What is the cost of Elixir of Health 5e in dnd?

What is the cost of Elixir of Health 5e in dnd?

How much is the price of the Elixir of Health 5e?

The cost range ( cost of elixir of health 5e) are as the following:

Price Range (per DMG) 501 – 5,000 gp
Price (per Sane Prices) 120 gp

Other details

Rarity Rare
Type Potion
Sanity Category Consumables
Relevant Page Number 168
Requires Attunement No


Detect Magic Aura

Suppose you examine a magic item when using the Detect Magic spell is active. In that case, You’ll notice certain auras based on the different schools of magic working in this item. When it comes to an Elixir of Health, auras include:


A flow and ebb of blues and oranges in a clash.


Is there a guideline for how many magic items like ELIXIR OF HEALTH or gold a PC can get per level? Is there a limit on the value of a particular item that PCs can have according to their stage?

The pre-season eight Adventurers League magic treasure guidelines will probably be an excellent place, to begin with, magical items. Generally, 1/2-tier appropriate magic items should be used for 2/4 of an hour spent playing (uncommon item for levels 1, uncommon for 5-10, etc.). However, that seemed to be a small amount of money, as official adventures released by WotC are based on this principle and are considered “official.”

Adventurers League, characters get 75 gold once they get to tier (at the tier 1 level, but they receive more at higher levels). However, they do not accept gold at other times. Before this change, there weren’t any rules on the number of gold players received in the first place, so this is an official rule. The amount appears low in my experiences DMing for various groups. However, it’s not a huge disadvantage.

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It’s important to remember that the hardcovers released by WotC vary from Loot Pinata (Storm King’s Thunder) and loot starved (Tomb of Annihilation), So it’s the player’s decision. The only thing I’d like to add to this is that 5e D&D gold isn’t worth much; therefore, don’t fret too much about giving it to players.


  • Potion, rare
  • Suppose someone consumes this potion; it will cure any illness which is afflicting you. It also eliminates blindness, deafness, or paralyzed ailments. The clear liquid is red and has tiny, glowing bubbles in it.
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide: DnD 5e Magic Items
  • It does not require attunement
  • The price is 501-5000 gp as per DGM & the sane price is 120 gp.