The Best Tools to Engage Remote Employees

The Best Tools to Engage Remote Employees

The Best Tools to Engage Remote Employees

Basecamp can be used to organize. It’s a very visual project management application that makes it simple to arrange data, tasks, and documents. It can also be simply synced across various devices.

You can use boards to organize your workplace, move cards between lists on your board, and design your own workflow.

In addition, there is slack, connecteam, lounge, etc.

Getting in touch with your remote employees is no easy task. You might not be able to recognize them face-to-face because of the different time zones, but there are a few tools you can use to encourage collaboration and build a strong sense of community. You can use tools such as CloudApp, Slack, Connecteam, Loumee, and many others. These tools can help your remote employees feel part of your team and can help boost morale.


Whether your company has many remote employees or needs a way to streamline work, CloudApp can help you get the job done. For example, you can use CloudApp to share screen recordings and describe project management tasks. You can even create product demos and presentations with visual aids. CloudApp’s generous free tier offers unlimited file storage, so you can make as many recordings as you need. No more worrying about monthly storage quotas or deleting old files.

The Best Tools to Engage Remote Employees

Another great feature of CloudApp is sharing assets quickly and conveniently. Other cloud-based file storage solutions require you to create a recording, upload it, and set security permissions. But with CloudApp, you can record a video right from your taskbar, which will automatically be uploaded to your media library. Then, after recording, you can easily share it with anyone with a custom shareable link.

When working with a remote team, communication is critical. You can use tools like CloudApp to help you communicate with your team in real-time, reducing the chances of miscommunication and improving outcomes. In addition, establishing clear expectations can set your remote employees up for success. Finally, using tools like CloudApp can make your communication more personal and reduce the stress of being away from your team.


To make Slack an effective tool for remote teams, it should be set up with clear and concise channels. For instance, a priority channel for HR updates, an executive channel, and a team leader channel should be set up to receive notifications during office hours and read-only messages after. Also, ensure employees are aware of the importance of setting limits for notifications, so they will only respond when necessary. Moreover, make sure your remote teams have a work-life balance.

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The Best Tools to Engage Remote Employees

Slack is also a good tool for organization-wide announcements. You can control who can post in a channel by granting or removing permissions. This will keep your remote teams aligned across time zones and departments. Strong team culture is essential for effective collaboration, and Slack helps foster a cohesive culture. Moreover, it helps you communicate more efficiently with your remote employees.

The shift from physical to virtual work can also pressure the team. To help them cope with this new pressure, Slack is an excellent tool. Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that keeps colleagues in touch regardless of their physical location. With direct messages and private channels, Slack makes it easy to share and collaborate on work. Slack also helps teams get work done faster.


When you’re running a remote team, you need a tool that can help keep everyone engaged. Lougee is a web-based platform that encourages employee engagement and boosts productivity by providing activities and games. It’s the perfect tool for virtual teams as many remote employees only interact with each other over emails, instant messages, and video calls. This tool benefits team leaders by offering a fun way to engage their teams.

While many companies find that working from home has many benefits, especially in terms of saving office space, it can also lead to lower employee engagement. Remote workers feel less connected to their employers and are less engaged than their in-office counterparts. However, it is essential to remember that you still need talented employees to do great work. If you want to engage your team, consider some of the following employee engagement tips:

The first step is to make remote workers feel welcome. Make sure they know you’re a company that cares about their needs and wants. Next, you must show your employees that you recognize their strengths and weaknesses. If you can understand their passions and help them implement them into their work, they’ll be more likely to commit to your company. It’s also important to know that the workplace culture is supportive and they’re part of a team.

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Engaging remote employees is crucial to the success of your business. Engaging employees will make your job easier and improve your company’s culture. Employees will be happier if they feel they are part of a company that values them. Connecteam can help you do that by streamlining communication between team members. You can use it to share company-wide messages and employee spotlights and acknowledge individual milestones and organizational accomplishments.

The Best Tools to Engage Remote Employees

A tool like Connecteam will help you manage employee engagement, development, and relationship. It streamlines communication, gives employees a voice, and aligns them with company policies. With Connecteam, you can also measure employee feedback and measure company culture. So whether you’re managing a desk-based workforce or a remote team, this app will help you communicate better and get more work done.

It’s easy to use, too. Connecteam allows you to share documents, files, and even audio notes. You can even share company policies and training manuals. You can even automate information flow, manage employee surveys, and reward employees for delivering valuable information to their team. You can get a free trial or choose from three different plans. The premium plan costs $29/month and allows you to manage up to 30 users.

Managing remote employees can be challenging. Employees can feel invisible, so it’s essential to set expectations early. Remember to recognize your employees and let them know they are valued. You can do this by posting updates on your social media pages and ensuring your employees know when you’ll be available. The app will also help them stay focused and on task. This will help you build trust and create a happy environment for everyone.


One is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a way to better communicate with your team. The company’s communication app allows you to have one-on-one conversations, send real-time updates, and create a common space for team members to share ideas. This tool also helps you recognize star employees, post birthday wishes, and share kudos.

The first thing to do is ensure that you give regular feedback to your remote team. You don’t want remote employees to feel like they’re being left out of important information. So try to check in more frequently with your team, give consistent feedback, schedule recurring all-team virtual meetings, and send them information regularly. Keeping remote employees informed and engaged is vital, as they are more productive.

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Another tool to engage remote employees is Slack. If your team is based remotely, this tool is ideal. It allows team members to communicate through private channels and team-wide chat rooms. Whether your team communicates via chat, email, or instant messaging, this tool has the tools to make everyone happier. It also helps managers track individual performance and set goals, leading to higher productivity.

Providing employees with more flexibility is a big plus, but some things must be done to keep remote workers engaged. Using the right tools, company executives will get valuable information from remote employees and ensure their efforts are appreciated. Using one, managers can ensure their employees are engaged and motivated, which will help them become even better workers. The tools are easy to use and help create a positive work culture.


If you want to reward your team’s top performers but don’t have the time to manage an employee recognition program, Awardco is the tool for you. With its robust rewards network and simple customization and optimization options, Awardco makes it easy to create an employee recognition program that works for your business. Awardco also offers multiple reward options, including Amazon gift cards, tickets, hotels, and even donations to charitable organizations.

Awardco is one of the best tools for larger companies to motivate and engage remote employees. They offer a vast selection of rewards and integrate seamlessly with Amazon Business. They also automate important dates. However, if you only have a small team, Giftogram is an excellent option. This platform lets you create, manage, and distribute gift cards without the hassle. In addition, you can choose the date the employee will be given the rewards.

Awardco also helps you create a positive work culture by rewarding employees for their achievements. This SaaS-based platform is excellent for small to medium-sized businesses and fits the needs of both in-office and remote employees. If unsure whether Awardco suits your company, you can sign up for a free trial to see what it’s all about. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out their website.