Top Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

Top Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

Top Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

Top Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

TV series have taken the world by storm, and with so many great options out there, it can be hard to decide what to watch. Whether you’re looking for a new show to binge-watch or simply trying to find something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, crime thriller web series are a great option. From gritty detectives solving murders to serial killers on the loose, these shows are sure to get your heart racing. Here are some of our favorite crime thriller web series to check out.

  1. The Oath

This domestic terrorism drama follows a man who is arrested after he tries to join a revolutionary group that his brother set up called the New Founding Fathers of America. A slow-burn thriller follows as he tries to survive imprisonment and stay alive long enough to save those closest to him.

  1. Ice

Top Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

In this web series, two detectives are trying to track down a serial killer known as the Iceman, whose murders revolve around the ice. As they investigate further, they find themselves sinking deeper into an underworld of corruption and deceit with no idea who can truly be trusted. Season 2 just wrapped up, so you still have time to catch up before the next season airs!

  1. Every Knight Has Its Day

A group of twenty-somethings is thrust into murderous schemes when they stumble upon an ancient book that contains dark secrets. If you’re looking for something that’s packed full of mystery, action, and adventure, then Every Knight has its day is the perfect web series to binge-watch!

  1. Trenchcoat

A young woman goes missing after an online date with someone she knows through Craigslist. As her family tries frantically to find her, another girl turns up dead, again after an anonymous encounter through Craigslist. Someone has taken advantage of the anonymity aspect of internet dating and is using it against unsuspecting users. While this show isn’t as graphic as some others on this list, it can still be disturbing at times, so beware before watching!

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  1. The BayTop Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

From Stephenie Meyer, the creator of Twilight, comes a web series about a town that seems to have more than its fair share of dark secrets. The bay turns out to be a hotbed for pedophiles and drug dealers while also being home to some serial killers. As local detectives try to figure out who is doing all of this, the story unfolds in shocking ways with no shortage of twists and turns.

  1. Thirteen

If you’re looking for something similar in tone and style to Pretty Little Liars, you might want to check out this British crime thriller series. This show follows Ivy Moxam, who wakes up one day with no idea who she is and desperately tries to piece together her past after finding herself locked inside an abandoned building. The only problem is that the building used to be a children’s home, and she has no idea what happened there or if her memories are even real. As Ivy unravels this mystery, she must also try to figure out who she really is after finding out that everyone around her might have been lying to her entire life.

  1. Trackdown

Top Crime Thriller Web Series to Binge on

This Australian series takes place in the Outback, where a man named Ben Sanders sets up shop as an independent bounty hunter with his dog Bronco by his side. When local mechanic Clint Allen turns up dead, Ben gets involved in solving the crime because he believes it was murder rather than an accident, as police claim. What starts off as a small case quickly becomes much larger when Ben discovers that deep web hackers and a drug cartel are involved.

  1. Bron

The online series follows Bron, a private detective whose reputation precedes him—that is, he’s known as the drunk detective who can’t solve any cases. This changes when he is given an all-expenses-paid trip to Rome to prove himself and find his ex-girlfriend Sabrina. As Bron descends deeper into his search, things quickly escalate from murder attempts to criminal conspiracies and international espionage.

  1. Cold
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A police officer wakes up one morning only to discover that everyone around him has gone mysteriously missing. With no idea where anyone was or if they were safe, this cop must rely on his wits and instincts alone to survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness as he searches for his family and tracks down those responsible.

  1. Worthy

Follow Detective Lance McGregor as he attempts to unravel a mystery being played out in his small, rural community. The first season follows Lance as he deals with a deadly car accident involving a group of star football players from the local high school. As Lance investigates further, things soon take a dark turn.


Sometimes life gets bland and uninteresting. To keep your mind on the edge of adventure and wonder, crime thriller TV shows do your brain so well!

I hope you enjoy some or all of the shows mentioned above and feel free to add your favorite ones in the comments section below!