The Best Stock Investment Calculator Apps in 2023

The Best Stock Investment Calculator Apps in 2023

The Best Stock Investment Calculator Apps in 2023

Investment applications are increasingly popular as a way for novice investors to participate in the stock market. And even seasoned investors might discover ways to increase their portfolios and save money with one of the investing applications that are readily available.

A stock investment calculator app is one of the essential tools when investing in stocks. These apps let you input different stock prices and get the average cost per share and percentage of the total investment. They are great tools for investors who want to take advantage of stock price decreases. Using these apps gives you the data you need to make the best decisions.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade’s mobile apps give investors an easy way to track their stocks. They are designed for active traders and portfolio managers and feature tools that help manage equity, options, futures, and currency positions. These calculators are easy to use and include over 400 data points. They can also be used to enroll in a dividend reinvestment program.

The app provides real-time market news, company profiles, dividends, and P&L charts. It also allows investors to monitor trends and simulate complex trading options. Users can also access vast educational resources and commission-free trading. TD Ameritrade also offers a commission-free and minimum-free brokerage service.

Users can also access TD Ameritrade’s advanced trading platform, thinkorswim, through mobile and web devices. The thinkorswim app lets users research market performance and compares funds based on Morningstar data. TD Ameritrade also provides educational materials and tools to help investors make smarter trading decisions.

TD Ameritrade’s mobile app is similar to its desktop platform. It features an extensive green trade button that allows users to enter symbol information. The app also allows users to monitor their watchlists and subscribe to alerts. TD Ameritrade mobile offers the same level of precision and security as their desktop platform. TD Ameritrade’s mobile apps are compatible with smartphones and tablets and automatically scale to the screen’s resolution.

Users can use the thinkorswim app to analyze stocks, futures, and forex markets. The app also offers chat support with TD’s trading desk. In addition, TD Ameritrade’s customer support is second to none, with representatives available to answer questions and technical issues. Customers can also visit TD Ameritrade’s branch locations nationwide.

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TD Ameritrade also has a comprehensive stock screener. Clients can also create custom screens by entering multiple parameters. With this, investors can narrow their searches to a specific market or industry. They can also set parameters to make a wiser investment, such as market capitalization.

TD Ameritrade offers a wide range of analyst reports and market highlights. It uses research from third-party sources, including Dow Jones, Credit Suisse, and the Center for Financial Research and Analysis. Its library of research reports includes recommendations on stocks, companies, sectors, funds, and bonds.


Wealthfront is a financial platform that uses a Robo-advisor to manage your money. The site asks questions about your goals and risk tolerance and then gives you a prebuilt portfolio based on your answers. You can also manually change your risk tolerance level and adjust your contributions over time. The platform also uses threshold rebalancing to ensure that your portfolio doesn’t drift more than 3% from its pre-set allocations.

The software uses Modern Portfolio Theory to create portfolios based on risk tolerance and financial goals. Before starting, you must have a minimum investment amount of $100,000. Wealthfront’s website says more customization is coming soon. It has a free trial that allows you to try it out to see how it works.

If you have a taxable account with Wealthfront, you can borrow up to 30% of your portfolio without submitting a formal application. The platform uses your taxable investments as collateral and offers lower interest rates than most credit cards and personal loans. In addition, Wealthfront offers a free retirement planning tool and an automated financial advice engine.

Another helpful tool that Wealthfront offers is a tax-loss harvesting feature. Wealthfront automatically replaces investments resulting in short-term capital gains with investments with lower turnover. The software also offers stock-level tax-loss harvesting, reducing your tax bill. This feature is available for users with taxable and retirement accounts.

Wealthfront uses a complex algorithm to customize portfolios for its customers. The software readjusts assets and allocations based on market fluctuations, dividends, and account activity. You can customize your asset allocation, exclude certain stocks, and adjust your risk score. However, this feature is limited to taxable portfolios with a minimum balance of $100,000.

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The Best Stock Investment Calculator Apps in 2023

Wealthfront does not provide live financial planners. Although they offer technical support during business hours, no live chat is available. The company also charges annual fees, which are the same as other investment services. However, these are minimal and have low fees compared to their competition.


Betterment’s stock investment calculator app lets you use the company’s online platform to make investments. The Betterment app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices. You will need to provide your name, address, Social Security number, and financial goals before using the app to make investments. In addition, you can also make withdrawals from your account without incurring any fees or penalties. Betterment also offers live customer support to answer any questions you may have about the app.

The Betterment stock investment calculator app offers several investment options based on your goals. The app uses modern portfolio theory, which emphasizes the importance of diversification. It uses exchange-traded funds to diversify assets across asset classes. In addition, betterment customers can adjust the percentage of their funds invested in each ETF.

The Best Stock Investment Calculator Apps in 2023

Betterment is an excellent choice for new investors and experienced investors alike. Its planning tools will help you make smart investments, and the platform syncs with external accounts to provide more accurate information. The app also lets you see the potential tax consequences of your actions and has various investment options.

Betterment also offers a premium account for more control. The Betterment Premium account comes with unlimited customer support and requires a minimum balance of $100,000 to invest. Its website and app are mobile-friendly, and you can access the Betterment team through email or phone. Unlike many other investing apps, Betterment does not charge for customer service but offers a free trial. All of these apps also offer a taxable account.

The Betterment app offers a variety of investment options, including individual, joint, IRA, and trust accounts. In addition, Betterment’s digital plan includes portfolio rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and a cash reserve. While the Betterment premium account does require an annual fee of 0.4 percent of assets, it offers several benefits, including access to Betterment’s certified financial planners via phone.

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The Wealthsimple stock investment calculator is a valuable tool for investing. To use it, you will first need to set up your account. This means providing your social security number and basic personal information. This will allow the calculator to match you with an appropriate portfolio. You can then sit back and watch your investments grow. In addition, you don’t have to worry about making day-to-day trading decisions, which is a huge benefit.

Wealthsimple also offers fractional share trading. This is an excellent feature because it allows you to trade fractions of shares instead of whole shares. You enter the amount of money you’d like to spend on a specific security, and the tool will estimate how many fractional shares you will need. Of course, as the stock price varies throughout the day, this estimate will change.

The company’s fees are reasonable, and there are no minimum deposit requirements. You can also set up automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvestment. In addition, you’ll pay no fees for transfers or trading. These services are available through the Wealthsimple website and mobile app.

The average rate of return for the index market has been around ten percent for the last 90 years. In contrast, bonds have yields ranging between one and five percent, depending on the risk. Savings accounts have had low-interest rates historically, but some offer more competitive rates. However, before investing, it’s essential to consider your risk tolerance and investment objectives. If you’re unsure what to invest in, consult a professional advisor.

Another feature of the Wealthsimple stock investment calculator is the risk level. The investment strategy is based on diversification. This strategy helps investors generate higher returns at lower risk. It also allows investors to control their risk level, and Wealthsimple customers can set the risk level to suit their needs.

The investment options offered by Wealthsimple include a discount brokerage and a Robo-advisor. Both of these services have advantages and disadvantages. It’s essential to make the right choice based on your financial goals and the level of time and effort you can devote to your investment.