What is NTR? 8 Best NTR Animes of All Times People Love or Hate

What is NTR?

What is NTR? 8 Best NTR Animes of All Times People Love or Hate

NTR is an anime genre that many people don’t understand. NTR is the most controversial manga and anime genre. NTR is netorare. It is the act of causing emotional pain to the partner and the audience. The audience can be emotionally hurt by death, betrayal, or any other turn.

Kimi Nu Iru Machi is the most well-known NTR manga/anime. However, School Days and many other mangas that contain NTR are also popular. Kimi Nu Iru Machi was a great manga. It’s a long and deep manga, but it also has a love story that is almost real. NTR mangas can be difficult to write, so not many exist.

Meaning of NTR

NTR is a Japanese slang term. Most people are interested in the abbreviation. Because NTR is often hidden, it is not common to see it in anime. You can see the anime to tell. That is a genre you may not have heard of. NTR can be found in romantic comedy anime with a harem. Although it is a simple term with only one word, it can be abbreviated to three letters when it splits apart. NTR anime is great for those who enjoy romantic comedy anime.

The common theme in this type of anime movie is that the protagonist’s love or Main was  robbed by others or other personnel.

NTR in Japanese is Netorare (Qin Qu ra re), a Japanese acronym. This genre often cares about its viewers as it has many uncomfortable episodes. NTR’s popularity depends on viewers’ interests, so there are still many “plow” episodes.

The anime’s main goal is to convey anger and hatred to the viewers. Because the main character has a close relationship with his main lover, he becomes more bitter and resentful.

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The transmission of emotions to the viewers is key to a successful NTR set. This means that the viewer can empathize with the suffering and the hatred. The more viewers of anime NTR see the main character as the NTR, the better the NTR is.

NTR classification

NTR anime can be divided into three types:

  1. The main character’s lover is still in love with her but is being “sexually abused by” others. The main character’s lover robs this woman of her love, but she doesn’t want to be like that.

2. A main character’s lover is being abused or doing wrong deeds but eventually feels compassion for the offending character. These lovers often have a supporting character who can kill the main character.

3. The protagonist is horned due to his lover’s willingness to follow the supporting characters.

Do You Hate NTR Animes?

Because people believe that cheating on someone or their significant other is fun and acceptable, NTR is a sham that most people dislike or find disgusting. They don’t want their significant other to go. Many people dislike NTR anime. 

The first group would be those who hate anime because of their taste or opinions. Perhaps they don’t like the art style or the overly disproportionate NTR characters associated with anime.

People who like NTR often say, “aw, it’s only for fantasy,” even though they may wish to do something similar to NTR in real-life. Netorare is a netori (where the mc takes one’s important people) that many like.

8 Best NTR Animes of All Times People Love or Hate

1. Nozoki Ana

This anime’s love story started as an interesting one. The relationship became a nightmare. We’ve seen Kido and others betray one another. Kido Tatsuhiko, a Japanese student, moved to Tokyo and was captivated by Ikuno Emiru. Ikuno, a pervert, dragged Kido into a weird fetish. This is the story of one of the most important NTRs in anime. We follow Kido’s and Ikuno’s lives.

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2. Triangle Blue

After exchanging three magic words between Asato and Akane, things started to happen out of the blue. After exchanging three magical words between Asato and Akane, their relationship blossomed. It was beautiful at first, but it continued for four years before they could share the same room and graduate. One started working in a publishing house, while the other enrolled at a vocational school.

Akane took this first step towards her goal, and she hopes to one day collaborate with Asato on a book. Asato believes Akane’s happiness to be his most precious treasure and something he would never want to lose. Asato becomes hopeless when a stranger appears in their lives. We start to see the NTR being revealed. It was fun and painful since Asato had been with Akane for many decades. 

3. Rumbling Hearts

Many fans have fallen in love with Rumbling Hearts, which NTR means. Although NTR may sound more complicated than it is, once you see an anime like this, you’ll understand its true meaning. The above meaning also supports anime like this. It is fascinating to see how best friends end up falling in love with the same man. You might discover one cheating once the truth is out.

We have seen Takayuki Nairi and Mitsuki Hayase as best friends in Rumbling Hearts. Things change when Haruka Suzumiya falls in love with Mitsuki. Takayuki Taira and ShinjiTaira are Mitsuki’s best friends. Haruka adds insult to injury when she proposes to Takayuki. The boys aren’t likely to hurt the girl’s feelings, but Takayuki accepts Haruka’s proposal and agrees on a date. It does not change their friendship.

4. A Town Where to live

Although this anime is sweet and gentle, it can cause emotional damage. There are many lies and romance in A Town Where You live. This is the story of a man who will go to any lengths for love, even though there are limits. But in this instance, things are different. Although everyone thought Haruko was a fool and deluded, he never lost his love for the girl who made him happy.

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Yuzuki appeared in Haruko’s life and caused him to fall madly in love. However, things quickly ended, and Haruko was eager to rekindle their love. Haruko left his hometown to follow Yuki. 

5. School Days

NTR was revealed in School Days, which also revealed that different characters cheated in the anime. The relationships were mainly one-sided. This anime is associated with NTR. It starts as a harem but soon becomes cheating and manipulation. Most characters don’t get what they deserve in the end. It shows the love between students. However, things change when their world turns into a world where cheating is common.

6. Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora is NTR’s best Harem anime, and the story’s plot will explain everything. Although this story starts as sad, the main character’s life is transformed, and we start to see more harem and other things related to NTR. This anime is Ecchi. The best part about it is when they explain the true meaning of NTR. It happens when the main character is involved in multiple relationships. Fortunately, things turn out well. Some anime depicts a love triangle or multiple relationships.

7. White Album 2

White Album 2 is another anime that NTR introduced. It revealed a love triangle. Three friends have fallen in love, and it doesn’t get any worse when they keep their secrets. This NTR is one you should watch. It began Haruka Kitahara’s love story with a guitar boy.

8. Scum’s Wish

Scum’s Wish, an Ecchi anime featuring NTR, is filled with drama and love. This story is about lovers. But things get more interesting when the couple is betrayed and cheated on. This anime is a different kind of anime. It reveals consensual relationships. Mugi and Yasuraoka are a perfect couple of teenagers. However, they have fallen in love and decided to keep it secret. The secretive relationship between the couple and their desire to be alone has made this the most memorable NTR in anime.