Uniqueness of Mind: The Main Ways to Reduce Plagiarism

Uniqueness of Mind: The Main Ways to Reduce Plagiarism

Uniqueness of Mind: The Main Ways to Reduce Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered unethical and not moral at all. Presenting someone else’s ideas or words, either unintentional or planned, is not something that comes with good consequences. Those who are caught plagiarizing, both in college as students or as researchers, face severe consequences. You might get a low grade if you intended to plagiarize. 

Your paper might not be accepted as a researcher because you did not use the right methods to avoid it. Avoiding plagiarism becomes increasingly challenging during this era, where access to information is so easy and fast. You might read a lot of articles and studies online and then end up presenting some findings as your own ideas, without even realizing it. But plagiarism should be avoided and here are some main ways you can do this. 

How to control the level of plagiarism? 

If you think a lot about avoiding plagiarism before actually starting to write, the entire process will feel like a burden. It’s crucial to be aware of this but not let it interfere with your creative process. However, to have no trouble with your paper, you need to make sure you do not have plagiarized parts in it.

But how to reduce plagiarism? Besides a free grammar assist you can use, there is an online plagiarism checker anytime. You can use it to make sure your paper meets the originality requirements and you do not face severe consequences afterward. 

But how could you boost your creative process and reduce plagiarism? Here are some ways you can do it. 

Always Take Notes 

One of the main ways you can avoid plagiarism is by taking notes. For your paper, you will read a lot of resources you will find both online and offline. Whenever you come across a nice fact or an interesting finding you want to include in your paper, make sure you note it. 

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Not only the quote or finding but also the source of the information. Mention the page of the book, title, author, and so on. These notes will be of tremendous help when you will work on your paper. It will be easy to choose the right method for mentioning these findings, but also the authors. And like this, you do not lose track of the sources you have used or read. 

Use The Right Citation Methods 

To avoid plagiarism, there are some methods you can use. Apart from having a plagiarism checker for your paper, you can apply some techniques in your writing process. And using citation is the easiest way to do it. Some might wonder what is plagiarism. Presenting someone else’s ideas as your own is plagiarism. You need to always keep in mind that citation can help you reduce plagiarism. There are many citation styles, such as the Chicago style or APA style, but this detail will surely be mentioned in the requirements list. Make sure to cite your previous work accordingly too. 


Another way to avoid and reduce plagiarism in your papers is to paraphrase. What exactly does this mean? Let’s say you have found a nice finding or idea in a scientific journal. Rephrasing that finding and including it in your paper along with the source means paraphrasing.

Uniqueness of Mind: The Main Ways to Reduce Plagiarism

This means conveying the same message with distinct words. You can find online tools too that could offer you some guidance and tips and tricks on how you could do it. This might boost your creativity too. 

Final Words 

Everyone is happy that technology is developing at such a fast pace. However, it comes with many challenges for everyone, especially for educational institutions. Having access to so much information can lead to plagiarism. 

Whether planned or unintentional, universities across the world fight against plagiarism. The consequences are distinct depending on the severity of plagiarism. So, it would be useful to apply some techniques that help you reduce plagiarism. Using the right citation methods, paraphrasing, quoting, and taking notes is essential. And they can help you deliver a paper that meets the requirements. 

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Bio lines: Carla Davis is a content writer and blogger. She takes a look, in her article, at how the educational system wants to combat plagiarism among students. Carla loves spending her free time reading a good book and listening to her favorite band.