Top Trends in Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs in 2022 for elbow, arms & legs

Top Trends in Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs in 2022

Top Trends in Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs elbow, arms & legs

Lotus flower tattoos have become quite popular in recent years. And for good reason, as they are not only stunningly beautiful, they also have a great deal of symbolism and meaning.

In this article, we shall examine the popularity of the lotus flower tattoo as well as the meanings of different designs. As well, we shall highlight some of the trendiest lotus flower tattoos.


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Historical Significance of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has been depicted in artwork as far back as ancient Egypt. They have been discovered in

hieroglyphics as Egyptians believed that the lotus flower symbolized the concept of rebirth. As well, they represented the dawn of a new day as the lotus flower beautifully disappears into the water in the evening only to reemerge the next morning at sunrise.

 Buddhists believe that the lotus flower symbolizes divine beauty and purity. Additionally, when the petals of the lotus flower open, it is said to be a symbol of spiritual awakening. In Hindui culture the lotus flower is said to symbolize the purity of an awakened soul living amidst the worldly realm of existence.

In Chinese culture, the lotus flower symbolizes the beauty and purity of females. As well, it is believed to inspire harmony in matrimony. Western culture sees the lotus flower as a symbol of man’s ultimate search for meaning, as well as new beginnings.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meanings in elbow, arms & legs

Following are explanations of meanings of the colors of lotus flower tattoos.

Purple Lotus Flower: In Buddhism, the purple lotus flower represents eternal spiritualism.

White Lotus Flower: White lotus flower tattoo designs are said to represent intellectual and spiritual  perfection, enlightenment and purity. It is believed that white lotus flower tattoos will place the mind in a calm and restful state that will reconcile the individual with the world around them.

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Green Lotus Flower: Extremely rare, green lotus flowers are also a popular choice for lotus flower tattoos. It is used to symbolize rebirth or a “fresh start” for those who are looking to embark on a new path in life.

Red Lotus Flower: Used to represent romance, passion, and love, red lotus flower tattoos are often designed with the flower in full bloom. Otherwise known as the “heart lotus,” this design represents life at its best, filled to the brim with happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm for life.

Blue Lotus Flower: Believed to enhance and enrich spiritualism, the blue lotus flower tattoo symbolizes spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It is believed that this tattoo design will lead to a noble life filled with knowledge, wisdom, and honor. A half-bloomed blue lotus tattoo is said to indicate that inner growth is a contentious life journey.

Popular Lotus Flower Tattoo Trends

  1. Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo: Lotus flower tattoos filled with a brilliant brush of colors or in a stunning watercolor effect are one of the biggest trends for this tattoo design.
  2. Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo: Geometric tattoos are all the rage and lotus flower geometric tattoos are no exception. A lotus flower with a geometric shape on the design gives it an elegant look, similar to crystal.
  3. Lotus Flower Tribal Tattoos: Most often designed in Aztec patterns, tribal tattoos are often used to symbolize specific spiritual beliefs.
  4. Chinese Lotus Flower Tattoos: Lotus tattoos can be combined with Chinese symbols or water designs to represent the purity of the mind and heart. or you can add a colorful koi fish to the design, using  lots of colorful hues.
  5. Lotus Flower Om Tattoo: Based in Hinduism, the Om mantra is believed to harness energy and power via vibrations from the universe.
  6. Dragonfly Lotus Flower Tattoo: Used to represent transformation, the dragonfly lotus flower design is a great way to symbolize that you are in a time of great change and about to embark on a growth journey.
  7. Lotus Mandala Flower Tattoo: Mandala tattoos are also extremely popular currently. Mandalas are used to express the diversity, while the patterns symbolize the connection of these diversities. When combined with a lotus flower, this design can be used to indicate spiritualism and diversity.
  8. Egyptian Lotus Flower Tattoo: This popular tattoo design is believed to represent the power of healing for insomnia and anxiety. At one time, the Sacred Blue Lotus of the Nile was used to symbolize deities and royalty.
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