Why is my Android Phone Talking To Me

Why is my Android Phone Talking To Me

Why is my Android Phone Talking To Me

Did you pick up the phone, or did it start talking to you? Like it’s reading clearly what’s on your phone screen to you? Your strength is wandering at first; still, you don’t need to—the android talkback features at work. And now, we will inform you how to turn off talkback on android. Suppose you didn’t need it.

How to use permanently turn off talkback on android

Switching off talkback on android devices is straightforward. You can turn it off using a Google Assistant, Volume Keys, or by going to the Accessibility Settings on your device. Now, there are three ways to disable talkback on android.

Before you start, their plan of action might be slightly different on different Android versions, Android phones, or the talkback app version because these steps are pretty simple to follow.

Why is my android phone talking back to me?

Apple has been rolling out new features on its latest devices to offer users higher flexibility. If your phone has a voice control feature, you have an IOS 13 or above software level device. This is the most similar to Carries and Siri out at your command. You can easily avoid mishaps by keeping this option turned off.

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 1. Voiceover Option May be Working 

IOS devices have a lot of quirky features to help users with disabilities. You will come across captioning features for people with hearing issues. For now, the Voiceover setting is designed to help visually impaired users run with the device smoothly. They can disturb you if the setting has been turned on accidentally. Still, these features may be helpful for visually disabled users.

To turn the feature off, follow these steps:

  1. The first option you can see in the Voiceover tab. Click it and turn off the feature to stop your phone from talking to you.
  2. In Settings, Click the Accessibility Tab. 

2. Screen Reader on Samsung Phones

Android devices have Talkback or TTS features that can cause your phone to speak for you. Because the latest Samsung phones also have a built-in Voice Assistant for screen reading. This option is also designed to help you if you have vision issues.

It has also made tasks easier for you if you’re not a tech-savvy person. The screen recorder is activated when the voice system uses your action to read things on the device. It may also inform you of the app you opened. 

3. Bixby Voice Assistant on Samsung Devices

Bixby is the feature that Samsung brought to its phones a few years ago. It resembles Siri on IOS devices. This app provides you with news updates, a Voice Assistant, and other features. You can use it for reading your document, screen content, and other things. You can quickly turn off the Voice Assistant Settings, So Bixby is a straightforward app. 

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off these toggle buttons.
  2. Scroll down to find the Voice switch if it does not appear at the top. 
  3. Open the application’s Click and Menu on the in-app settings. This will allow you to see all the features of Bixby in one place.
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 4. Spoken Content On IOS Devices

Earlier, you have learned about the text-to-speech features on Android devices. Similarly, there is a spoken content option on iPhones or pads for ease. The speak screen option is also built to read the screen when you Scroll or Swipe down on your phone. Their features are provided for high functionality.

To turn off this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your phone settings

  2. Press the Spoken Content option. The top two features will be the speak screen and speak selection. You will have to turn both of them off to prevent your phone from talking to you
  3. Click the Accessibility

If the other may still operate, you turn off only options. 

5. A Third-Party Voice Control App 

The Play Store and App Store have an extensive collection of programs you can download for ease or fun use.

You may also accidentally install apps that are hindering your functionality. On occasion, your kid may have downloaded an external Voice Assistant app for themselves. This app can also affect you by misreading the action at the office. 

6. Typing Feedback On IOS Devices

Phones are a blessing for many more people; still, not all individuals are good at texting. You may struggle with remembering spelling, or your memory may also be poor. The defeat part is that noticing mistakes before sending the text can be difficult. That is where the typing feedback setting on your iPhone comes to play. 

7. Check The Text-To-Speech (TTS) Setting

These android devices have come a long way since the first release and offer multiple handy features. Talkback is one of the recent options designed to help your users with disabilities benefit from intelligent technology.

Because it may not always be this reason behind your phone speaking to you. This action may also be occurring because of text-to-speech.

8.Google Assistant May Be Operating

The good news is that you have a similar feature for other Android phones called the Google Assistant. This setting can also be disturbing.

However, your phone may start talking to you at unexpected times, such as during formal events and office meetings. It would help if you remembered that this program did not work until they heard your voice or command. 

9.Check Voice Control On Apple Devices

Apple has been rolling out new features on its recent devices to offer users higher flexibility. If you have an iOS 13 and above, more software level devices, your phone will have a Voice Control feature. This is similar to Carries or Siri putting out your commands. This primary difference is that the new option can work without any internet connection. 

10.The Talkback Feature May Be On

Many more Android devices have a Talkback setting to help visually impaired users. You will come across this option if you have an HTC phone, a T-Mobile, other Samsung models, or other devices.

Final Words

In this article, we are talking about android phones. We have discussed why my android phone is talking to me? We recommend you do some other research to get the best results.