The Best Tattoos for Men to Try This Year


The Best Tattoos for Men to Try This Year

The Best Tattoos for Men to Try This Year

Tattoos for men date from back in the old days. When you think of men’s tattoos, what comes into mind is a kind of tattoo that shows off your masculinity as well as one that is standard and unique. In modern times, tattoos have really advanced starting with the artistic skills, the ink used, and the complexity of the tattoo. Tattoos for men have advanced with time especially in terms of customization, personalization, and uniqueness.

When you get a tattoo as a man, you want it to give you a feeling of masculinity, you need it to look sexy on you making it totally worth the pain. A tattoo aligns with your idea so that it can portray the meaning that you want it to send. Some of the modern-day tattoos for men you may want to choose from are;

1.      Small Tattoos

When you want to choose a tattoo, the size is not really a big consideration as the message that you want to portray is more important. Choosing a small tattoo especially for a first-timer is a great idea because you do not know how it will look and neither do you know if you will bear the pain.

The Best Tattoos for Men to Try This Year

2.      Simple Tattoo

If you do not want to visit our tattoo artist a couple of times to reinforce the ink, then a simple tattoo is your best choice. This is because a simple tattoo can be done and completed with one session, unlike other complex tattoos for men.

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3.      Lion Tattoo

If looking for a tattoo that will show off your masculinity, then a lion tattoo is the kind of tattoo you are looking for. It can be made from a real lion image or a creative image depending on how skilled your tattoo artist is.

4.      Wings Tattoo

A wing tattoo is the best kind of tattoo to display freedom for a man. It best fits the back of the chest depending on your personal preferences.

5.      Compass Tattoo

For men who love to travel a lot, then a compass tattoo is the best choice of a tattoo for them. This is because a compass tattoo can send a deeper meaning like no matter how far from home you go, the compass will always show you the way home.

6.      Half Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo is best if you do not like to draw attention from people or those that want their tattoo hidden and undisclosed in official functions but they can show it off in casual gatherings. The upper arm is the best-fit location for short-sleeve tattoos for men.

7.      Flag Tattoo

A flag tattoo is the best symbol of one’s patriotism. According to MensHaircuts, they are usually inked on the armor on the chest closer to the heart to portray love for one’s country.

8.      Full Sleeve Tattoo

This is the best choice tattoo for men who like to show off their masculinity and personality through the work of art. It allows you to express what you feel without any fear of comprising and criticism.

The Best Tattoos for Men to Try This Year

9.      Viking Tattoo

Having a tattoo of the most feared kings in the old times can be a great way to display your masculinity as a man. They can be paired with skulls and painted on the full arm a show your true personality.

10.  Elephant Tattoo

This tattoo can be made inked on the back, chest, on your shoulder, or on your full sleeve. It simply portrays that you can bear the weight of the entire universe and still be a strong, courageous, and gentle beast.

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11.  Rose Men Tattoo

In most cases, this tattoo is usually accompanied by a quote or a name. This tattoo does not necessarily have to look girly as the addition of a darker ink color makes it masculine. With modern artistic skills, a rose tattoo can be used to portray a message to a loved one especially if they passed on or they are far away.

12.  Skull Sleeve Tattoo

These kinds of tattoos for men are common with the boys in uniform as they remind them of the risks associated with their line of duty. They come out well when displaced on the full arm with additional artistic features like roses.