Where to buy live feeder mice for my snakes?

Where to buy live feeder mice for my snakes?

Where to buy live feeder mice for my snakes? 

If you are looking to buy feeder mice but can’t find them anywhere, don’t worry. We have got you covered, and This article will help you to find feeder mice for your snakes:

Unlike other domesticated pets, Snakes are unable to consume manufactured meals produced by commercial pet food businesses. It’s critical to feed your healthy reptile rodents, but can you get live feeder mice delivered right to your door? It is prohibited to carry or distribute live rats by any mail carrier service.

Why Can’t You Get Live Feeder Mice Shipped Directly to Your Door?

Because rats may transmit various fatal illnesses and can cause logistical havoc when stored, USPS, FedEx, and UPS are all opposed to storing or delivering any warm-blooded animal. A few years ago, you could send live rats, but it became banned in 2017. However, most pet owners were hesitant to pay the high shipping costs for live mice.

Shipping live mice appear to be an easy undertaking under perfect conditions. Even rats meant for future consumption should not be subjected to harsh treatment. During shipping, extreme heat or cold might kill the mice, and a long-distance delivery would almost certainly result in a box of injured or killed mice. If you’ve ever seen videos of irate delivery personnel chucking things into a doorstep, you know that live rodent delivery is a horrible idea.

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Can You Purchase Feeder Mice From Pet Stores?

A local pet store is your best bet for purchasing live mice. Although franchise pet stores may sell live mice for snakes, they are less likely to have a sufficient supply than a private business. Some snake owners claim that corporate pet retailers rarely have the rodent sizes they want in stock. Before heading to the pet store, check with the manager to see whether there are enough feeder mice for your snake. You can also inquire as to what day of the week they get rodent delivery so that you can plan a pickup schedule.

Where Else Can You Buy Feeder Mice?

Your house and yard are two places you should avoid as a source of live mice. When they originate from a suburban environment, field mice, house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats should never be fed to your reptile. House mice are comparable in size to feeder mice, but they have a considerably higher risk of harboring parasites and illness than a mouse from a breeder. You have a few additional possibilities if you can’t get feeder mice at your local pet store.

Snake Breeders

Reptile breeders frequently raise feeder mice to sell to their customers. Most people do not offer to bring the mice, but you can get lucky and locate someone prepared to deliver mice to your house. If your breeder does not carry mice, you can request a referral to their rodent supplier. Feeder mouse breeders seldom promote their services, but a breeder should know who to contact if they need the most incredible snake food.

Online Forums

You may ask other members of a reptile club or an online community for feeder mouse contacts if you join one. Various reptile communities on social media can help you identify a local breeder or retailer.


Look online for announcements about upcoming reptile expos in your region. Expos are excellent venues to meet breeders and locate suppliers of supplies and food.

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What Are the Alternatives to Buying Live Mice?

The safest and most straightforward approach to providing your snake with a nutritious meal is to buy frozen mice online or at a corporate pet store. It may appear rational to recreate how your reptile hunts in the environment, but a rodent can wound the snake even in the wild. A live feeder mouse can attack or scratch your pet, but a frozen specimen will not.

On the other hand, frozen mice must be warmed before feeding to your pet. Swallowing a frozen creature can cause the reptile’s internal temperature to decrease, and a frozen claw may hurt the snake on its way down. Before the snake bites, mice should be frozen at room temperature. Frozen rodents are significantly cheaper and easier to preserve than feeding mice. You may buy it in bulk and store it in the freezer to feed your pet for a few months.

Disadvantages of buying live feeder mice

Live mice can damage your pet snake

Feeder mice are often not de-fanged and will fight back when something is trying to eat them. This is an issue for your pet snake. This tiny live mouse will be eaten and is on high alert. As a result, it will try all in its power to fight for its life. This includes biting, and these small mice can cause a lot of damage at times. The last thing you need is to take your pet snake to the clinic because of a horrible feeder mouse bite.

Live feeder mice are very inconvenient

You are now aware that you cannot purchase live feeder mice online and deliver them to your home. Live feeder mice are highly inconvenient to handle since this is not practicable. When buying live feeder mice, keep in mind that you will be visiting your local pet store 4-5 times each month. If you don’t breed your live feeder mice, that is. They are primarily an annoyance in any case.

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Feeder Mice that live tend to be more expensive:

Consider this. Buying in quantity saves a lot of money, yet buying live feeding mice in bulk would be difficult. Consider where you would have to keep them. That may work for some, but not for the majority. As a result, you’ll most likely be purchasing live feeder mice one at a time. You’re in luck since you can buy frozen mice in any size in quantity, lowering your “per mouse” cost.

Last Words:

Snakes thrive in the wild by hunting rodents, but you do not need to provide live food to your pet to keep it healthy. When a snake in an enclosed tank captures a feeding mouse, it has no alternative but to fight for its life. A frozen mouse gives nutrition without the battle, and you may buy a large quantity to save money on pet food. Some snakes take time to get used to eating frozen mice, but they ultimately become accustomed to consuming food that is still alive.