Who Owns CNN and Fox?

Who Owns CNN and Fox?

Who Owns CNN and Fox?

The Cable News Network (CNN) is a global cable news network with its main office in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. CNN Global, a division of Warner Bros. Discovery. Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch runs and controls the publicly traded Fox Corporation, which has its headquarters at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.

You may have heard that who owns CNN and Fox are the same people, and you might have wondered if that is the case. This article will shed some light on this question. It may surprise you that CNN and Fox are owned by the same family, making them an unlikely pair of media properties. While the news organizations both skew to the left, they do not share the same ideology. And because the same company owns both, they tend to spread misinformation, and they are getting older.

The Murdoch family owns CNN and fox

The Murdoch family owns CNN and Fox, two of the world’s largest media corporations. However, one aspect of the Murdoch family that shouldn’t be overlooked is how they treat their employees. Rupert Murdoch has said he would never ask for anything from a prime minister. But when it comes to broadcasting his desires, finding a better way to get what you want is hard. Politicians and journalists know precisely what the Murdoch family wants from them.

While Rupert Murdoch’s image as a pragmatic and fair man had enabled him to be politically liberal when he wanted, he has also played a pivotal role in the recent American election. He has also built close relationships with incoming American president Donald Trump and British prime minister Theresa May, both of whom have a history of promoting and allowing populist ideas.

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Moreover, the Murdoch empire has exposed itself to more significant threats than it had ever been before. The Murdoch family’s media outlets helped elevate fringe demagogues, politicize the notion of truth, and mainstream ethnonationalism.

CNN and Fox skew left

Their slants are close to the conservative vote share, and they both surpassed the Republican vote share in 2008, and their slants are far left of where they should be for maximum ratings. But does this mean they should be condemned for this behavior? Well, let’s look at their skews and see if there’s anything we can do about them.

If you have a conservative point of view, you’ll probably feel pretty out of place watching Fox. Moreover, CNN and Fox don’t always feature essential news and views to conservatives. For example, a left-leaning Fox might run an update on the Mumia Abu-Jamal case, depleted uranium weapons, or single-payer health care. However, the two news channels are hardly “conservative” either.

CNN has long been a respected news source and was one of the first networks to offer round-the-clock news coverage. But it has shifted left since the ’90s, and critics have claimed that CNN is biased and unreliable. In response to this criticism, they have changed their media bias to lean left. So they’re now leaning left on CNN Web News.

The Washington Post has also noted the recent skew of CNN towards the left, despite its longstanding reputation for being neutral. In the Trump era, CNN’s shift towards the left was especially pronounced. A study conducted by Harvard University categorized 93% of CNN’s online coverage as unfavorable in the first 100 days of the Trump administration. This means that even the most committed Fox viewers changed their political opinions, and the bias of CNN has affected their ratings.

Fox News is a purveyor of misinformation

Fox News is a purveyor of misinformation. Their personalities are constantly claiming that the vaccine effort of the Biden administration is a government conspiracy, violates medical privacy, or is a terrorist organization. In reality, the vaccine educators are local community members. Not a single one of them works for the government. Those who propagate this misinformation are lying or do not care enough to do primary research before stating a conclusion.

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In this context, Carlson’s conspiracy theories make sense. However, the truth is that real news organizations present information to their viewers, regardless of whether it helps them. And for years, mainstream journalists have been too generous with Fox because of their employment and the appearance of political neutrality. However, this may be changing. Fox has a credibility problem and needs to change its practices.

Nevertheless, Phillips did not expect Stelter to confess that CNN is a purveyor of misrepresentation, and he did not expect a compromise. But Stelter quickly admitted that CNN is a disinformation-spreading machine and said, “I’ve retracted many false stories from the network.”

The experiment on Fox News viewers did not affect political preferences. Still, it altered their perceptions of key issues and candidates. The study authors also distinguish between traditional media influence and partisan coverage filtering, which focuses on selectively reporting information that is more favorable to the network’s partisan side. The study authors also noted that fact-checks had been known to reinforce falsehoods, but even so, plain news still registers.

This study’s findings suggest that Fox News viewers are more likely to embrace conspiracy theories than the general public. However, this isn’t surprising given that the audience of these networks is partisan. The survey showed that Fox News was trusted nearly as much as MSNBC and NPR. Again, however, there’s a clear partisan divide on the issue of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

CNN and fox are aging

While both networks have always had a large editorial staff, CNN has struggled to attract viewers and keep them engaged with their news content. Fox News, meanwhile, has maintained its ratings streak for the past few years despite losing some of its most talented anchors. As a result, despite a lower viewership than CNN, Fox has continued to rise in the ratings, thanks to its anchors’ strong opinions. Still, the ratings gap between the two networks remains large.

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It’s not just CNN and Fox that are aging. It’s also worth considering the age of their audiences. In 2017, CNN’s audience was nearly 60% older than its peers at prime time. Fox News’ audience was 64% older, while MSNBC’s audience skewed older. The two networks are battling for a 25-54 demographic share. While CNN and Fox have been attracting younger viewers, their audience is eroding their previous audience demographics.

CNN has seen its ratings decline since Roger Ailes took over the company. The aging audience pushed the network to hire more left-wing analysts, including Tamara Holder and James Carville. In addition, while Fox had the most prominent straight news anchors in the past, Megyn Kelly fell out of favor and joined NBC. The change isn’t surprising, though. In a changing media environment, CNN is losing viewers colossally.

CNN and Fox are aging, too. However, their audiences aren’t the same. According to Nielsen, the average age of Fox News viewers is 68. While the average age of CNN and MSNBC audiences is 62 and 54, Fox’s is slightly higher. That’s why they’re losing viewers. However, the older audience is, the more valuable viewers they have. Therefore, it’s worth paying attention to this issue.

Since their launch, both networks’ audience has become increasingly older, and polarized. With Trump as the president, the left and right have embraced the political polarization. So in addition to CNN being a hit with conservatives, Fox’s role as a non-partisan news outlet has eroded its ratings. And while Fox is a more popular network than CNN, its aging audience has led the network to the second spot in the ratings race.