These four cryptos are 10x better than bitcoin in 2022

These four cryptos are 10x better than bitcoin in 2022

These four cryptos are 10x better than bitcoin in 2022

List of four most promising cryptocurrencies that may be 10 x better than bitcoin in 2022. Keep watching.

  1. Ethereum 
  2. Litecoin
  3. Solana
  4. Uniswap

Cryptocurrencies, broadly defined, are digital tokens or “coins” that reside on a decentralized ledger called a blockchain. Cryptocurrencies with the best growth potential are in the mainstream this year. Their growth is unavoidable in the crypto market. There is no dull moment between Bitcoin (BTC), which earned nearly $ 40,000 that year, and Shiba Inu (SHIB), proving that Pupcoin is more than just a meme. But things are just getting started. It is expected that in the next year, they will show the immense potential to thrive even more than 2021. Due to their highest growth potential, cryptocurrencies are attracting the attention of crypto investors to invest in their digital wallets. 

Don’t worry if you wonder which cryptocurrency is best to invest in or are new to the crypto world and want to enter this market! This article features the four best cryptocurrencies options to invest in to provide better gains in 2022.

Here are the four most promising cryptocurrencies one should buy as we enter 2022.

1. Ethereum (ETH)

As 2021 winds down, it’s a fantastic concept to begin considering your investment strategy before heading into a new year. For that, Ethereum is an easy bet for achievement in 2022 for countless such reasons. To begin with, it has monstrous market capitalization, making it one of the more secure investments in space. As such, its high market capitalization means it has a good reputation and load of money to work with. And given the Ethereum roadmap for the upcoming year, it’s hard to say that ETH isn’t one of the best cryptos to invest in.

Short Overview: Ethereum was first launched in 2015, but it was one of the strongest cryptos to invest in last year. Its price has risen by more than 534%. Since the beginning of the year, it was compared to a 94% rise in Bitcoin over the same period. More importantly, it is transitioning to its upgraded version Ethereum 2.0, making it more sustainable and faster. It is believed that Ethereum can cross Bitcoin in the next few years.  

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Attracting more investors: Ethereum accounts for most of the financial transactions and payments in all sectors to provide most of the DeFi protocol infrastructure. Due to its updated version, global energy consumption for mining Ethereum is expected to be reduced by 99%. The implementation will go through a phase from 2022, but institutions will make ETH an “ESG-friendly” alternative. This update will make it more attractive to the investor community.

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2. Litecoin (LTE)

Most probably, Litecoin will be pretty good in the upcoming year. Litecoin is currently the 17th largest cryptocurrency globally, with a market capitalization of $13.8 billion. LTC cryptocurrency generally follows other primary cryptographic paths such as Bitcoin (CCC: BTC) and Ethereum (CCC: ETH). It shows a high correlation with these higher-level cryptocurrencies.

Quick Rundown: For example, LTC has increased by 58.5% so far this year to $ 200.04 per token on November 2nd, 2021. Similarly, Bitcoin surged in 2021 YTD (year-to-date). On November 2nd, it was up 114.5% to $ 63,031. Litecoin is supposed to be a simpler version of Bitcoin modeled on it, so performance tends to go in the same direction.

Launched in 2011, Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin and is often referred to as “Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold.” It was developed by a 7MIT graduate and former Google engineer, Charlie Lee. 

Most promising Investment: Litecoin is based on a global open-source payment network. Central authorities do not control it. And it uses “encryption” as proof of work that can decrypt with the help of consumer CPUs. Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin in many respects but has a faster block generation rate, which reduces transaction confirmation time. Besides developers, more and more crypto investors are accepting Litecoin. As of November 2021, the LTC token has a market cap of $14 billion and tokens worth about $200, making it the most promising investment cryptocurrency in the world. LTC investors may see this as an excellent opportunity to invest in LTC cryptography.


Solana is a hit among investors looking for the next big thing. The network is considered a rival to Ethereum and claims to be a good opponent of intractable projects. Its incursion into NFTs and the enormous profits helped prove his worth. And as more users use blockchain technology, its scalability becomes quite attractive for them.

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Main Points: Solana takes pride in its incredible scalability. This scalability distinguishes between the apparent differences between Solana and Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum can only process dozens of transactions per second. Solana works with Merge’s overhaul to fix this, but SOLANA offers an immediate alternative. According to the developers, Solana can process 50,000 transactions per second.

There are currently a whopping 68 million crypto hardware wallets that help determine the number of network users. Developers also expect this number to increase significantly over the next year and beyond. More and more networks are making their services mobile, which will drive more adoption. If so, trading volume will increase, and networks like Solana will be essential to spur growth.

Challenger for Ethereum: Solana is also a dark horse competing for NFT market share. But it is showing itself to be a good enemy for Ethereum. With the launch of NFT, Solana Apes sold 10,000 tokens in minutes in August. This event marked Solana on the map. More importantly, it helped Solana gradually increase its market share along with Ethereum. So, it will be a promising investment in the following years.

4. Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is a candidate for the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2022 due to its growing interest in DeFi.

Finances can be very tricky. Many people want to generate income from their existing assets passively but at the same time like to access those assets. Some people cannot even open a bank account due to personal circumstances that prevent them from making money. And some don’t like the formal procedures and fees associated with traditional banking.

Brief Summary: Uniswap offers investors a more independent and profitable way to bypass traditional banking. Uniswap, a DeFi protocol, allows users to generate passive income from crypto assets. When someone uploads their holdings to the Uniswap protocol, they can stake their coins and tokens for manual rewards. They often generate higher annual interest rates than traditional savings accounts. Users can also withdraw funds whenever they want. This process allows the protocol to work with the user’s schedule rather than the other way around.

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One of the most attractive factors driving investors to Uniswap is its willingness to change protocols and adapt to user demands. The protocol has been updated twice since the exchange began in 2018. Uniswap v3 was launched in May 2021 and saw a centralized liquidity service that increased transaction execution efficiency and formed a unique NFT for liquidity providers.

Chains to buy Uniswap: Of course, you can also buy UNI tokens yourself with Uniswap DEX. However, suppose you don’t have an existing cryptocurrency. In that case, you will first need to buy Stablecoin elsewhere because DEX does not allow fiat money transactions. Alternatively, you can buy UNI on Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, or FTX.

Investing on Bitcoin (BTC) in 2022

Did you think that Bitcoin wouldn’t be on the list of best cryptos to invest in, in 2022? Of course, it is. Although it’s been around for decades, it is just starting with some unprecedented achievements. The demand for Bitcoin alone is enough to guarantee that we will add currency to our portfolio. More importantly, crypto is an industry-wide gauge that creates or destroys almost every other asset in the market. BTC is the biggest asset that cryptocurrency investors have. And Bitcoin’s market capitalization accounts for about 40% of the entire industry.

Driving Wheel of Crypto Market: In fact, this isn’t quite as a market weather vane as the driving wheel. If Bitcoin is bullish, we can expect the crypto class to be relatively bullish. However, when Bitcoin falls, all bets are disabled. So, it is what we saw in the summer when Bitcoin’s value plummeted, and almost all digital currencies fell together.

When you invest in Bitcoin, you invest in the entire industry’s success. Besides, Bitcoin brought huge gains. This year alone, the coin has soared from less than $30,000 to less than $70,000. It also doesn’t seem to slow down, and many analysts expect BTC to rise to surprising levels. Despite thousands of challengers, the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, stays the presiding player in economic value and usage. Each coin was worth about $ 60,000 as of November 2021 and had over $ 1 trillion market capitalization.

So which crypto will you be following to invest in, in 2022? Share your answers in the comments section. 

Happy Investment to all the crypto investors!