Why Metabolism Slows Down As You Age?

Why Metabolism Slows Down As You Age?

Reasons behind Metabolism Slowing Down As You Age

It is noticeable that as you age, you can’t perform the tasks like before you do. Your lifestyle and the way to perform the tasks get affected by your age. It happens all because of your metabolism. Because your metabolism performs a crucial role in making your body active to perform the tasks, it is also accountable for managing the calories burn.

But here is a question that arises in your mind: why your metabolism slows down as you age. Let’s get to know about it!

Reasons that Result in Slowing Down Your Metabolism

Here, we will take a look at few reasons that result in slowing down your metabolism.

Lack of Sleep

Many articles on Healthcanal.com emphasized that sleep is the essential factor that makes your body active. The quality of sleeping is responsible for making your metabolism strong. According to studies, a lack of night sleep and an improper sleeping pattern slow down your metabolism. You can also get more information about the effects of lack of sleep.

Thus, it is recommended to take a proper, adequate, and quality sleep. But don’t forget that night sleep is the most energetic to make strong metabolism instead of day sleep.

Taking Sugary Beverages

Sugary beverages are another leading cause of slow metabolism. Consuming a high amount of sugar influences your body to suffer from diabetics. Especially in type 2 diabetics, your weight starts losing, which slows down your metabolism. If you are already suffering from the disease of diabetics, your metabolism will definitely become weak due to your high insulin level.

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To prevent yourself from suffering from diabetics, which becomes the cause of slow metabolism, it is suggested to avoid the intake of sugary beverages.

Fewer Muscle Tissues

If your body has fewer muscle tissues, it means that your body will burn fewer calories. But do you know why your body gets fewer muscle tissues? It is because of more fat in your body. When your body has more fat than enough amount, the muscles tissues begin to reduce.

Taking exercise like pick-up weight training, eating a healthy diet, and proper sleep can prevent your body from this issue. Once your muscles tissues start to gain instead of fat, calories will start burning, and your metabolism will improve.

Chronic Stress

Getting stressed is another major cause of slow down your metabolism as you age. Researches and studies show that when you overthink and your body gets stressed about any issue, your metabolism becomes weak.

When you suffer from stress, a hormone called cortisol produces in your body to overcome this condition. But when your body doesn’t try to get rid of this chronic stress condition, the production of cortisol hormone increases. Due to the increase of cortisol hormone, your metabolism gets slow down.

Changings of Meal Time

Well, no doubt taking proper and healthy meals makes you healthy and fit. A healthy diet plan is essential to enjoy your life in a healthy lifestyle. But there is also another fact that usually, people don’t notice. It is the schedule and the timings of consuming meals.

The timings of taking your meal is not an easy task that can be rescheduled day by day. It is also essential to take your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or other snacks on time. Because changing in meal timings highly affects your metabolism. So, you should make a schedule for taking meals, and don’t forget to follow them. It will help you in boosting your metabolism does no matter you are getting aged.

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Lack of Protein & Calcium

Alright, since we all know about the importance of proteins and calcium for our body. Proteins are the hidden element that is the most required and essential to keep your body alive. Indeed, calcium is responsible to makes your bones strong enough. The lacking of calcium and protein also affects your metabolism badly.

Kate Barrington, a health expert shared her perspective in an article that without improving your calcium intake, you can’t boost your metabolism level.

Increasing the intake of dairy products, poultry, and lean meats can prevent your body from lacking proteins and calcium. Once your body starts improving the calcium and proteins, your metabolism will also start becoming strong.


Undoubtedly, your metabolism begins to slow down as you age. Unfortunately, there are plenty of causes that are responsible for slowing down your metabolism level. As you get older, your lifestyle also becomes changed. You have to suffer from many diseases like diabetics, heart, lungs, kidneys, or others that affect your metabolism.

In the above discussion, we have discussed some of the reasons that lead to a slow metabolism. Changing your lifestyle, taking exercise, reducing sugar and heavy elements, taking proper sleep, and maintaining your proteins and calcium can help fasten your metabolism.