Top Blog Sites For Fitness and Health Supplements Guest Posts in 2022

Top Blog Sites For Fitness and Supplements Guest Posts in 2022

Top Blog Sites For Fitness and Health Supplements Guest Posts

There are a variety of blogs on which to publish a guest post relating to health and fitness. Top blog sites for suppliment guest posts include Breaking Muscle, Nerd Fitness, and ACE Insights. If you’re looking for a high-traffic venue for your post, consider these sites.

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ACE Insights Blog

If you are looking for a place to post fitness and supplement-related guest posts, consider the American Council on Exercise (ACE) blog. This nonprofit organization helps people lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce the effects of inactivity-related diseases. The site offers articles and videos about nutrition and fitness. The blog also features interviews with famous bodybuilders and motivational stories. ACE Insights is a great place to publish your fitness and supplement-related articles and tips.

This non-profit fitness and nutrition website features expert articles on a variety of fitness and health topics. Articles include celebrity bodybuilders, health tips, and supplements. The site is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start a fitness and nutrition program. The ACE Insights blog has an active following of more than one million readers. You can write about your own experience with fitness or supplement products, or you can share your knowledge on a variety of topics.

ACE Insights Blog is a popular choice for fitness and supplement guest posts because it features information from reputable sources. Regular readers visit the blog to get updated information on the latest supplements and workouts. The community-oriented content on the site can inspire people to improve their health. By contributing your fitness or supplement-related post, you can gain exposure on a popular and growing health blog.

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ACE Insights has a large database of medical conditions. You can easily find a specific supplement by its name or browse comments on the site. There are also special sections on diet, exercise, and healthy living, and there’s even a pregnancy section! There’s plenty of nutrition information on the site, and a fitness blog is a great place to showcase your knowledge.


Joe Mercola has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what’s considered “mainstream wisdom” and “dangerous.” While he isn’t a mainstream celebrity, he has had a great deal of influence. His articles have been featured on Huffington Post, CNN, and Today. But he has also had his fair share of controversy. His article on smartwatches caused an outrage online and led to a public editorial in the Times. The paper issued an editor’s note that cited studies that found no causal link between smartwatches and cancer. The public editor of the Times blasted the decision to treat Mercola credibly, but also cited the science that proved otherwise.

While Mercola is an expert on supplements and fitness, his views aren’t necessarily consistent with that of the mainstream medical community. A spokesperson for the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine declined to comment on Mercola’s views, and provided position papers that contradict his claims. Still, Mercola didn’t always stand on the fringes of health care. In fact, he was an early proponent of mainstream medicine. Despite being an advocate of holistic medicine, he once promoted the benefits of acupuncture and turmeric.

Mercola has made a fortune peddling supplements and a book about the COVID-19 pandemic. He also promoted health misinformation on the Internet, and portrayed health as a matter of personal choice. He promoted immune boosters with false claims of scientific approval. These are just some of the examples of Mercola’s misinformation. He’s an author of many books, including Bulletproof and The Shocking Truth About Supplements

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Mercola’s reputation has made him a controversial figure in the supplement industry. Mercola, a founder of the Organic Consumers Association, has been criticized for funding an anti-vaccine group, which met with anti-vaccine groups during the measles outbreak in Minnesota. Mercola has also donated $1.1 million to the California GMO labelling campaign. However, his anti-vaccine campaign is based on a flawed premise – that genetically engineered food is bad for us.

Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb’s blog has a distinctly nerdy vibe to it, but it’s aimed squarely at average Joes and aspiring fitness nerds. In 2008, he started this website, where visitors can play a game-like program, called The Academy, to learn about fitness and complete quests. This site is very unique among fitness and supplement blogs, since it has content geared towards people who identify as nerds or just average Joes.

In addition to being a great resource for fitness enthusiasts, Sean’s site is well-suited to new exercisers who are trying to build muscle mass without working out. But even experienced fitness buffs can benefit from his ebooks. For example, his body transformation blueprint, a 250-page manual containing workout routines, meal plans, and supplement guides, is a great way to improve your physique and get in shape.

Breaking Muscle

The Breaking Muscle website offers high-quality content backed by scientific facts, and it is considered a credible resource in the fitness industry. Breaking Muscle features articles, workout routines, videos, and recipes geared toward the fitness enthusiast and professional. The Breaking Muscle website also features articles and videos on diet and nutrition, workout routines, and tips for building muscle. Breaking Muscle is also a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts and consumers.

Nate’s training regimen is more on the bodybuilding side, but it’s still useful. The strength-training blog Stronglifts is another great choice. It features a community forum that is active almost every day, and Mehdi hasn’t posted there in a while. Another option is The Diesel Crew, a collection of tough guys focusing on powerlifting, strongman, grip training, and other fitness activities. This blog has lots of great content and cool videos, and the author often responds to comments and questions.

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A great example of a high-quality fitness and supplement blog is the Health and Wellness section of the website. The site is designed to be easy to navigate, with many blog posts on the homepage, and links to other articles. The layout is organized well, with boxes separating topics. The website also makes it easy to contact the website and follow fitness progress. And, if you’re interested in guest blogging for the health and fitness industry, there’s no better place to start.

Another example of a fitness blog is Gym Talk. This blog has a great balance of health, fitness, and humor. They include supplement reviews and great advice. Adam Bornstein is an industry expert and his blog is full of testimonials and reviews. Adam’s blog was featured in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book. And there’s no shortage of other fitness and supplement blogs.