Why Movie Theater Experience Is Still Worth The Effort

Why Movie Theater Experience Is Still Worth The Effort

Why Movie Theater Experience Is Still Worth The Effort

As we all know about the debut of Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out that exceeded box office expectations, making it one of the highest grossing movies in that year. What made this movie different was because of its original screenplay, and writing which was also done by the same person. 

This made the movie groundbreaking and the cinema theatre industry kept bleeding thanks to its streaming services and rising prices of the tickets. There are many reasons for the movies besides the level of competition for eyeballs. Most pictures are released on a global basis and constitute remakes, franchise, reboots etc. Whether it is the best Malayalam movies or any other one, theatres have been engaged in certain upgrades to enhance the level of experience of the people. 

One of the major reasons to have a cinema theatre experience for seeing great movies aren’t really related to brand new strategies that these owners bet on. The owners as well as the vendors greatly flaunted back and forth VR experiences, enhanced 3D visuals, as well as great food. Moreover, they are fully scrambling to make an incentive for people to go physically to cinemas, seemingly unaware that the entire reasons that exist have been the same over the years. 

Let us take a look at the few reasons why purchasing a movie ticket is still worth it

  • Focus – In a home there are way too many distractions going on and most of these things are either family members or kids that are very loud. Not to mention the constant chats on a phone call or computers etc. Even for the people who try their level best  to give great focus towards a movie fall victim to temptations. In addition to that, you have an empty bladder because of thinking ahead, not wanting to get up in the middle of the film to climb over people in a crowd. 
  • A loud speaker system – Some horror or thriller movies have a lot of heavy breathing and if seen in a theatre and if it wasn’t dolby sound, still it has to be a solid C shape. Even if you got a brillant home speaker system, still it won’t make up for the experience in a movie theatre. Most thriller/horror movies in particular have the advantage of a big sound system which really enhances the jump scares and screams. But it doesn’t hurt to hear a catchy song that is played as loud as possible in a comic or musical movie. 
  • Disruption – This isn’t the kind where the lead in front of you will stop shouting mirrors or the people behind you keep explaining the next part of the movie to each other. These are the most common distractions which really annoy serious movie lovers. Moreover, a big problem  with watching movies at home is that it makes the entire experience blurry such as surfing cables, or an online comedy show in the background while doing daily chores. Leaving your house to go to a movie theatre definitely enhances the overall entertainment experience of the person.
  • Alone time – Going to a movie theatre with your loved ones or friends can be really soothing. Especially, when you are fully surrounded by an excited audience, but there is nothing quite like being in an empty cinema theatre including the air conditioning which is blazing away while you enjoy the core of that movie free from any rude voices or judgement whatsoever. Not every movie really affords that type of pleasure and you will certainly not see that movie yourself because of the communal experience. Instead the ability to have something as majestic will surely wash you over and you will be alone as a great thrill. 
  • The big screen – There is something to be said every time when you watch a movie or a live action storytelling on a big screen. In particular when the movie really takes advantage of that particular format and just think of what it will be like to see the sci fi movie into hyperspace or liking long takes near the bodies of water in that awesome Moonlight movie. 
  • It is quite sure to think that while sitting in a dark movie theatre staring at a big white sheet will not matter eventually, but the scale has a big ability to completely sweep you off your feet. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with watching your favorite sci fi movie on your smartphone or laptop, it’s just watching it on a big scale will blow your eyes to a completely great feast which is totally worth the experience. 
  • Restlessness – A kind of advantage of that kind of focus is that those movies are really tense and deeply emotional which can ultimately cast more of a spell over you with no option to pause or return away from the worst. Watching a horror movie at home especially alone may be tempting to take breaks occasionally in order to escape the emotions of oppressions on the screen which can cause distractions. 
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Moreover, it is going on with or without you watching it. It is also going to get more exciting from the theatre experience though. In a theatre, it is out of your hands and that out of control loss can be only enhancing experience. 

End Note

Going to a theatre instead of staying home to watch your favorite movie can lessen the experience and enjoyment. Although a movie theatre is always recommended due to its big scale and surround dolby sound, still in some cases watching movies at home with proper arrangements can be satisfying too. The purpose of this article was to bring into attention that watching movies in a theatre especially during  these times are totally worth it. All in all watching a sci fi, horror, thriller or comedy or any other movie will depend on the preference of the movie lover and one should do whatever they pleases. So, enjoy the movie in the best possible way.