Who Does Neji Marry?

Who Does Neji Marry?

Who Does Neji Marry?

The question of who does Neji marry is a perennial one for the ninja fans. The Hyuuga, the noble clan of Konoha, are the personifications of ninja and keep a large segment of their relatives in constant physical pain. Hinata’s embarrassment at even the slightest proximity to Naruto makes her a poor choice to raise Neji’s children. As a result, Hiashi considers her as the last option for the children of Neji.


The romance between Tenten and Neji is one of the most popular relationships in the Naruto anime series. Tenten and Neji’s love story is the most popular one in the series and has a long fan following. It has been speculated that Tenten was married to another woman before he met Hinata. The truth, however, is much more complicated. The character of Tenten has a history of affairs and was once married to the princess of the Lower Branch. In the anime, it is also possible that the couple had married before Neji’s death. It is not clear what happened between the two men and whether they ever got married, or whether they were just lovers who had fallen in love.

The manga’s story of Neji’s death implies that the couple had proposed marriage. Although it is not explicitly stated, Neji’s death was a shock to Tenten. Neji had been Tenten’s crush, but she trusted him enough to die a tragic death. As a result, Tenten was never the same after losing his love. Although he had promised to never forgive Neji, he was never the same again.

In both the manga and anime series, the relationship between Tenten and Neji is not resolved. There is speculation that Tenten is related to Rock Lee, but it is not confirmed. The relationship between Tenten and Shino is filled with characters that make for a compelling story. In fact, Tenten is the only character in the series who is not married. This is not only disappointing for fans but also for Tenten’s career, because he’s always on the go.


Sasuke and Sakura begin a relationship that ebbs and flows, and the story of their marriage is no exception. Both characters are deeply in love with one another, but Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura are very deep, while Neji’s are more platonic. The pair’s relationship becomes tumultuous, and while they have many arguments throughout the story, their love is undeniable.

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The young Sakura has feelings for Sasuke, and she is determined to make his name as prominent as possible. The Uchiha clan will grow on the shoulders of one daughter. Though Sakura is infatuated with the young heir, he shows little interest in her. Even when they first become Team 7, Sasuke calls Sakura annoying. After all, the impulsive decision that he made had changed everything for Sakura.

Neji and Sakura were destined for each other. Although they were childhood friends, the relationship between the two changed when Sasuke was no longer with them. Both grew closer and spent a lot of time together. Although Sakura was very jealous and wanted to be with Neji, she was jealous of his new found love. In fact, she wanted to be with him so badly that she even tried to make him jealous.

While Sakura is determined to make her husband happy, she is not as committed to her job. She often feels lonely, and sometimes misses him so much that she begins to hang pictures of him on the walls of her house to remind herself of him. Her obsession with Sasuke’s looks is part of the reason she is so attracted to him in the first place. She also worries that he won’t be able to forgive her for what he did.


In Naruto, the story of how Neji married Karin revolves around the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura. Though they were both attracted to Sasuke, Karin was infatuated with him and overtly pursued him romantically. Sasuke, however, did not appear to be interested in a relationship with Karin, and thus used her love for him to manipulate her. Sasuke then mortally wounds Karin in a fight with Danzo, but she quickly forgives him for the wound.

Karin is the second member of the Taka and is originally from the Kusagakure area. She was taken in by Orochimaru and became his loyal servant. During the Chunin Exams, Karin fell in love with Sasuke and joined the Taka to be near him. However, Sasuke eventually left her behind, and when Kakashi took Sasuke, Karin joined the Taka to be by his side. Neji’s first meeting with Karin came in Episode 485″.

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Karin and Hinata have similar characteristics. The two are of the same blood line, but have different personalities. Hinata has a large chest and is of the Hyuga clan, whereas Karin has a small chest and belongs to the Uzumaki clan, which is almost extinct. Karin is also very protective of her lover and is more likely to be attacked by Sasuke than the other members of the clan.


Orochimaru is a fictional character from Naruto. He is immortal, and is expected to live for many years. He changes host bodies often, so it’s unlikely he will ever do anything stupid to get killed. While his past is mysterious, it’s clear he’s driven by a desire to become the next great ninja. But what if his love interest is just as mysterious?

As Neji’s first teacher, Tenten is an expert weapon user. He has the ability to use the weapons of the Sage of the Six Paths, and he was Neji’s training partner. Though they’re only friends, they were more than close during the war. This makes them an ideal couple. Neji’s plight in the anime reveals that he’s hiding his feelings for Tenten.

As Neji’s teacher, Orochimaru is the first person he meets. His father is an enigma, but he has a knack for solving mysteries. Neji’s sister is also very mysterious, and she’s afraid of him. In spite of this, she eventually becomes a samurai who has the ability to defeat orochimaru.

Orochimaru has many female love interests, but one of the most compelling is Sakura. He was the dream girl of every girl before he joined the Taka team, and he eventually helped the latter to destroy Konohagakure. This love triangle has led to many stories of forbidden love. During the Fourth Shinobi War, the former enemies of Sasuke and Anko were involved in a deadly battle. Then, in the same way, a woman’s desire for a man could be rejected. Sakura and Karin would be the only kunoichi who would agree to marry him.

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If Neji was not the right choice for Hinata’s romantic interests, she would likely have had plenty of other options. After all, she and Neji are genetically related, so the likelihood of her marrying a man with whom she shares 50% of her DNA is extremely unlikely. In any case, if she did marry him, it would make sense for her to have an affair with him.


Although the actual wedding ceremony was never shown to the fans, the couple’s romance was well-documented in the anime. Fans were treated to romantic scenes between Ino and Sai, and it is clear that they had a lot in common. Both had children, and Ino’s son has the same hair color as Sai’s. Despite their age difference, they are incredibly close and are inseparable.

Ino is a talented shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village. She is also beautiful and talented. But it was never shown that she married Naruto. The marriage was never shown in the Boruto series. However, during the wedding ceremony, the characters were seen holding hands and conversing with each other. Ino is surprised that Shikamaru and Temari are dating, and Sai pointed out that the two act the same way.

Though Ino never had romantic feelings for Sasuke, her feelings for him were genuinely strong. She had admired him as a shinobi, and when he defeated Pain all by himself, she embraced him as her hero. They later became parents to twins. Ino’s relationship with Sasuke was a bittersweet one. While Hinata’s feelings for Sasuke were mutual, hers were much more complicated.

However, the marriage itself is not as significant as the couple’s strong friendship and trust. In the manga, Neji is often seen as a pervert. She even comments on Tenten’s underwear, and covers herself when she approaches. Tenten is horrified at this behavior and asks her what her dreamworld means for him. Tenten thinks that Neji is peeping at her, but she explains that he was not.