What Makes You Special? Unique Intervew Answer in 150 Characters

What Makes You Special? Unique Intervew Answer in 150 Characters

Answering the Interview Question “What Makes You Special?”

Rather than focusing on generality, answer the question “What makes you unique?” by listing specific attributes and skills that will make you stand out. Avoid vague answers like “I’m good at speaking to large groups of people” or “I enjoy solving problems.” Hiring managers get tired of these generic answers and would rather hear more specific and specialized answers.

Unique qualities of an employee that makes you Special

A good employee should have certain unique qualities to help them succeed in their career. For example, he should be able to work in teams to solve problems. In addition, he should have excellent communication skills. As an employee, you should also be able to switch between different technologies and recent developments quickly. In addition, you should be willing to learn new things and adapt to new situations.

Another unique characteristic of an employee is their attention to detail. Thinking about all possible scenarios and the long-term effects of a decision is essential. An employee should be able to anticipate possible problems and test solutions for them. In addition, he should be able to think of several possible solutions to a simple or complex problem.

Employees must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other people. They must be able to explain problems and solutions to clients in an understandable manner. They must also be patient and able to work in teams. They should also be able to change the project according to the feedback they receive.

What makes you unique in 150 characters answers

The unique employee is someone who is in line with the culture of the business. And also the fundamental values your company stands for.

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The ideal employee in the right job would bring about various positive improvements to the potential. However, the wrong choice can quickly disrupt your time, finances, and resources.

Unique characteristics of an employee for which you stand a chance to succeed in the interview.

There’s plenty of talent available in our current world. Everyone has a more extraordinary ability than the other. It is now highly complex and competitive in the simplest terms. What characteristics of a successful employee should you look to hire?

To help you choose the perfect employee for a business, We have compiled a list of characteristics of a successful employee.

Your unique talents and skills are the pieces of your character and your experiences throughout life, emotional, intellectual, and physical. The qualities that make you special can be developed or improved upon and developed as you develop and gain knowledge throughout your life.

Your Hobbies

What are you doing to have amusement? It’s a popular question used as an icebreaker, revealing what kind of person you’re. Hobbies aren’t what define you, but the things you do will let others know your personality.

What you do that you love to do reflects your character as a unique person, your beliefs, and the way you search for fulfillment and happiness in your life. It is why taking a risk and embracing new hobbies can assist in the growth of your personal and professional development.

Your Passion

Passion is an integral part of human existence; there are many things to be obsessed with — nature, art, and humankind, to mention just a few. Your passions will guide you to help you reach your objectives and experiences that let you make your footprint across the globe.

The things that trigger your deepest emotions point to a higher call to be something more than you. It applies even when you’re in a psychological or emotional space where things don’t seem significant.

Knowing your passions can help you find a clear, distinctive path guided by your beliefs and distinct perception of the world. Do not let them go down or turn cold. Keep the flames burning periodically; they will remain lit and brighten your way. We all are unique. Each of us has something special and valuable to offer to the world. It could take a while to discover what you’re supposed to give back.

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Your Aspirations

A person’s goals generally determine how they spend their time, energy, and energy. We invest our energy, time, and efforts will be what we are thinking about most of the time and will influence how we return to the world and receive away from our world.

Medium, long and short-term goals can guide and inspire when feeling lost. Anyone can gain more of their lives, develop as a person, and better understand the direction by identifying goals to pursue.

Journaling is an excellent complement to a goal-oriented, growth mindset. It lets you talk freely about your thoughts, sketch out precisely what you’d like to achieve, and create a strategy to get there.

During an Interview, How to select the right candidate that makes him special?


Find employees that you can count punctually and finish their work. Trustworthy employees take responsibility for their work and adhere to deadlines. They demonstrate integrity by finishing their assigned tasks and staying on time even when the boss isn’t looking at their shoulders or praising them. A simple thing as turning an hour late for an interview can indicate that the candidate you’re interviewing isn’t the most trustworthy.

Conflict resolution Skill

Highly successful employees are driven to solve conflicts rather than try to avoid them or put the blame on other people. People who can resolve conflicts communicate promptly and frequently. In the interview, you can ask applicants to explain the situation where they faced conflict in the past and how they handled the issue. If it appears that they are blaming an employee or a customer instead of explaining how they solved the issue, the skills for conflict resolution might be lacking.

Skills for problem-solving

The most productive employees are driven to tackle problems. They look at various perspectives and offer helpful solutions. Do not wait to be told how to proceed. The right person is in the know and is looking for opportunities to make a difference. They’re interested and will ask questions. During the interview, the candidate must give a specific example of a past task they had to solve. And the candidate must demonstrate how it brought the right outcome.

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Communication skills

Communication skills are an additional characteristic of a great employee. That is crucial for those who work directly with clients, customers, and other employees. Anyone with great communication skills is an excellent listener and can answer questions using concise, well-crafted responses. When interacting with potential employees, look for evidence that they are actively learning instead of waiting to speak. Please note whether they answer questions in a manner that addresses the topic naturally and engagingly with the appropriate amount of details.

Critical Thinkers

Successful employees demonstrate critical thinking abilities. Critical thinking involves looking at an issue and finding a rational solution.

Typically, this is done by looking at the various perspectives and potential solutions. Critical thinking abilities:

  • Ask the right questions.
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses in the business to plan for the future.
  • Find out the cause of problems and offer practical solutions.
  • They are fantastic thinkers who think outside the box.
  • Do not miss out on important information.

Companies discover that when they employ people with sharp analytical skills, They are recognized as potential assets.


Find employees who will be good team players and can work with their team members to reach objectives. They are adaptable, willing to adapt, and able to adjust to new tasks. They are supportive and considerate of their coworkers. Engaged employees increase the morale of their colleagues. They are also more inclined to do more for their colleagues and customers. Find out in the beginning whether they prefer working either way or in teams and why.

Someone who wants to know more and ask questions

The most productive employees are always searching for ways to enhance themselves and be more valuable to the organization. They are attentive to feedback, are attentive to feedback, and are open to being presented with fresh ideas. They’re not afraid to ask questions or get help when they need it. Before you accept a job proposal, check how (or the extent to which) they are up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry and continue to keep their skills sharpened.