Virtual Team Building Activities: Best Ideas For Work In 2022

Virtual Team Building Activities: Best Ideas For Work In 2022

Virtual Team Building Activities: Best Ideas For Work In 2022

The process of engaging with the remote teams to strengthen the bonds in the team in an online platform is called virtual team building. Several advantages are there of a virtual work practice that is important to highlight. 

The number of employees who could not concentrate on working in their office cubicles has increased by 16% since 2008-2014. But people who could not work correctly in a quieter space increased by 13%. 

It is not tough to organize virtual team-building exercises. In this article, we will discuss the best ideas for virtual team-building activities in 2022 for work.


QuizBreaker is one of the best virtual activities in Singapore. You have to make an account and invite your team members to answer the icebreaker questions. This game has a hundred fun icebreaker questions where you can also add your questions. The duration for each round is 2-10 minutes. 

The number of participants can range from 3-1000+. The quizzes will automatically be sent through email, where the team members have to guess the answers of each other once your team starts to answer the questions. Through each continuous round, levels and points will be unlocked in the game. You can set your chosen day to play and schedule the game.

Pulse employee engagement quiz

You can virtually stay connected to your remote team by running pulse surveys weekly. This tool will help you to determine how your team is feeling, and it will ensure that everyone is happy with the working environment. It will give you valuable data and keep an eye on the potential staff retention issues. You can use PulseMate for its perfect reporting. 

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Live hosted virtual trivia

A group of people interested in trivia will love playing Trivvy on an online platform. You have to book a session for your team. A professional trivia host will help you with the trivia game online. The trivia host will have several categories to choose from, like the themes from the 80s and 90s.  

Virtual escape room

In 2020, among the virtual activities in Singapore, the online virtual escape rooms hit it up as it was hard to reach the ones in the real world because of the worldwide pandemic. The virtual escape room is a browser-based game. 

Here, you have to go through many rooms with your team and solve the given puzzles to solve the main mysterious murder and escape within the shortest time. Over a zoom call, it takes 70 minutes to complete. The virtual escape room is the second-best virtual team-building activity for work in 2022. 


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with the best ideas for virtual team building activities in 2022 for work that we mentioned above after thorough research for you. 

Virtual team building activities or virtual activities in Singapore focus on improving your communication skills for your virtual meetings and effectively working together. 

But recent research has shown that employees who worked from home have been efficient and shown excellent job satisfaction and less psychological stress and burnouts.