What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically to a Man? 3 Best Features of a Woman

What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically to a Man

3 Best Features of a Woman. What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically to a Man?

Men generally prefer women with full, feminine features, nice lips, symmetrical facial features, and a significant smile. They also look for a higher waist-to-hip ratio, healthy hair, high-pitched voice. Smooth skin and large eyes are female bodies that men consider attractive. But, this can vary according to individual preferences.

There are plenty of things that make a woman beautiful. Some have stunning eyes, and some have attractive lips or beautiful faces in every aspect. Their hair is gorgeous, and every part of their body is astonishing. However, what makes women captivating is their attitude.

Simple beauty makes women attractive physically. Makeup is best used in small amounts and only for social occasions or special occasions. It is unnecessary to put on makeup for an afternoon lunch, stroll in the park, or shop at the supermarket.

3 best features of a woman gifted by God

1. A Wider Waist to Hips Ratio.

The ratio of 7:10 is delightful, according to. The hips and waist are linked to the birth of a child, which makes people think that those large hips will be perfect for giving birth to a child!

2. The height

 Experts conducted one (comprehensive) analysis from 2010 from The University of New South Wales in Sydney. They said, “Much More Than a Ratio: Multivariate Selection on Female Bodies is important.” While factors like the waist-to-hip ratio and the size of the bust influence how men view women, they aren’t telling the entire picture. The taller women were perceived as more attractive. Still, in the evolutionary sense, males aren’t always looking for a slender, sleek, runway-ready figure. Men surveyed liked women who had legs that were proportional in length and height.

3. Big breasts

 You’ll be amazed that men are drawn to big bosoms. They prefer them, especially when paired with a slim waistline as, the researchers point out, several studies have already proven. Further, and in a way that should be a surprise to no one, studies have tracked eye movements. It showed how, when researching photos of women, males first examined their breasts and their waists. “Men also looked for longer at breasts, but attractiveness scores were more likely to be based on waist scores alone than the breast scores,” they wrote.

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3 Best Features of a Woman

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3 best features of a woman that can be amended

1. Smiles

 Well, happy people look attractive. But research has also shown that the whiter your teeth, the more appealing.

2. Overall Grooming

 How individuals groom themselves and their posture were as crucial as permanent features such as height. The reason for this is because evidence of self-care shows other people that you’re healthy and fit (and consequently, a great partner).

3. Less makeup

 You may think that contouring, layers of eye shadow, and dramatic lips make you look more attractive. However, it turns out that the natural look is much more appealing to men. The video states that men are more likely to choose women who use as much as 40% less makeup. However, it doesn’t need scientific evidence to prove that your natural self is the most attractive.

What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically?

The ability to communicate is the most appealing attribute women can possess. The keyword in appealing can be “attract,” which means the ability to make things appear to you. If a woman wishes to be attractive, that means she’s looking at attracting people to her. A teenager known to be a bit unconventional is likely to claim that they prefer only physical attributes more appealing. But grown-ups possess more qualities that are more appealing. It is the smile, the way they talk, and most importantly, they are approachable or not. When a woman looks more approachable, alpha men will attract her.

Suppose you’re a gorgeous lady and think about why you’re not attracting those men you’d like to draw. In that case, the most efficient method to increase the number of people to come to you is to be more approachable. The two most essential qualities of approachability are:

  • Smiles are helpful.
  • Initiating conversation helps.

It’s completely outdated and patriarchal. But you are acting as if you require a man to assist you in a particular task even if you don’t is an effective method to make a splash.

What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically?

Only drunk men encouraged by their pals can approach women whose movements and expressions indicate they are not keen to be contacted. If you are at your best, but nobody’s contacting you, consider ways to be more friendly.

Which is the most appealing female body shape?

In the case of women’s glamorized bodies in Hollywood, the norm has always been a thin frame with large chests. According to a Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior study, women who have a low waist-to-hip ratio (WHRs), commonly called an ‘hourglass figure, have the most attractive body types.

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It is interesting to note that the body’s shape can be a sign of “physical as well as sexual maturation” in young women who haven’t been pregnant.”Because the process of evolution is entirely dependent on the individual’s ability to reproduce, everything has to do with reproduction. It is like choosing a partner, and it needs to be optimized by natural selection.” It is explained by William D. Lassek, the study’s lead researcher and author at the Department of Anthropology at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

“Thus, knowing the reasons, males find certain women attractive can help us better comprehend the evolution of humans. The two factors that have been the focus of the most studies are women’s waist/hip ratios (WHRs) as well as body mass indexes (BMIs).”

Researchers studied data from more than 12,000 female participants from 2 National Health and Nutrient Examination Surveys. (US-based studies that examine both adults’ and children’s nutritional and health state).

The results suggest women with low WHRs are more fertile for reproduction. Researchers also found out about younger women and had lower waist-to-stature ratios. They had more excellent docosahexaenoic acid omega-3 (DHA) levels and an essential nutrient during pregnancy and nursing.

“For the last 30 years, the reason for men’s preferences that are generally acknowledged is the fact that men are looking at signs of fertility and health. However, very slim waist sizes and the low BMIs associated with attractiveness among well-nourished women do not indicate more excellent health or fertility.

“Beautiful women are likely to be taller by 2-4 inches than the average.

What can a woman who is judged to be ‘physically unattractive’ grow to be attractive and become her ideal self?

There is no unattractive woman. Everyone is gorgeous and unique. To make yourself more attractive requires focusing on two things that go well together. Look great and feel comfortable. Feel good, appear beautiful.


Beauty is an inside job, and your mental attitude determines your beauty. Change your thinking and assumptions about yourself. Do not allow yourself to be crushed and ruled by negative emotions or your self-image of self-deflection. When you feel beautiful and believe that you are gorgeous, it radiates from you and is attractive, and it makes you appear lovely. I know it’s easier to say than done, and I’d recommend working on your mental strength. Many people have found EFT (emotional liberation technique or tapping) to be a fantastic way to alter your beliefs. You can try it yourself. Many healing methods can aid in healing the root of your thoughts.

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First, have a great haircut that highlights your characteristics and personality. Find a professional to assist you. The perfect haircut or color not only makes you appear beautiful, but it will also improve your mood about yourself. A tiny touch of makeup is also helpful to enhance your appearance. It only takes 5 minutes to apply a foundation or concealer or mascara (and perhaps an eyeliner). Lastly, it takes proper care of your eyebrows. However, many women end up with heavy makeup. However, it changes their look completely. However, it is a quick gain to loss rather than a long win.

Eyebrows can be compared to a painting. I’ve seen many women change their appearance just by filling in their brows using powder or pencil. Maintain a natural look – pencil-thin eyebrows will not work. When it comes to clothes – be bold and show your individuality. Don’t be afraid to show off in unattractive and oversized clothing. Take pride in yourself and wear pretty things. If you’re looking good, you feel great. When you’re feeling good, you appear good.

What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically to a Man?

We have already covered the main points. However, there are some additional ways a woman can make herself attractive physically to a man. Some of them are born with attributes and can’t be changed. But you can work on the other qualities.

1. Dark Strands.

 Gentlemen seem to prefer blondes, as per the survey conducted in 2008 of 130 males (and 112.2 females) that was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. “Contrary to expectations, brunettes were rated more positively than blondes,” researchers write. Long hair, on the contrary, “had only a weak effect on ratings of attractiveness.”

2. Long Arm.

 Long legs weren’t found to be a trait men look for, and however, they did have long arms. “Scanned bodies of taller women who had longer arms were strongly preferred,” the researchers from Sydney write. The upper arm’s girth was also a factor, and women with large and slim arms attracted men.

3. Wearing Red

There’s a reason why red is synonymous with love. Researchers have discovered that wearing red increases attraction, and they’ve found the same phenomenon for other animals too. 

4. A high voice

According to a study mentioned by the author of the film, a high-pitched voice is a sign of youth and the feminine, petite body and a slim, feminine body. Both are appealing to males. We can say that our high-pitched screams at the scandalous events on Real Housewives are a sign of progress in the workplace.

5. Silky Hair

Shiny, lengthy and glowing hair is beautiful, and it’s also an indication of fertility and health. Also, it’s very fake-able by regular visits to the salon and blowouts. Keep in mind. That is for the future of humanity.


The empirically demonstrated that women with a waist-to-hip circumference ratio of 0.7:1.0 are universally considered attractive. That also happens to be a good indicator of reproductive and overall health. If you are a woman with a different balance, you may work on aspects other than waist to hip ratio. Nothing can beat a beautiful mind with a lovely smile. Anything else you hear is just an unfounded opinion. Make-up is a part of grooming. However, overdoing it will have long-term skin problems when you cross your 40s. So keep makeup in moderation. Be yourself. Good luck.