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Themis Bar Review
Themis Bar Review

Themis Bar Review

Themis Bar Review combines affordability with all the flexibility of an internet study program.

A student can access the internet study portal from anywhere. A cellular app lets users download content beforehand for occasions they find themselves with no net access.

Themis Bar Review provides a fantastic summary of the subjects’ vast assortment without overloading students with surplus material. Learners may tweak the proposed study program to satisfy their requirements without being inundated by too much info.

PROS Available for a Wide Selection of Devices

Among the very first online applications in its area, Themis capitalizes on its universal accessibility. All devices, such as smartphones, tablets, tablet computers, and e-readers, do support total Themis Program. You can download the program from iOS and Android, which makes this class quite mobile. Concise Learning Modules

Video pieces of training are broken up into shorter, more manageable sections of 15-20 minutes to keep students focused and interested. According to research in instructional design and learning retention, Themis Bar Review presents data from smaller doses to prevent students from getting overwhelmed. It also permits them to process data at their speed. Fair Price

Price factor

Themis includes a cost of $1,295 to $1,695 based on the state and application you select. While this certainly is not inexpensive, it costs significantly less than most other important Bar Prep classes available in the industry. There are no hidden fees or related costs. A few students could qualify for another discount if they intend to operate in the public interest sector.

This training course aims at students who need optimal flexibility as opposed to a traditional classroom strategy. Many features help students organize their period. A preset succession of jobs, a to-do record, and a lively calendar keep students accountable and on track. Additionally, the progress tracker screens the to do and complete list. There’s sufficient structure for those pupils who want it.


CONS Not Available in Every Area Students from all countries can make the most of the internet review stuff Themis provides on their site.

PASS Prices

Themis provides comprehensive pass rates from the state on its site. Pass rates vary from 70-90%, with the high pass rates from pupils who finish 75percent of their class before the examination.

Themis is ideal for self-motivated students who need the freedom to research the move from a mobile device. Since the program is entirely online, there aren’t any classroom sessions to attend. Working or having additional duties will benefit from this flexibility and the reasonable recommended study program (six to eight hours every day and review on weekends).

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Professions at Themis Bar Review

The leaders in bar exam created Themis, the first online bar review, with planning to eliminate conventional study hurdles. The Integrated Learning System™ keeps you on course to prepare entirely by directing you through internet video quiz clips. You are professionally connected to outlines. And lecture notes, MBE & composition clinic questions, practice pub examinations, and evaluation quizzes. All class elements work together to build on your progress, keep you focused, enhance your retention, and make sure exam day victory.


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Themis provides complete bar review preparation from the next 43 jurisdictions;

Personalize your degree of individual study.

One excellent option is the capability to personalize your degree of individual study. From the Directed Study manner, you need to finish a daily collection of jobs. If you skip a day or longer, the lively calendar makes adjustments to your program so that you may grab up to where you ought to be. 

You can jump around and finish assignments by yourself with no prescribed program from the Flex Study manner. It’s possible to change back and forth between the two modes based upon your schedule and which sort of education works best for you personally. Hard copies of this Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), say summarizes. They supply both the MBE Milestone and Simulated tests and Performance Test (PT) queries and answers. Visual students can publish hard copies of their handouts that accompany every lecture to carry notes. 

An early adopter of online learning, Themis supports more different sorts of apparatus than its rivals and has completed the instructional research to back up its approach. It delivers a comprehensive overview instead of a thorough review of relevant material, making it excellent for all those who wish to focus on the big image.


I have a history of succeeding in college preparation, bookkeeping, finance, nursing, graduate, and health care verticals. UWorld joins forces with a fellow business leader to assist law students in passing the bar examination.

-UWorld, a company trusted by over two million pupils to high-stakes online learning programs, has obtained Themis Bar Review.

Themis Bar Review
Themis Bar Review

 A top supplier of internet pub review classes that have helped almost one hundred million law students get ready for the bar examination. The purchase proceeds UWorld’s expansion across sectors and will bring substantial value to the legal profession.

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“Themis Bar Review appealed to UWorld since we share an Identical commitment to Getting a momentous Effect on pupils’ test results.”

Online pub review class

Themis revolutionized bar prep by providing the first utterly online pub review class in the nation. It is using a unique mixture of on-demand lectures segmented into 15-20 minute phases, evaluation questions. 

The last review summarizes. All designed by pub review pros to boost retention and fight mental fatigue for pupils” explained Rick Duffy, CEO, and founder of Themis Bar Review. “Beneath the UWorld umbrella, we’ll keep our unwavering dedication to creating just the content that is pertinent and supplying it as many law students as you can.”

How does it benefit the law students?

UWorld’s fast adoption across content areas fueled its commitment to deploying the many rigorous learning tools on the marketplace. UWorld will use the same approach to assisting law students in preparing for their bar examinations. UWorld will bring various product improvements and technology developments to Themis Bar Review clients. In April, UWorld established a state-of-the-art MBE QBank, composed of an in-house group of seasoned, successful lawyers and law academics. 

The Themis acquisition proceeds UWorld’s move into legal instruction. It strengthens its commitment to deliver the very best education and test prep instruments to law students. “Themis is a trusted and recognized brand among law students. And we are going to continue to earn this trust by helping pupils achieve their dreams” To find out more about other online learning tools, see

Around UWorld

UWorld is the global leader in online learning to prepare high-stakes examinations. In the heart of UWorld’s assignment is an obsession with quality, which means pupils receive only the very best in learning tools. Students may effectively and effectively prepare for every subject on their examinations with hard practice questions that reflect the actual tests and unrivaled explanations. To get more information, please see


The research materials

Themis Bar Review is the first online bar review and the only pub prep company to publish its pupils’ bar examination pass prices. According to the latest research on memory retention and understanding, Themis’s research materials help specifically to optimize retention. Themis has advanced tools like the Flexible Calendar and Research Pacer, which use AI to correct daily missions. The class lectures segments into 15-20 second phases to fight mental fatigue. To get more information, see

Students commented, “I have used Themis for the MPRE and also my Proof Class. It had been phenomenal for my proof course. The sole reason I passed to be fair.

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The MPRE class was less useful. It was not that the movie was not all that useful, but the damn teacher was too showy and trying too hard to be funny instead of merely describing shit. However, the outline did assist with stuff. I’d rank the MPRE movie a 6.5/10. Adhere to the paper outlines and consult with the online videos for inspection. I have seen our “unpublished” pub scores, and they are pretty great in my home state. Our scores were more significant than the ordinary bar passage rate.”

Around Themis Bar Review

Themis, being the more recent of these club prep classes, really offers more incentives should you choose them. They could go considerably lower than the advertised cost when you begin saying you wish to go using BarBri or Kaplan. If you ask them, they will refund you a chunk of your down payment into another bar prep classes that they do not usually advertise.

Overall, I would say try Themis out. The movies are free, and perhaps have a peek at BarBri but do not get suckered in their “We just provide this price this season, therefore deposit cash” bullshit. I understand BarBri repetitions. And they are always keen to fall in cost too. No matter what their “advertised price” is. I genuinely don’t know a lot about Kaplan, but that I was not too fond of their LSAT course, and a rep rubbed me the wrong way after so that I prevent them.

Other reviews from students

People who employed Themis for Bar Prep: How can you use these materials, and did you do anything besides? E.g., did you choose notes different from the fill-in-the-blanks, create your outlines sensibly?

I utilized Themis and handed it the very first time. I didn’t examine their outlines before viewing the assignments. Instead, I made my very own outlines while viewing the lectures.

 (I’d pause and rewrite the data in the handouts), and I’d add to them while performing training essays and MBEs. I had been that kind of man in law school who created their traces, which followed me to pub prep. If I do not write it and format itself, I will not recall it.

 Frankly, considering how long the Themis traces are, it’s probably saved me some time creating my very own. The crucial Pass cards have also been a godsend. At the conclusion of the day, do whatever works for you. If you’re able to do the job well from the others’ outlined, then stick to the Themis class and target for at least 75 percent conclusion.