What is the Weight & Cost of Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5e dnd?

Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5e

Is Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5e dnd good?

These tough leather gauntlets have iron studs that run across the fingers and back of the hands. These gauntlets give the extraordinary wearer strength and an additional +2 bonus to his Strength score. The magic must be applied to both gauntlets for it to work. It is really good to play. Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5e is a Wondrous Item, uncommon and requires attunement. While you are wearing these gauntlets, your Strength score is 19. If your Strength score is higher than 19 without them, they have no effect.

Strength Score, Buff, Handwear

What is the price and weight of gauntlets for ogre power 5e?

  • Price: 4,000 gp.
  • Weight: 4 lb

Where did the Gauntlets Of Ogre Power come from?

Original gauntlets were +2 in damage and ‘ogre power.’

Gauntlets of Ogre Power: These gauntlets grant the wearer the ability to strike as an Ogre and give his arms and hands the Strength of an Ogre. However, they do not increase hit probability. (Monsters and Treasure 1974, TSR p 38). Ogre’s inflicted more damage than average fighting men, doing 1d6+2 damage (Monsters and Treasure p. 8) rather than the usual 1d6 damage.

The DM allowed a Fighting Man to use Monster Attacking tables for a 4 HD monster if he had his gauntlets on. That may have been in AD&D games. The college had a mixture of both editions at the time DMG was released. The rules for “strike like an ogre” might have been different from one table to another. I believe that the intention was to allow the wearer of the Monsters Attacking Table to be used.

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AD&D 1e brought the strength increase.

The gauntlets were introduced in AD&D 1e to give an increase to your Strength. That was important because it was impossible to increase one’s stats/abilities scores in AD&D 1e without a magic item. As one leveled up, there were no ability score increases. The 1e UA Cavalier, which could eventually increase scores with time and 2d10 roll additions, is a notable exception.

Gauntlets for Ogre Power: These gauntlets are similar to traditional armor-handwear. These gloves give the wearer 18/00 strength in their hands, arms, and shoulders. The gauntlets increase hit probability by +3 and damage from hits made with a weapon or hand-thrown or held. This combination of a gauntlet and a girdle with extraordinary Strength and a weapon can make it very desirable. They shrink or enlarge to fit hands of human- to halfling size. (AD&D 1e DMG p. 145) (Remains the same in AD&D2e.

A Strength of 16 was a significant feat (+1 Hit, +1 Damage), so 18(00) gave you +3 Hit +6 damages – a substantial boost in your combat power. However, bonuses for the ogre in 1e were not available to the gloves.

Ogres can get a bonus of +2 hitpoints if they use weapon type to determine damage/attack. Leaders/chieftains receive an additional +1/+2 bonus. MM, AD&D 1, p. 75. According to the Monstrous Manual, their base damage was 1d10, and in AD&D 2e, they were able to deal damage of 1d10 “by weapon types, +6”.

The 3rd edition included a flat strength bonus of +2

The 3rd edition, which was the first WoTC edition, added a flat +2 strength bonus.

These tough leather gauntlets have iron studs that run across the fingers and back of the hands. These gauntlets grant great Strength and add a +2 to the wearer’s Strength score. (Gauntlets Of Ogre Power – SRD 3.0

D&D 4e: No ability boost

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The 4th edition had two versions of the gauntlets: one for 5th/lower level characters and one for 17th/higher levels characters. Levels in the 4th edition were up to 30. Tribality.com’s article “The Problem of Ogre Power” explains that

“Magic Items don’t boost ability scores.

Magic items in 4th editions did not make dramatic changes to characters. They often made minor or incremental improvements to characters. That is partly because magic items are inherently assumptions that characters level up. It also reflects the 4th edition’s tendency to balance different classes against one another (sometimes even to a fault).

Two abilities were provided by the 5th-level “Gauntlets Ogre Power,” which included two abilities. The passive ability grants the character a +1 bonus to Athletics checks or Strength ability checks, but not Strength attacks. As a once-per-day ability, the character can gain +2 damage rolls for the duration.

Suppose a 5th-level character is lightly maxed (taking character bonuses to Strength or Athletics when possible). They could expect to have Strength scores of up to 21 (+5) and Strength checks of +7 (+2 from “1/2 Level”), and an Athletics check score of +15 (+7 Strength check, +5 training feats), and +15 from Athletics).

Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5e:  The attuned wearer is Ogre Strength

The 5th edition aligns the gauntlets to the Strength of an Ogre. According to the Monster Stat Block, an ogre’s Strength is 19 (plus four hits, +4 damage).

  • STR 19(+4) 
  • DEX8(-1) 
  • CON 16 (+3) 
  • INT5(-3) 
  • WIS7(-2) 
  • CHA7(-2) 

(Basic Rules p. 147)

The D&D 5e gauntlets are a complete circle of the original idea from Monsters and Treasure. This Item combines the in-game Strength. And the power that the gauntlets grant the wearer with the Strength of an ogre.

These gauntlets will increase your Strength score by 19. If your Strength score is 19 or higher, these gauntlets will not have any effect.

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The original game allowed you to have the highest Strength without magic help. That was 18 (if you rolled for ability scores) or 18(00) if the Greyhawk rules were applied. However, ASI’s now allow characters to raise their strength score to 20 at level 8. The gauntlets are very useful for lower-level characters or any character who has not reached their maximum strength score.

I used them in D&D 5e’s one-shot

I created a monk with a strength 8 (and the athletics skills proficiency) (1 shot) and took the two rare items allowed, the ogre grunts as well as the ring for jumping. I could jump long distances and can grapple well. My unarmed strikes were magic attacks.

This concept was dubbed “The Boing Boing monk” by me, and I had a lot of fun with it. In one-shots, I’ve done something similar with several monks. In one instance, I used a belt of Frost Giant Strength.