Which are the Best Law Firms in Los Angeles in 2022-2023?

Which are the Best Law Firms in Los Angeles in 2022-2023?

Which are the Best Law Firms in Los Angeles in 2022-2023?

The following list contains the best law firms in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Miller Barondess was named to the list in 2019. The firm is one of the top firms in California, and was chosen by its peers based on its reputation and track record for helping clients win cases. This article also features DLA Piper, Latham & Watkins, and Dentons. All of the firms are top-rated, but which one suits your needs best?


The international firm is ranked as one of the top law firms in the United States. In a recent ranking, BTI named Dentons a “Powerhouse” in all eight litigation categories. Among them are the Securities and Finance sector, Energy and Environment, Insurance and Financial Services, and Intellectual Property. Its global reach and diversity of practice areas are also cited as factors contributing to Dentons’ high ranking.

The firm has also been hiring, including partners with extensive experience in asbestos litigation. It recently hired eight other partners and eleven associates to beef up its litigation practice. The firm also brought on 14 additional administrative staff. Husch Blackwell has 20 locations throughout the U.S., but Dentons is expanding its reach in California. Husch Blackwell is another Big Law operation expanding its presence in California. This latest hiring coincides with the new chair, Catherine Hanaway, taking over the firm’s Los Angeles office.

Dentons has offices in many major US cities. Its US network includes offices in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Its attorneys are found on both coasts, and it also has offices in Hawaii. This means that the firm has a presence in almost every major US city. The firm is ranked in eight of the top ten markets, and has grown its presence in nine of the top 20.

While the firm has offices worldwide, its Chinese tie-up with Dacheng has been controversial. The firm’s RPL is relatively low and a recent report from The Economist put it at $88,000. This is a mere 17% of Dentons’ global RPL. Regardless of Dentons’ growth, Chinese foreign direct investment is expected to continue to provide ample work for the firm.

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Baker McKenzie

The history of Baker & McKenzie dates back to 1949 and the firm currently operates more than 80 offices in 26 countries. Its corporate practice is particularly well-established, and it has a stellar reputation. The firm’s Los Angeles office opened four years ago. Its lawyers are well-versed in all areas of corporate law, and the firm’s clients include corporations such as General Motors, Coca-Cola, and Wal-Mart.

In addition to serving corporate clients, Baker McKenzie is also known for assisting government and business entities with tax avoidance techniques. The firm has advised dozens of major corporations on tax-dodging strategies and lobbies for their clients in Washington and other capitals. Its work has included assisting RJR Nabisco in establishing shell companies in Cyprus, helping Nike set up a tax shelter in the Netherlands, and helping Facebook route its profits to low-tax Ireland.

For many clients, a law firm can help them navigate the complexities of international business. Baker McKenzie has offices in virtually every continent and a global network of lawyers. This diversification of practices and geography has allowed the firm to weather the financial storms and outrun its legion of BigLaw competitors. Its reputation for providing top-quality legal services has helped it maintain its global reach and reputation.

A comprehensive lobbying record by Baker McKenzie provides a full perspective of the firm’s role in shaping laws around the world. With a focus on shareholder derivative actions and securities class actions, Baker McKenzie specializes in these areas. They also represent corporate and business clients, hedge funds, and officers and directors, as well as other public and private companies. Its clients include many multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, and individuals.

Latham & Watkins

A top-notch firm, Latham & Watkins has been around since 1934, and has become one of the largest and most influential law firms in the world. The firm prides itself on diversity, academic excellence, and a culture of collaboration. Associate lawyers at the firm enjoy working with their partners and benefit from mandatory “upward” performance reviews. They are also rewarded with plenty of work and enjoy a flexible schedule.

Despite its turbulent past, Latham grew stronger as the economy recovered, attracting rainmakers and improving profitability. In addition to defending the company in racial discrimination cases, Latham & Watkins represented such clients as Denny’s and the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Among other notable cases, the firm was involved in the litigation of the massive bankruptcy of the bankrupt Drexel Burnham Lambert.

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Recruiting is highly competitive, with only the lucky twenty-five people getting in. The lucky ones are exposed to a variety of practice areas and industry-leading supervisors. Corporate seats are mandatory, and trainees can also sit in data & technology transactions, entertainment & sports & media, and equity capital markets. However, this can be overwhelming for those who are new to the legal profession.

LA-based Latham & Watkins lawyers are among the best in the world. They provide advice to many of the biggest names in business, including tech companies and global market leaders in key industries. The firm has also received top rankings for their international work. In addition to its LA office, it has eight international offices. Listed as one of the best law firms in Los Angeles, Latham & Watkins is a top choice for clients in the Bay Area.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a world-renowned provider of intellectual property, privacy, and technology law services. They represent both emerging companies and established banks and financial institutions in a variety of areas. Their lawyers are well-versed in litigation, arbitration, investigations, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The firm is also noted for its diversity and inclusion initiatives, and its attorneys’ strong relationships with partners and colleagues.

The entertainment and media industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in LA. This growth has spawned a legal industry that supports the ancillary needs of this growing sector. The firm is based in Hollywood and is known to be one of the best law firms in Los Angeles. It has an impressive reputation for handling complex cases involving intellectual property, entertainment, and media issues.

In addition to being renowned for its litigation practice, DLA Piper has a Global Mobility team that provides support to lawyers on secondments. Lawyers can spend up to six months in another location to broaden their perspective and experience. In recent months, the firm has represented T-Mobile US, Inc. on litigation matters and acted as counsel to Deutsche Telekom AG in a US$400 million revolving credit facility.

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While many law firms have multiple practice areas, DLA Piper has a unique focus on serving niche corporate clients. Among its 2,000 lawyers, Kirkland & Ellis is the third largest law firm in the United States. They specialize in a wide range of industries, from intellectual property and patents to corporate litigation and taxation. Kirkland & Ellis was founded in Chicago in 1909, so it is well-positioned to handle complex corporate litigation cases.

Yang Law

Andrew Yang was a starving artist and broke into the world of finance by creating a nonprofit called Stargiving. After launching the nonprofit, which raised money for start-ups, Yang saw a huge opportunity to make his idea a reality. Unfortunately, the tech bubble burst, and his nonprofit collapsed. But Yang was no stranger to the entrepreneurial scene. After selling Stargiving for “low millions” in 2009, Yang moved on to new endeavors. He founded and ran a business school test-prep company, which generated so much money that he paid off his student loan.

Mr. Yang practices law in Los Angeles and focuses on a wide range of areas. His Practice Areas include Business Litigation, Toxic Tort/Hazardous Substances, and Civil Rights. He also has experience in Proposition 65 litigation and Medical Devices Litigation. In addition to helping clients get the best possible outcomes, he has also successfully represented manufacturers, distributors, employers, and private citizens. In addition to his practice, he is also part of the firm’s Executive Committee.

In addition to handling complex cases, Mr. Yang also handles employment-related cases, including individual claims, class action lawsuits, and matters under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Most recently, he successfully secured a jury verdict of $3 million for a victim of wrongful termination, and he has obtained dozens of six-figure judgments for clients. So, if you’re looking for a Los Angeles law firm to represent you, consider Yang Law.

Amy Yang is the founder of Yang Law and is a prominent Democratic presidential candidate. The firm’s name is derived from the fact that it was a nontraditional career for Yang. In fact, Andrew Yang quit his law firm in 2000, when the charity industry was just beginning to become a bigger part of his life, and co-founded a charity website. Yang Law is one of the best law firms in Los Angeles