What Are Culinary Camps?

What Are Culinary Camps?

What Are Culinary Camps?

An unforgettable experience and full of challenges. Workshops and conversations with great chefs and teachers, team events, sports competitions, themed parties, master classes with famous chefs and much more!

Cooking Camps: Great for the Summer

If you are looking for fun, innovative and creative summer camps then cooking camp in Singapore is the perfect place.

Using innovative pedagogical models, culinary camps encourage a healthy lifestyle and develop children’s social and personal skills through their passion for cooking.

These are camps that are increasingly in demand among the smallest, held back by the great success of some television competitions. Thus, they had a strong expansion throughout Spain.

Learn to cook from the hands of great teachers and chefs

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to take your first steps in the kitchen or are already a potential chef. You will learn from the most basic aspects to the most innovative techniques. Classes are organized in small age groups.

The content is updated every year to introduce new developments in classes, products and topics.

Attend various master classes from famous chefs

Most camps introduce new features every year and completely revamp the culinary program with new content and enriching experiences. In many programs, they usually invite famous chefs, where they can get to know great professionals in this field, who will inspire them and share their knowledge with them.

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You will compete in tests and culinary challenges by teams

At the beginning of the camp, different teams will be formed to compete every day in tests and tasks prepared by the team of teachers.

Cook the longest pasta, make a dish with the surprise ingredients you have, collect and decorate the cake and many trials and challenges that your team will have to overcome to win at the end of the camp.

You will play sports and engage in outdoor activities

In summer the days are very long, but not everything can be cooked!

Watchers are preparing sports competitions, excursions in the surrounding area and water activities in the pool so that you can enjoy the outdoors and stay fit.

You will have fun at big parties and theme nights

And after dinner, the fun continues… Every night, the camp caretakers organize different themed parties for you to have fun with new friends.

A team of observers and teachers will make your holiday unforgettable

The whole team exudes energy and excitement!

Each of the monitors will make sure you feel at home and will support and assist you throughout your stay. Observers will guide, motivate and encourage teams during cooking competitions, while your culinary teachers will be in charge of improving your culinary skills in a fun and entertaining way.

You will develop healthy lifestyle habits and learn how to use local products

A healthy man in a healthy body! A good cook must keep himself in shape. You will learn to appreciate and use healthy foods and we will encourage you to exercise regularly.

A fun Zumba or yoga session at the start of the day, paired with a balanced diet, will give you the energy and optimism you need to enjoy camp to the fullest.

You will live in a unique natural environment

Cooking camps very often take care of their facilities, which are located in unique natural settings and designed to make sure you don’t need anything.

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They have comfortable rooms with a bathroom, fully equipped rooms for cooking classes. Numerous common areas for free time, large gardens, modern sports facilities or an outdoor swimming pool and much more.

The whole team will try to make you feel at home!

You will make friends for life

You will get an unforgettable experience and share unique and fun moments with camp participants, facilitators and teachers. You will undoubtedly make friends who will stay with you for a long time outside the camp …

When the camp ends, it is customary to count the days until the return next year!

Why are cooking camps for kids so beneficial?

The benefits of cooking camps are numerous. From allowing your child to enjoy holidays with others who share their passion for cooking, to providing them with highly valued professional knowledge that could be their future career.

By keeping in touch with the cuisine, times and methods of preparing various recipes, your child learns the methodology of orderly work, an aspect that can be extrapolated to many areas of his life.

In these camps, you will also learn how to work as a team, strengthening bonds, building camaraderie, thus learning to share and interact with others.

The culinary camp will fill your child with positive impressions not only in cooking, but also in the personal sphere, which will undoubtedly be important in his development.

What will you learn at the cooking camp?

At kids cooking camps, your child will learn how to cook different recipes, including main courses, appetizers, pastries, desserts, and more.

You will also learn the meticulous techniques of serving food professionally. You will be able to see modules on nutrition, recipes for vegetarians, diabetics and people with special dietary needs. Even many culinary schools for children hold seminars on how to create a menu for celebrations, decorate the table, keep protocol and etiquette in such situations.

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Most cooking camps are designed to cover all stages of the cooking process, from purchasing supplies to serving at the table. For this reason, in many cases, cooking courses are complemented by visits and excursions to gardens, markets, cheese dairies and factories, where the child will learn how to cook and choose the best products for various dishes.