Why is Traveluro So Cheap?

Why is Traveluro So Cheap?

Why is Traveluro So Cheap?

Trying to find why traveluro is so cheap can be a bit of a challenge. This is because there are a number of different factors that come into play when deciding which hotel to book. These include customer service, price comparison, reselling rooms, and transparency. The article that follows looks at these aspects and compares them to each other.

Customer service

Getting the best deal is a must when you are planning a trip. However, you must also consider the customer service of your booking company. For example, Traveluro is one of the cheapest booking sites around. However, it has some pretty bad customer service.

Traveluro’s customer service is a nightmare, especially if you need to make a change or cancel a hotel booking. The customer service department does not respond to your emails and will hold your request for hours on end. The company’s website also has a feature that does not work after 48 hours, making it difficult to get in touch with someone. If you do find someone to help you, you will be stuck in a loop that reroutes your issue to the hotel.

The site also lacks helpful information. You will have to enter your travel dates, destination, and payment information. Traveluro will then contact the hotel on your behalf. If the hotel refuses your request, Traveluro will push the issue back to the hotel, which could result in a poor customer experience.

The company’s website claims to provide 24-hour customer service in six different languages. However, most customers have complained about getting an answer from a human. The site also lacks a customer review section. This is a common complaint among travelers. However, 72% of customers say they had a good experience with Traveluro.

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Considering the fact that Traveluro has a poor reputation, you might want to consider other booking websites. For example, booking directly with hotels allows you to make changes more easily. You may also be able to find deals by comparing hotels on different websites.

Reselling RoomsWhy is Traveluro So Cheap?

Supposedly, Traveluro is a legit company that resells hotel rooms at a much lower rate than the current market rate. However, many travelers have complained about their service and claimed they were scammed out of their money. There are also claims that Traveluro has a bad customer service department that will push problems back to the hotel.

The Traveluro website is quite simple. It requires you to create an account, enter your travel dates and destination, and provide your payment information. You then click the “Book Now” button. It is possible to purchase rooms at a discounted rate of $150 or below. After a reservation is made, Traveluro does not allow modifications or cancellations. Customers who are satisfied with the service say that they get good value for their money. The customer support department claims that they can be contacted in six languages. However, they do not answer customer emails or respond to complaints.

According to the website, Traveluro is a part of Holisto LTD, a large travel company. However, a quick Google search shows little about the company’s history. It also does not provide customer reviews for the service. In addition, it does not have an “about us” page on its website. Finally, its customer service team does not respond to customer emails, which makes it difficult to trust them with your hotel booking.

Traveluro is a middleman between travel suppliers and customers. They sell hotel room nights to OTAs and travel agents and then resell them at a lower rate than the price they sold them for. The middleman makes a profit of $30 per booking. However, the customers who have complained about their service say that Traveluro has a poor customer service department.

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Lack of transparency

Despite being a reputable company, Traveluro is lacking in one critical area. It’s hard to trust a company with your vacation booking when there is little information available about them. There is a website, but it’s hard to find out more about the company without contacting them directly. It’s also difficult to find information about the company’s history.

While Traveluro has been around for many years, it’s still not a big name. In fact, Google has only uncovered a tiny portion of its history. For example, the company’s site has no “about us” page. Despite its low price, many travelers have reported problems with the company, such as no reservations, poor customer service, and other issues. Despite these issues, Traveluro still has a 4 Trustpilot rating, which is a strong indication that it is a legitimate business.

One way to boost transparency is to ensure your employees know your business’s metrics. You empower them to make decisions and take action by openly sharing data. This can be a powerful competitive advantage. In fact, a study conducted by INSEAD found that empowering employees was the number one trait millennials wanted in a manager.


Whenever you’re booking a hotel or vacation, be careful. There’s a travel scam called Traveluro, that is targeting travelers. The site looks simple and straightforward, but the information it provides is lacking. In addition, there are no reviews of the service, which is a major red flag.

It is also important to be careful if you receive a phone call from someone pretending to be from a well-known hotel company. It’s usually a scammer who tells you that there are no rooms available in your chosen hotel, or that there is only one room left, and that you have to call them immediately. If you have to call them, you’re probably in trouble. If you’re contacted by someone who claims to be from a hotel, ask them to send you screenshots of lower prices on other travel sites. This is the best way to determine if they’re really a scammer.

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Another big red flag is the lack of contact information. Usually, a hotel scammer will contact you by phone or email. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reach them, and you may hear a voicemail that doesn’t belong to them. The best way to deal with these types of scammers is to ignore their phone calls and emails. Moreover, if they are claiming that they will pay you upfront to book a vacation, you should avoid them.


Is Traveluro a trustworthy site?

The consumer rating for Traveluro is 1.24 stars out of 62 reviews, which shows that most customers are typically unhappy with their purchases. Customer service and credit card issues are the two most common grievances made by customers against Traveluro. Among websites for hotels, Traveluro is ranked 411.

Is trip com legit for hotels?

Trip.com is a trustworthy website and company. You can be sure that the business is legitimate because it has been around for more than twenty years. Booking hotels and flights is only one of the many travel-related services available on the secure website trip.com.

Is Expedia legit for hotels?

Expedia is a very secure and dependable travel booking service that you can use for your upcoming vacation. Since they are among the biggest and busiest booking sites in the world, they are in a great position to safely handle a wide variety of inquiries and potential issues.