Tips for the Stress-Free Hair Transplant Trip in Turkey Arrangement 

Tips for the Stress-Free Hair Transplant Trip in Turkey Arrangement 

Tips for the Stress-Free Hair Transplant Trip in Turkey Arrangement 

A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure that improves the appearance and self-esteem of men and women. It helps stop the balding process, and hair starts growing in its natural manner. Modern medicine allows hair follicles to be transplanted to the head, mustaches, chest, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes. 650,000+ patients go to Turkey to have their hair transplant surgery per year. The demand is enormous, but despite the procedure’s popularity, many people have doubts and fears. If you want to find answers to common questions before your hair transplant surgery, you can find detailed guidance at Here you can check top hair transplant clinics in Turkey, learn how the hair transplant process occurs, what the post-surgery process looks like, and when the first result can be seen.


Before you start arranging your hair transplant trip in Turkey, you should study the experience of verified patients and check before/after photos. Bookimed is a free medical tourism platform that provides such information. The service will allay all your fears by explaining to medical patients how to get prepared for the procedure. By discovering Bookimed, you will pick up the best hair transplant doctor/center in Turkey at an affordable price.

How Can Patients Benefit From a Hair Transplant Procedure?

The only condition to perform a successful hair transplantation surgery is to have enough healthy follicles in a donor zone. What are the perfect candidates for such a procedure?

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  • Men aged between 25-65 years old with male pattern baldness when the front top scalp gets affected the most.
  • Men who are dreaming of making their appearance younger to boost their self-esteem.
  • Women/men who face issues with hair due to unsuccessful cosmetic procedures, burns, or severe accidents.
  • Patients who have diffuse hair loss issues have a high chance of getting unsatisfactory results after the surgery.

Why Do Patients Select Turkey for the Hair Transplant Procedure?

Istanbul is known to be the cultural center of Turkey. The number of tourists that visit the city is more than 5,000,000 per year. Around 500,000 of them are medical tourists who come to solve many different health issues, and hair transplantation is one of the most common procedures. What motivates all these patients to choose Turkey for doing aesthetic surgeries? 

The Bookimed team professionally cooperates with 49+ hair transplant centers in Istanbul, Turkey. Below, you will see what these centers are ready to offer to their clients:

  • Affordable prices: you will pay up to 5 times cheaper for a hair transplant in Turkey compared to America or Great Britain. To give you an example, the average budget for a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul is approximately $1,800-$2,500, while you have to pay $12,000-$20,000 for the same operation in American or British clinics.
  • All-inclusive packages: one of the most significant advantages of Turkish clinics is that patients can order all-inclusive packages with all medical services coverage, airport pickup, translator services, and comfortable accommodation with food included.
  • Internationally certified medical staff: Turkish doctors have a high level of experience. They follow international standards and hold the proper certifications. Bookimed cooperates with specialists who never stop upgrading their skills, getting innovative knowledge, and applying advanced techniques in foreign countries.

How to Prepare for a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Before you start packing your luggage to go to Turkey for your hair transplant surgery, you need to get a detailed consultation with the Bookimed medical coordinator and an assigned doctor. If a doctor does not see any health issues, your hair transplant procedure will be assigned the next day. You should not worry about pain, as your doctor will use local anesthesia to make the entire process pain-free and comfortable.

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What Does the Hair Transplant Procedure Look Like?

Most men and women choose the FUE hair transplant type, which consists of several steps:

  1. The surgeon anesthetizes the donor zone.
  2. Around 3-4 hair follicles get extracted directly to form grafts.
  3. As soon as the surgeon finishes with the grafting procedure, they cover the patient’s scalp with gauze.
  4. All grafts are placed into a solution for proper maintenance of their quality.
  5. The final step is to insert those grafts into the bald area. It is a long process as the surgeon has to place them individually, one by one.

How Does Rehabilitation Go After a Hair Transplant?

If a patient wants to get satisfactory results, it is essential to follow the surgeon’s advice during the rehabilitation process. Here is the list of formal advice to follow:

  1. During the first 3 days, patients must not wash their heads. 
  2. In the upcoming days, it is desirable to use a particular medical pillow for sleeping. 
  3. To prevent falling out of grafts or bleeding, patients must avoid physical exercise and bad habits.
  4. A surgeon may prescribe certain medications.

What Results Do Patients Expect after Their Hair Transplant Procedure?

Patients should not expect immediate results after their hair transplant surgery. To see the final outcome will take some time. The first signs of newly growing hair start to appear in 6-8 months after the hair transplant procedure. You will see the outcome approximately in a year. You will forget about your bald area and start enjoying your natural-looking hair.

What Areas Can Be Improved With a Hair Transplant?

A qualified doctor can perform a hair transplant on the following areas to boost/restore the hair growth:

  • head
  • eyelashes/eyebrows
  • mustaches
  • beard.

How to Start with Bookimed?

Patients should follow these steps to make a successful arrangement for their medical trip via the Bookimed platform: 

  • Send your request via the website and wait for the reply of one of Bookimed’s coordinators. You will receive all the needed information during the first consultation session.
  • Select the most suitable medical center. Patients can view a big catalog of the top hair transplant centers in Turkey.
  • Start preparing essential medical records. Patients can see a preliminary program with approximate prices. It is crucial to verify your treatment budget beforehand so as not to have any surprises.
  • A medical coordinator will set the appointment on preferred dates.
  • A patient is responsible for preparing the needed travel documents to enter Turkey. You should verify whether you need a visa for your medical trip.
  • On the scheduled day, a patient arrives at the medical center and starts the hair transplant procedure.
  • Finally, it’s time to return to your home country and write your trustworthy review.
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