -behind the mirrored wall; everything behind it is far more interesting than what you see at first glance.

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ISMAN, a popular and prestigious-themed tavern, is an pub. It serves craft beer from various countries and Taiwan-based whiskey, and offers various specialties such as Italian style pasta and beef noodles. It’s a good place for tired you to relax during this long night.

  1. Goût

The name Goût is French for taste, and this bar is a taste of creating a casual drinking spot that is fun and inviting. The one thing that makes Goût unique is that it is a place you can bring your friends to have “wine, beer or whiskey” without being an obvious drinking spot. The decor of the space is neutral and perfect for art exhibitions or private gatherings. The concept of the wine, beers and whiskeys are simple but not basic.

The Goût bar takes pride in its great tasting drinks, ranging from wine (the house preference is the red), beer (Indie IPA, Stone IPA and Red Hot Chili Pepper Ale), cocktails (Pink Lady, Strawberry Virgin Mojito) and non-alcoholic drinks. And the food selection is also pretty good with pizzette, panini, sandwich and main course to choose from, all served with their unique twist.

  1. Preparing x Taichung

Preparing is a coffee joint by day and an intimate bar by night, a charming bar in the middle of Taichung. From the moment you enter, you’ll notice a warm and inviting ambience with low lighting and old-style decor. For drinks, we recommend the popular ‘White Lady’ or ‘Alpine Tea’ which is a combination of premium ingredients such as rum, oolong tea and roasted Japanese tea. There are many American-style dishes here that can be enjoyed in a company of friends and family!

For a quiet evening out with friends, head to this cool cocktail bar in Taichung that also offers a small but fantastic wine list. Also a great place for first dates or a night out with friends who enjoy a drink or two!

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Whether you’re looking to sip the finest of whiskeys or craft cocktails , these bars at Taichung are where it’s happening. From world-renowned classics to stylish new hangouts, each one deserves a visit for their creative concoctions and distinctive ambiance. If you want to know more about the bars in Taichung, you are welcome to enter Taichung bar (台中酒吧), there are more unique bar introductions waiting for you to explore.