These Stocks Could Be WallStreetBets Next Target

These Stocks Could Be WallStreetBets Next Target

These Stocks Could Be WallStreetBets Next Target

If you’re in the market for a good bet, then look no further than the cannabis sector. WallStreetBets has over 11.6 million members, and it was founded in 2012. In 2021, it became known for its short squeeze rallies. Despite its popularity, there are still questions regarding their next target. Listed below are three potential buys for WallStreetBets.

Blink Charging

As the adoption of EVs increases, Blink Charging Co. is a leading provider of EV charging equipment. The company is providing EV charging stations at General Motors dealerships, and this deployment is expected to accelerate EV adoption. The company has partnered with facility solution providers to deliver turnkey EV charging installations. Investors should be careful when betting on the stock, but there are a few things to watch out for.

First quarter earnings are due out May 13th. Revenue jumped 250% year-over-year to $2.5 million. It also deployed, sold, or acquired 1,136 commercial EV charging stations. Revenues rose 51%, while net loss increased to $7.9 million. However, the company reported a net loss of $2.9 million a year ago, which was narrower than the year-ago quarter.


The market is abuzz with talk about the next “hot” short squeeze target, and that stock could be Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (NYSE: SKT). After all, the factory outlet center operator is the third most heavily-shorted company in the market. And with a stock that’s up 25% on Thursday, it is a good buy for investors. But there are several things to watch out for when investing in the stock.

As a member of WallStreetBets, I follow the stocks that have high YOLO factor. This means they have high short interest, which means other investors have borrowed shares and are betting against the stock. Then, the short sellers buy back borrowed shares. So, WallStreetBets members will want to take advantage of this situation. But how do they go about it?

First of all, WallStreetBets is notorious for immature threads. Many of them contain profanity and controversial references. Most of these users are younger, and discuss competitive topics with slang and profanity. And that’s just the beginning. Hopefully, they can continue to get the attention they deserve. And maybe even become the next Tanger. This is the perfect opportunity for investors and traders to make some serious cash.

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If you’re looking for a high-risk, high-reward stock, look no further than Tilray. This marijuana company has become a favorite among WallStreetBets. After all, it was a company that was shorted by major institutions. As such, its stock price has no fundamental value and is an excellent candidate for a short squeeze. If you’re not comfortable with high volatility, you may want to consider investing in a different stock.

Tilray’s current trajectory is impressive, but it isn’t enough to make an investor rich overnight. There’s no magic bullet when it comes to investing. Don’t expect to get rich overnight – stock markets are full of drama and emotion, and you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune overnight. Expecting too much success and wealth from any investment is a dangerous and unrealistic expectation.

This stock has already surged nearly 40% since its IPO, and now it’s back to a reasonable price. A move above $7 could send its price soaring. The company has been increasing its profits slowly, but could be hurt by the Senate’s opening of the cannabis industry. As a result, WallStreetBets has turned their attention to this Canadian cannabis company.

Tilray merger with Aphria

Tilray’s merger with rival Aphria may be a big deal to investors. The company recently updated its bylaws to lower the quorum required for shareholder votes. A merger of this nature would require one-third of the voting power of both companies, and it is expected to be the biggest cannabis company in the world. According to analyst estimates, Tilray has already bought up 25 percent of Aphria stock.

Last week, Tilray announced a merger with Aphria, a Canadian pot company. After the deal, both companies will trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Aphria shareholders will receive 0.8381 Tilray shares for each share they own. The combined company’s stock price will probably increase considerably, as will the market’s overall demand for pot.

Legalization of marijuana is only a few years away, but the stocks of both companies are likely to increase significantly. In addition, investors should be aware that the Cannabis Legalization Act has been passed in Congress. As long as the omnibus bill is passed, marijuana stocks will likely be legal in the United States. Even though legalization is still a few years away, the merged company will likely benefit from the lower costs from reducing production costs. With this, it will increase the market share of cannabis in Canada and expand its infused beverages.

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Tilray’s turnaround story

While the company’s revenue has grown rapidly, its financial performance has been less impressive. In its fourth quarter, the company lost $180 million in impairments, and its operating costs have been too high to cover its debt. With a $450 million debt due in 2023, Tilray needs to reduce its spending and improve its profitability. Its stock price has fallen over 63% in the past year alone. It is not yet profitable, but there’s reason for investors to believe in Tilray’s turnaround story.

Tilray is now in the spotlight as a pot cultivator. The company has operations in the U.S. and Canada. In late 2018, the stock was valued at $100 and was widely regarded as the poster child of the North American cannabis industry. Since then, the stock price has fallen to six to seven dollars, making it a bargain at around $6 or $7 per share. The company’s turnaround story is one of the best examples of an investment opportunity in a growing industry.

In spite of its recent stumbles, Tilray continues to lead the Canadian cannabis market. During the fourth quarter of last year, Tilray lost about 115 basis points of market share, while its rivals have soared to new highs. Despite this setback, the company’s future remains bright – the market will only continue to grow as it continues to grow. However, Tilray’s management is working to improve the Canadian segment and diversify its revenue stream.

Tilray’s short squeeze

The current market cap of Tilray is over $130 billion, so the short squeeze would send it to its high of over a thousand percent. Currently trading at around 6 times sales, Tilray has little growth and is bleeding cash. In comparison, rival MSO stocks like Curaleaf, Green Thumb Industries, and Cronos Group trade for a similar valuation, but have higher revenue growth and profitability.

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Tilray’s recent merger with Aphria has left WallStreetBets members salivating. Traders from the site have been instrumental in boosting Tilray’s shares to more than $60 in a matter of days. However, the stock has since retreated to a modest eight dollars per share. The company’s recent rise has gotten Reddit’s interest back. With the passage of the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act in the House of Representatives, Tilray stock is set to rebound.

In a previous move, WallStreetBets targeted GameStop as a target. While GameStop was a frequent haunt of millennial retail investors, the group viewed it as a “moral crusade” and a potential money maker. Now, the meme investor team is targeting AMC as their next target. The company has outperformed GameStop as its primary target.

Tilray’s future as a WallStreetBets stock

Tilray stock has dropped nearly 25% in the past month. The company’s third quarter financial results were less than inspiring, with a net loss of $22 million. Tilray has set a goal of reaching $4 billion in annual revenue by 2024, but has so far only managed to reach $620 million. While investors can only guess what will happen next, it seems like Tilray’s future as a WallStreetBets stock is not entirely in doubt.

But before investing in Tilray, it is important to note that the company has recently had a dramatic quarter. It is an example of how a short squeeze can work, as one can be unable to make a profit with an investment that’s over 30% below its price target. But while this situation may be a perfect opportunity for retail investors, the company’s lack of a “squeeze factor” could prevent it from rising to the level of a meme stock.

Recently, Tilray’s shares surged, soaring more than 50 percent from their February 10 high. The company has also recently signed a deal to merge with rival Aphria, creating the largest cannabis company in the world. This move helped boost Tilray’s stock by about 80 percent over the last six months, but its recent plunge has left investors wondering whether the merger will bring much more upside to the company.