Top Trends Web Design You Should Know in 2023

Top Trends Web Design You Should Know in 2023

Top Trends Web Design You Should Know in 2023

A modern website is a guaranteed method to draw attention to your company. Not every law company, however, needs a cutting-edge layout. However, you must stay current with web design trends if you want to draw in a young clientele or if aesthetics are an important component of your business strategy. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. Here are some of the trendiest web design trends for 2023 that you should be aware of.

Moving Cursors

Designing how your users interact with your web elements, including their cursor, is another enjoyable method to personalize their experience on your website! Users love the unexpected subtlety of this 2023 web design trend. Visitors can enjoy playing with various scrolling behaviors or on-click commands by changing the cursor’s appearance or putting in cursor-triggered animations.

Against Modes

Anti Light Mode: Users want our gadgets and interfaces to be luminous intensity adaptive and able to vary accordingly. Gone are the days when users would occasionally desire to switch to dark mode. Allow the option to go from light mode to our nighttime friend dark mode when the light feels too harsh, such as when you need to wear those gorgeous sunglasses at 10 am after a night out. The original lighter interfaces are now practically mocked for how archaic or annoying they may be as more and more web development adopt dark mode.

Website Development with Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

A PWA is essentially a webpage that mimics an app in appearance. Tinder, Pinterest, YouTube Music, and Trivago Hotel Booking are a few examples. They are created using a specific set of tools, which we’ll discuss in more detail later. They are also distributed online. Whether it’s a desktop computer or a mobile device, PWAs are designed to function on any platform that makes use of a standards-compliant browser. The majority of what native apps can achieve can also be done by progressive web apps.

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A Single-Page Layout

Not every business will be a good fit for a one-page website. This type of site design is less practical the more details you need your clients to know.

Still, a one-page layout encourages consumers to spend attention on a portfolio or straightforward commercial website. The portfolio in the aforementioned example is jam-packed with interactive features and easter eggs. You might spend hours tinkering with the website; before long, you’ll be wondering what more this designer is capable of.

Voice Lookup

The market for voice assistant applications is predicted to grow from $2.8 billion in 2021 to $11.2 billion by 2026 as a result of developments in voice-based AI technologies, increasing adoption of voice-enabled devices, a greater focus on customer engagement, and the advent of low-code platforms for voice-assisted applications. In other words, it’s more rapid and straightforward than typing out a request.

Top Trends Web Design You Should Know in 2023

System Grid

In 2023, contemporary website designers will favor an asymmetrical design. To provide the web with the full capabilities of print layout, CSS Grid Layout is popular. For cascading style sheets, Grid Layout is a 2D grid layout technique. Website designers may create layouts for complex responsive web designs using grids. Sites also look cleaner as a result.


In the upcoming years, there will be an increase in virtual reality experiences on websites. Think about services like Airbnb that let you examine a rental home before booking. Or the capability of the IKEA furniture website to display how a sofa might seem in your space.

A website’s use of virtual reality (VR) can be a potent tool for providing visitors with relevant, useful content that aids in their decision-making.

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Combined Typography

Typography might feel like a chore for some designers. It’s difficult and thankless to find the ideal sans serif typeface in black and white for your elaborate visual design. Typography and design don’t always need to be separate for current websites.

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Text and photos are a must for every website, thus practically any business can benefit from this trend. Layering text over images, incorporating it into unusual geometric patterns, or in any other way integrating it into your design will help it become a part of it.

Smaller Games

We’ve all played the Chrome Dino at some point during downtime, so microgames are nothing new. In order to keep users engaged, microgames are gaining popularity and starting to show up in applications you wouldn’t anticipate. Especially in loyalty or point-based shopping applications.

Bottom Line 

Setting your own trends is just as vital for a stylish website as following the most recent ones. Your truly cutting-edge website could be inspired by anything, from TikTok to art history. Devox can help if you need a designer to make your idea a reality.